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BYC Sellers Guide - Table of Contents  

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Okay guys, I figured to make it easier on everyone who is looking for something, we could have a table of contents on what you breed and sell. Yes, I know we have a BYC Breeders thread, but that has tons of pages, and if we had something like this, people interested in something could just click on it, come in, look at the first post for what they are interested in, and PM that person inquiring on whatever they are interested in.

So, I am going to list every poultry breed I possible can, and you can just enter a post of what you offer, and I will put your user name down next to whatever it if you sell. As this thread grows, I will make everything more specific.

So here goes:


Laying Breeds:

Ameraucana- ksacres , bantams, blue wheaten, wheaten, black, & self blue (WY);  peeps7Dipsy Doodle Doo , (blue / black / splash); Kentucky~MommaCara ; Hcammack , blue wheaten; Pips&peeps , black/blue, wheaten/Blue wheaten/ Poss. Splash Wheaten, silver, white, & buff;  ShafferMergmet , SQ Whites & SQ Black & White;  sara , LF Black & bantams, black, lavender, & LF Lavender;  Colored Egg Farmergoldensunriseranch , standard & bantam, black/blue/splash;  Smoky73 , black;  dunlea421 , black/blue/splash;  lowcountrypoultry , EE;  idealpoultry , bantam & standard;  Double-R , bantam & standard;
AnconaColored Egg FarmeridealpoultryBelt HatcheryDouble-R ;
Andalusian- Mergmet , blue;  Colored Egg Farmer , blue;  corancherCUDAidealpoultry , blue;
Araucana- Shaffer , rumpless & tufted; Wilds of pa, black, blue, white, duckwing, BBR, & blue reds;  saraAce_king_brahma ;
Australorp- Kurby , black;  Skeeter , black; Belt Hatchery , black;  Double-R , black;
Barnevelder- corancheridealpoultry , black, standard;
CaliforniaColored Egg Farmer , white;  Double-R , white & grey;
Campine- Dipsy Doodle Doo , silver;  idealpoultry , golden & silver;  Double-R , gold & silver;
Catalana- idealpoultry , buff;  Double-R , buff;
Chantecler- idealpoultry , buff, partridge, & red;
Dominique- KingsCalls , bantam;  Colored Egg FarmeridealpoultryDouble-R ;
Fayoumi- idealpoultry , silver penciled;  Double-R ;
Hamburg- EweSheep , bantams, silver spangled;  SKennedy , silver spangled;  idealpoultry , blue, golden penciled, golden spangled, silver penciled & silver spangled;  Double-R , golden spangled;
Lakenvelder- Colored Egg Farmer , golden & silver;  idealpoultry , golden & silver;
LeghornColored Egg Farmer , barred, single combed brown, & rose combed brown;  lowcountrypoultry , white;  idealpoultry , bantam, white, standard: buff, california white, danish brown, exchequer, ideal 236, red, rose comb brown, single comb dark brown, single comb light brown, & white;  Belt Hatchery , white & danish brown;  Double-R , S.C. Brown, white, & barred;
Maran- Mergmet , cuckoo, copper black, golden, wheaten, blue, & copper blue;  Ginasmarans , cuckoo;  Colored Egg Farmerdunlea421 , cuckoo;  onthespot , copper black;  idealpoultry , cuckoo & feather legged cuckoo;  Double-R ;
MinorcaColored Egg Farmer , black & buff;  idealpoultry , black & buff;
Norwegian Jaerhon- idealpoultryDouble-R , black;
Penedesenca- Picco , partridge, crele;  Mergmet , partridge, black, & crele;
Plymouth Rock- Dipsy Doodle Doo , barred;  Silkieluvr , bantams, barred;  Skeeter , barred & white;  Kanchii, bantam, barred;  Promiselandfarm, barred;  Colored Egg Farmer , barred, white, buff, & partridge;  idealpoultry , bantam, barred, standard, barred, buff, partridge, & white;  Belt Hatchery , barred;  Double-R , bantam & standard, barred, & standard white & buff;
Rhode Island Red- LinckHillPoultry ; Kentucky~MommaSkeeterWilds of paPromiselandfarmSkennedyColored Egg Farmerlowcountrypoultryidealpoultry , bantam & standard; Belt Hatchery ;   Double-R , bantam & standard;
Rhode Island WhiteColored Egg FarmeridealpoultryDouble-R ;
Welsummer- MothergooseColored Egg FarmergamebirdsonlyidealpoultryDouble-R ;
Sexlink- Skeeter , black & red;  SKennedy , black;  Colored Egg Farmer , black & red;  idealpoultry , black, brown, gold, & red;  Belt Hatchery , black & gold;  Double-R , black & red;
Production Red- idealpoultryDouble-R ;
Production Black- idealpoultry ;

