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Let me know if you find a feed. I was recently told to feed ducks pig feed instead of chicken layer pellets, but have not looked into that and would think that pig feed also had soy in it.  \

A while back I received some great advice on this site when I needed to improve my ducks health. It was recommend`ed to give my ducks  a good quality  Cat kibbles or Dog Kibbles, grain free, but good protein as a treat. So I did get a bag of Kitten Kibbles at Costco.

Comparing the price and comparing the ingredient`s, especially  niacin . And they love it.  It is not cheap either.

I ordered a big bag of Organic feed on Amazon, but was disappointed, seeing it falling apart with moisture in the air. Ducks eat any thing and every thing but I do not want fish products because the eggs will taste fishy.