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Hi, and of course that's a lovely duckhut!  However, my ducks lay just wherever!  Do your ducks really all lay in there every time they lay an egg?


So, my ducks lay anytime day or night and anywhere, in water or on land. Just wherever the urge takes them, but then sometimes they decide to hide a nest and go broody.  Then that duck hen will lay in her chosen next.  I wonder what incites them to broodiness?


Do you keep bedding in there or just let them on the bare floor?  Seems bedding would keep the eggs cleaner but would have to be cleaned out regularly.  Do they sleep in there at night?  I would think they would have to be locked in for a couple of nights to learn to love it and feel safe in a strange place. 


I have long dreamed of having one of these duckhuts, too, but have not had luck with keeping my liner intact in my little pond.  One day I came out and it looked like a bear had fallen in and then climbed out the high end in a panic, ripping long rips in the plastic.  I suspect that it was actually one of my lgds that don't normally range through that area daily, fell in the night and climbed out instead of simply walking out the shallow end. lol