Meat Breeds:

Aseel- fowlafootidealpoultry , dark;
Blue Hen of Delaware-
Brahma- Equibling , light;  seedcorn , light;  Mrs. AK-Bird-Brain, light;  Colored Egg Farmer , buff, dark, & light;  SundownWaterfowl , light;  idealpoultry , bantam: buff, dark, & light, standard: buff, dark, & light;  Belt Hatchery , light;  Double-R , bantam, buff, dark, & light, standard: buff, dark, & light;
Buckeye- corancheridealpoultry ; Double-R ;
Cornish- Napalongtail , bantam, dark laced;  Colored Egg Farmer , dark;  idealpoultry , bantam: blue, blr, dark, white, wlr, standard: buff, dark, & wlr;  Double-R , bantam: dark, red, & white, standard: buff, dark, & wlr;
Delaware- Poison IvyColored Egg Farmerhomeandbarnbasicsseriousbill ; corancheridealpoultryBelt HatcheryDouble-R , bantam & standard;
Dorking- Mrs. AK-Bird-Brain, red, & silver gray;  Skennedy , silver gray & red;  idealpoultry , silver gray;
Faverolle- Equibling , standard & bantam;  Mothergoose , bantam, salmon;  SundownWaterfowl , salmon;    goldensunriseranch , bantam, blue/salmon;  idealpoultry , salmon;  Double-R , salmon;
Holland- idealpoultry , barred;
Iowa Blue- idealpoultry ;
Java- corancheridealpoultry , mottled;
Jersey Giant- Fdnick , black;  Colored Egg Farmer , white & black;  Belt Hatchery , black;  Double-R , black;
Malay- idealpoultry , bbr; 
New Hampshire- Colored Egg Farmer , red;  idealpoultry , bantam & standard; Belt HatcheryDouble-R ;
Orpington- KingsCalls , Standard & Bantam (buff, blue, & black);  Equibling , blue/black/splash/buff;  Justusnak , buff (IN);  EweSheep , buff & blue;  Kentucky~Momma , buff;  Cara , buff & blue;  Mergmet , buff;  Hazelton Farms , buff;  Skeeter , buff;  Wilds of pa, buff & lavender;  sara , buff;  Colored Egg Farmer , buff;  corancher , black, blue, splash, & buff;  lowcountrypoultry , buff;  idealpoultry , bantam, buff, standard, buff;  Belt Hatchery , buff;  Double-R , buff;
Shamofowlafootidealpoultry , black;
SussexMergmet , speckled;  Ginasmarans , speckled;  Colored Egg Farmer , speckled;  idealpoultry , speckled;  Double-R , speckled;
Wyandotte- flyingmonkeypoop , bantam, black, white, dun, barred, blue laced red, dun laced, & silver laced;  Colored Egg Farmer , golden & silver laced;  Buzzard Chick , blrw;  corancher , blrw;  idealpoultry , bantam: blrw, blue, buff columbian, buff, columbian, golden laced, & silver laced- standard, columbian, golden laced, partridge, & silver laced;  Double-R , Golden Laced, Silver Laced, blue, & buff;
Cornish Rock- idealpoultry ;
Broiler- idealpoultryBelt Hatchery , golden laced & silver laced;  Double-R , fast & slow white, black, & red;

Ornamental Breeds:

