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Baby chicks dying!

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Help! Some of my baby marans chicks are dying! 2 passed last night and 1 this morning!! Everyone else is doing good. I have them on electrolytes and medicated chicks feed. Anyone might know the cause of their death? They all seemed good yesterday! sad.png
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I would give them plain water (and take them off the medicated food once you use what you have left)...sometimes all the "precautions" people recommend on boards like this are counter-productive. I don't know for sure why you are losing babies, but maybe it's just failure to thrive. It is a shame to lose little ones, sorry you are having such horrible luck

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Thanks! Everyone else seems good! smile.png
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Not sure what your ambient temps are but heat stress can do a quick number on the chicks when real small.  A buddy of mine lost 4 or 5 yesterday when the temp climbed into the mid 80's in the afternoon.  When he realized it he got them out of the brooder and out in the open (with a retainer fence and a cover over the top).  Let's them separate and lay around on the grass.  Put a big waterer in with them.  After a couple of hours they started looking much better -- except for a few.

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