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put golf balls in each nest box

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Our hens used to lay in the nest boxes, no problem.  Since we got 4 different ones in August, and they haven't laid much, then all of them started molting, etc., etc.,  We haven't had many eggs out of our (now) 6 hens for quite awhile and NONE :(  at all in November.  Just the past week, they have given me maybe 1 or 2 per day, but they're NOT laying in the boxes.  In corners, nowhere close to the boxes. 

This morning, I saw Chloe poking around, making her "spot"   :cd  that I had must messed up. I picked her up and put her in a box, she hopped down and went straight to the other spot (on the floor...).  We kept at this about 6-7 times and I gave up.:barnie
When I go back out, I'll move her egg to a box and see if the others follow, but I may not get any other eggs today, or maybe just one more.  I'll also mess up her spot again and see what happens. 


I thought they  liked the hay better than the pine shavings that I had in the box in the Little Coop, but I changed the shavings to hay in the boxes before I moved Chloe so many times - she did wallow around a bit, but then hopped right back out. Stubborn bird!!


At least I'm getting an egg!    :yesss:  Just don't want to step on one, forgetting it may not be where it's supposed to be!  :sick There's a golf ball in the box, too, but I think they don't care much about it. :P  Ah, well, Life in Chickenville!



9pm:  I bought some wooden eggs today and am going to paint 2 of them light brown and see if those will help! 

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My Hew Hampshire Red just started laying a few weeks ago, she lays them right in front of the door (It's a smaller coop, raised off the ground). It looks like she's making her own little nest, and laying right in the middle. something about the nest box is unappealing I guess, but I'm going to try the golf ball thing and see if that works!

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 I got mine at michaels. I have only one chicken laying, and she won't use the boxes. I have 4 boxes, and one I loaded down with wooden eggs (4) since thanksgiving. Our hen won't lay in there, she uses the roof of the coop, and if I move her to the boxes, she goes back up to the roof! If I keep he in the coop, she lays under the roost. I want to get this figured out soon, when the other five start to lay I don't want to be finding them on the roof too! I have pine shavings in the nesting boxes, so I am going to try some straw..

This is exactly my predicament as well. I have 6 hens, and only 1 is laying, and has been for 3 weeks. I tried putting her in the box with her egg that she had just laid under her. Then I put a fake egg in 1 of the 3 nesting boxes. It has been there for about 8 days. She will not lay in the nesting box. I tried putting straw in there, still not using the box, so I put a mixture of chopped straw and pine shavings. Still not using that darn nesting box. I read somewhere that if you put a movable nesting box in the spot they are laying, and everyday move it a few inches towards the other nesting boxes. I started that 2 days ago, so far she has laid right in front of that portable nesting box! I don't want the other 5 to lay all over the coop when they start too. 


I have 3 nesting boxes, they are about 6 inches off the floor and they are lower than all the roosts. They face 2 of the 3 windows. I did notice the corner she is laying on is darker and in the opposite corner of the door. Should I move my nesting boxes to the other side of the coop, or raise them, or what?

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