American Game - fowlafoot , standard;  CUDA , Kelso, spangled bates hatch, & Lacey Roundhead;
Appenzeller- Equibling ;
Bearded d'Anvers Bantam- Equibling , blues;  Mergmet , SQ Belgian Quail;  Boggy Bottom BantamsKanchii, self blue;  gamebirdsonly , blue, black, splash;  idealpoultry , blue quail & quail;  Double-R , belgian quail;
Bearded d'Uccle- Equibling , porcelain;  ksacres , porcelain;  peeps7 , mille fleur;  Red_raider_64 , mille fleur, porcelain;  Cara , porcelain;  Silkiluvr , mille fleur;  Mergmet , self blue, porcelain, & mille fleur; Boggy Bottom BantamsMrs. AK-Bird-Brain, mille fleur;  CUDA , mille fleur;  idealpoultry , blue mille fleur, brown red, buff columbian, golden neck, mille fleur, porcelain, self blue, & white;  [url=[i]idealpoultry , buff laced, golden, & silver;]Belt Hatchery[/url] [/i], mille fleur;  Double-R , black mottled,  brown red, gold neck, mille fleur, porcelain, self blue, & white;
Cochin- Equibling , golden-laced & lemon-blue;  ksacres , bantam, black & white;  peeps7 , white, blue, red (bantam), frizzle, silver laced,& black;  Dipsy Doodle Doo , mottled, frizzle (blue / black frizz hens w/ lemon blue barred roo);  Picco , bantams, blue;  Fdnick , black, white, red, blue, gold laced, silver laced, partridge, & buff;  Red_raider_64 , barred;  S n M Poultry , black, partride (bantam);  Cara , silver laced;  Silkieluvr , black;  Mothergoose , blue/black/splash;  Mergmet , blue/black/splash, golden laced, & lemon blue, & bantam SQ blue/black/splash;  Hazelton Farms , blue, black, & splash, & bantam blue, black, & splash;  Kanchii, bantam, blue;  Asher, bantam, blue;  Colored Egg Farmer , black, blue, buff, partridge, silver, & white;  Buzzard Chick , bantam, buff;  goldensunriseranch , bantam, smooth & frizzle, white, blue/black/splash, mottled, & blue partridge;  onthespot , black mottled;  idealpoultry , bantam, barred, birchen, black, black frizzle, blue, buff, golden laced, mottled, partridge, red, red frizzle, self blue, silver laced, silver penciled, white, & white frizzle, standard: barred, black, blue, buff, golden laced, partridge, red, silver laced, & white;  idealpoultry , buff laced, golden, & silver;  Belt Hatchery , bantam, partridge;  Double-R , bantam: barred, birchen, black, black frizzle, blue, buff, golden laced, mottled, partridge, red, red frizzle, silver laced, white, & white frizzle
Crevecoeur- SlocrevsEquiblingidealpoultryDouble-R ;
Cubalaya-fowlafootidealpoultry , bbr & blue red;
Dutch BantamSmoky73 , light brown, cream light brown, & blue cream light brown;  idealpoultry , black, black tailed buff, blue, blue light brown, blue red quill, cream light brown, light brown, mille fleur, porcelain, red quill, self blue, & silver;  Double-R , BBR, Black, Black Tailed Buff, Blue, Golden, & Light Brown;
Houdan- Boggy Bottom Bantams, mottled;  Equiblingidealpoultry , mottled;  Double-R , mottled;
Japanese Bantam- Dipsy Doodle Doo , mottled;  idealpoultry , black, black tailed buff, black tailed white, grey, mottled, & white;  Double-R , black, black tailed white, black tailed buff, grey, & white;
Kraienkoppe- idealpoultry , silver & BB Red;
La Fleche- idealpoultry ;
Langshan- Justusnak (IN);  idealpoultry , black;  Double-R , black;
Manx Rumpy-
Modern Game- Dipsy Doodle Doo , birchen;  S n M Poultry , bantams, lemon blue;  idealpoultry , bantam, birchen, bbr, black, blue, brown red, lemon blue, red pyle, self blue, silver blue, & white;
Naked Neck- Dipsy Doodle Dooflyingmonkeypoop , bantams, red; S n M PoultryTb1 , showgirls;  Asher, showgirls;  Colored Egg FarmerKevgoldensunriseranch , white showgirls;  idealpoultryDouble-R ;
Nankin- CUDAidealpoultry , single combed;
Old English Game- ksacres , bantam, silver laced;  Red_Raider_64 , bantams;  idealpoultry , bantams, barred, birchen, bbr, black, black tailed buff, black tailed red, blue brassy, blue ginger, blue golden duckwing, blue mille fleur, blue, blue quail, blue red, blue silver, blue silver wheaten, blue tailed buff, blue wheaten, brassy back, brown red, buff columbian, buff laced, columbian old, cream buttercup pattern, crele, cuckoo, fawn golden duckwing, fawn red, fawn silver duckwing, ginger red, gold buttercup pattern, golden campine pattern, golden duckwing, golden laced, golden neck, lemon blue, mahogany, mille fleur, mottled, pearl, quail, red pyle, red quill, self blue, silver blue duckwing, silver campine pattern, silver duckwing, silver ginger, silver laced, silver wheaten, spangled, splash, wheaten, white, white tailed red, & white tailed buff;  idealpoultry , buff laced, golden, & silver;  Belt Hatchery , BB Red;  Double-R , BB Red, Blue Breasted Red, Crele, Red Pyle, Self Blue, Silver Duckwing, & Spangled;
Orlofffowlafoot , spangled russian;  idealpoultry , spangled russian;  Double-R , Russian Spangled;
Phoenix- Napalongtailflyingmonkeypoop , bantam, light brown;  S n M Poultry , silver;  Mergmetidealpoultry , golden & silver;  Double-R , silver, golden, & white;
Polish- peeps7 , buff laced;  Mergmet , white crested black;  Boggy Bottom Bantamsfowlafoot , bearded, buff laced;  dunlea421 , LF silver laced frizzle, tolbunt, WC Black, & bantam WC blue/black/splash;  idealpoultry , bantam, white crested black, standard, black crested white, buff laced, golden laced, red crested red, silver laced, white crested black, & white crested blue;  Double-R , bantam, standard: buff laced, golden laced, silver laced, & white crested black;
Redcap- idealpoultry ;
Rosecomb- Mothergoose , black;  gamebirdsonly , bantam, black, blue, splash;  idealpoultry , bantam, black;  Double-R , bantam, black & blue;
Sebright- SunDownWaterfowl , silver;  idealpoultry , buff laced, golden, & silver;  idealpoultry , buff laced, golden, & silver;  Belt Hatchery , golden & silver; Double-R , buff, golden, & silver;
Serama- SlocrevsDipsy Doodle DooFdnickAe50mag , malaysian;  S n M Poultry , bantams; 
Sicilian Buttercup- EquiblingColored Egg FarmeridealpoultryDouble-R ;
Silkie- SunDownWaterfowlksacres , bearded, black, white, & blue;  Dipsy Doodle Doo , (white / blue / black / splash hens w/ white roo);  Napalongtail , cuckoo, black, & white;  Silkieluvr , white, splash, blue; Mothergoose , bearded;  Tb1Hope0491 , buff & white;  Boggy Bottom BantamsMrs. AK-Bird-BrainAshergoldensunriseranch , white, grey, & blue/splash;  Smoky73 , buff, white, splash, & blue bearded;  idealpoultry , bantam, black, blue, buff, gray, partridge, red, self blue, & white;  Belt Hatchery , white, black, & blue;  Double-R , bantam, black, blue, buff, & white;
Sultan- Cara , bantam;  Boggy Bottom BantamsEquiblingidealpoultry , bantam & standard;  Double-R , bantam & standard;
Sumatra- flyingmonkeypoop , bantams & standard, black & blue;  MergmetEquiblingidealpoultry , bantam, black & standard black;  Double-R ;
Vorwerk Bantam-
White-Faced Spanish- idealpoultry , bantam & standard;  Double-R , bantam;
Yokohama- idealpoultry , red shouldered;
Onagadori- Chrisf;
Quechua- Mergmet ;
Pyncheon bantams- Wilds of pa;
Brabanter- Equibling , cream;  idealpoultry , cream & gold;
Thai- fowlafoot ;
Jungle Fowl- CUDA , saipan;  idealpoultry , saipan & indian red;  Double-R , red;
Madagascar Game- idealpoultry ;
Spitzhauben- idealpoultry , silver spangled;




