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Organic mill stores like Anita's in BC, Canada who gets her grain from the States would definitely help you on your quest.

Whether it be winter or summer I feed my indoor birds and outdoor birds sprouted organic red hard wheat.  Now I am trying their organic kamut and french lentils and so far they like sprouted popcorn, sunflower seeds, and red wheat.  Probably everything as long as I throw in yogurt for digestive health.  You would not need a forty pound bag either to get the same nutrition.  Sprouting increases the value by 100 percent.  you can make a large mixing bowl full at a time and it keeps in the fridge at least a week.  Plan on rinsing it daily even in the fridge.  A bleach solution to kill the mold before you soak them is suggestable too.

I read today that corn is good for the winter so they can keep more fat on themselves BTW.

Experimenting in a new hobby is so exciting.


Hi kilby,


Thanks for the info on Anita's in BC and what you are feeding your birds. I'll have to do some research on the yogurt. We give ours ricotta cheese.... I wonder what the difference is? That is their nightly treat w/whole grain spag w/meal worms (their favorite) and how we get them back to the coop at night.


I do the sunflower seeds and we just bought a "duck seed" for the chicken/duck area (ducks arrive tomorrow) that we will be growing for them. Actually, it is good for all "game" birds... contains millet, sorghum, clover, wheat, etc. We're trying to self feed as much as we can and will harvest for the winter whatever the birds don't eat.


Being in NH we can have bad winters though so that is why I've been looking for the soy-fish meal feed. Did get GOOD NEWS from Green Mountain Feed which we use and is organic. They are going to start producing an organic soy and fish meal free feed very soon! I must not be the only one in New England looking for it!


This is a great site and the folks are so helpful. Thank you for your post!