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I have 2 hens with bald butts too. Ivedusted with de,cleaned co-op etc.They are still laying. I've just lost one with bald butt that went on to have ascites, hope these don't go same way. Will bathin tea tree oil next.
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I have one with a bare butt and now she is getting her feathers pulled out on her chest too.  She just stands there and lets it happen - so irritating!  She doesn't act like it bothers her at all but it bothers me.  The culprit is wearing peepers but is still able to do this, and she doesn't let anyone pull her feathers out.  I have separated her several times but when I put her back in with the others, she starts up again after a day or two.  I only have 4 hens (and one rooster) and they are not overcrowded, or lacking anything in their food.


Mattie (the culprit) is just a bully ... mostly it takes place starting in the evening.  She is usually the third one to go into the coop at night and she stands in the back and runs to the door and pecks the last two hens when they try to go in for the night.  The rooster is usually the second to retire so he isn't any help at all.  I have to go out there each night when they are going in, and chase Mattie to the roost so the other two can go in to roost also.  The hen at the bottom of the pecking order has all her feathers because she runs away and doesn't just stand there and let this happen.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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