Ancona- HolderreadStrombergs ;
Appleyard- MothergooseHolderread , miniature & large;
Australian Spotted- Holderread ;
Buff- idealpoultry , crested & non-crested;  Metzer FarmsDouble-RStrombergs ;
Call- KingsCalls , White;  SunDownWaterfowl , Grey & calico;  flyingmonkeypoop , gray & white;  Mothergoose , gray & snowy;  sara , chocolate & snowy;  Prickeree Pines , butterscotch, chocolate, white crested, & white;  Strombergs , white, snowy, & grey english;
Campbell- idealpoultry , crested & non-crested;  Metzer FarmsDouble-RHolderreadsStrombergs ;
Cayuga- flyingmonkeypoopidealpoultry , crested & non-crested;  Metzer FarmsHolderreadsStrombergs ;
Crested- corancher , black;  Metzer Farms , white;
Dutch Hookbill- Holderreads ;
East Indies- flyingmonkeypoopidealpoultryStrombergs ;
Golden Cascade- corancher ;
Magpie- flyingmonkeypoop , black & blue;  idealpoultry , black & white & black & white crested;  Double-RHolderreads , black & blue;  Strombergs ;
Mallard- Mrs. AK-Bird-Brainlowcountrypoultryidealpoultry , grey, crested & non-crested, & non-crested snowy;  Metzer FarmsDouble-RStrombergs ;
Muscovy- Linckhillpoultry (Brown and Black Pieds);  MothergooseHazelton Farms , gray pied, chocolate, & white;  lowcountrypoultry ;
Pekin- CaraSkennedyDipsy Doodle Doo , crested & non-crested;  lowcountrypoultryidealpoultry , crested & non-crested;  Metzer FarmsDouble-R , crested & non-crested;  Strombergs ;
Rouen- Mothergooseidealpoultry , crested & non-crested;  Metzer FarmsDouble-RStrombergs ;
Runner- Linckhillpoultry (fawn & white); flyingmonkeypoop , black, blue, & chocolate;  Mothergoose , gray;  idealpoultry , black, crested fawn & white, & fawn & white;  Metzer Farms , Black, blue, chocolate, & fawn & white;  Double-R , crested fawn & white, non-crested fawn;  Holderreads , black, blue, chocolate, fawn & white, gray, penciled, trout, & white;  Strombergs , black, blue, chocolate, & fawn & white;
Saxony- corancherHolderreads ;
Swedish- Equibling ; idealpoultry , blue & blue crested;  Metzer Farms , blue;  Double-R , crested & non-crested;  Strombergs , black, blue, & silver;
Welsh Harlequin- HolderreadsStrombergs ;
Golden 300- Metzer Farms ;
White Golden Layer- Metzer Farms ;
Silky Bantam- Holderreads ;


Mandarin- LinckhillpoultryKingsCallsSunDownWaterfowlMothergooseSquaw Creek , plain, white, & split to white;  Prickeree Pines , plain & white;
Wood Duck- KingsCallsSquaw Creek , plain, apricot, white, silver, split to silver, & split to white;
Teal- Squaw Creek , green wing, blue wing, marbled, ringed, cinnamon, & baikal;
Widgeon- Squaw Creek , Chiloe', American, & European;
Pochard- Squaw Creek , Redhead & Red Crested;
Pintail- Squaw Creek , Northern & Bahama;
Merganser- Squaw Creek , Hooded;
Shelduck- Mothergoose , ruddy;  Squaw Creek , European, Cape, Ruddy, Australian, & Paradise;
Tree Ducks- Squaw Creek , Black Bellied, Fulvous, & White Faced;



African- Equiblingcorancher , giant dewlap;  idealpoultry , brown;  Metzer Farms , plain & super;  Double-RHolderreads , giant dewlap brown;
American Buff- corancheridealpoultryMetzer Farms , plain & tufted;  Double-RHolderreads ;
Chinese- idealpoultry , brown & white;  Metzer Farms , white & brown;  Double-RHolderreads , brown;
Embden- idealpoultryMetzer FarmsDouble-RHolderreads ;
Pilgrim- corancheridealpoultryMetzer FarmsHolderreads ;
Pomeranian- corancheridealpoultry , gray saddleback;  Holderreads , gray saddleback;
Roman- idealpoultry , tufted;  Metzer Farms , tufted;  Double-R , tufted;  Holderreads , plain & tufted;
Sebastopol- Linckhillpoultrycorancher , blue & white;  Metzer FarmsHolderreads ;
Shetland- corancherHolderreads ;
Toulouse- SunDownWaterfowlMothergoose , gray & buff dewlap;  idealpoultryMetzer Farms , plain, tufted, & French;  Double-RHolderreads , giant dewlap;
Cotton Patch- homeandbarnbasics ;
American Lavender- corancher ;
American- Holderreads , blue, lavender ice;


Canadian- Metzer Farms ;
Egyptian- Mothergoose ;


Australian Black-


Auburn- Porters , plain & silver;
Beltsville Small White-
Black Spanish- idealpoultryDouble-R ;
Bourbon Red- Equiblingcorancheridealpoultry ; PortersDouble-R ;
Broad Breasted White-
BronzeMothergoose , black winged;  SkennedycorancherCUDAidealpoultry , broad breasted & standard;  Porters , black winged, blue red, & red;  idealpoultry , buff laced, golden, & silver;  Belt HatcheryDouble-R ;
Buff- Porters , Jersey;
Midget White- idealpoultryDouble-R ;
Narragansett- idealpoultryPorters , golden & plain;  Double-R ;
Royal Palm- LinckhillpoultryEquiblingS n M PoultryMothergooseBoggy Bottom Bantamsidealpoultry ;
Slate- Boggy Bottom Bantams, blue;  corancheridealpoultry , blue;  Porters , chocolate & red, also plain;  Double-R , blue;  Double-R ;
White Holland- corancheridealpoultryPortersDouble-R ;
Oregon Gray- S n M PoultryPorters ;
Rio Grande- Boggy Bottom BantamsidealpoultryDouble-R ;
Merriam- Boggy Bottom Bantams;
Wild Eastern- Wilds of paidealpoultryDouble-R ;
Porters Calico- Porters ;
White- idealpoultry , broad breasted;  idealpoultry , buff laced, golden, & silver;  Belt Hatchery , broad breasted;
Blue Palm- Porters ;
Chocolate- PortersDouble-R ;
Fall Fire- Porters
Phoenix- Porters , golden & red
Lilac- Porters ;
Mottled- Porters , black & chocolate;
Penciled Palm- Porters , plain & red;
Red Palm- Porters
Regal Red- Porters
Silver Dapple- Porters
Sweetgrass- Porters


Blue India- MothergooseHazelton FarmsKev ;
Black-Shouldered- Hazelton FarmsKev ;
BronzeKev ;
Opal- Hazelton FarmsKev ;
PiedKev ;
PurpleKev ;
Silver PiedKev ;
SpaldingKev , black shoulder, pied, & white;
White- Kev
Green- ChrisfKev ;


Pearl- corancherMetzer FarmsDouble-R ;
White- corancheridealpoultryDouble-R ;
Buff Dundotte- Mothergoose ;
Royal Purple- corancher ;
Violet/Mulberry- corancher ;
Lavender- corancheridealpoultryDouble-R ;
Coral Blue- corancher ;
Lite Blue- Hazelton Farms ;
Sky Blue- corancher ;
French- idealpoultryDouble-R ;
Pied- idealpoultryDouble-R ;


Blue Eared-
Golden- Fdnick , red & yellow;  Boggy Bottom BantamsCUDA , yellow;
Great Argus-
Lady Amherst- Fdnick ;
Impeyan- Chrisf;
Reeves- Fdnick ;
Ringneck- FdnickHazelton Farmsgamebirdsonly , snows x buffs;  idealpoultryMetzer Farms ;
Silver- FdnickMothergooseBoggy Bottom Bantams;
Temmincks- Fdnick ;
White Eared-






Blue Scale-
Bobwhite- Mothergoose , Tennessee red;  Mrs. AK-Bird-BraingamebirdsonlyAce_king_brahma ; wilds of pa, butler, pure white;
Button- Dipsy Doodle DooMothergooseMrs. AK-Bird-Brain;
Coturnix- Mothergoose , jumbo;  SamG347, jumbo brown;  Mrs. AK-Bird-BraingamebirdsonlyAce_King_Brahma , standard & jumbos, various colors;


Chukar- CUDAidealpoultry ;

Okay. I know there are many different color varieties of each bird, so just post what color variety you have of what, and I will mark it down. If I forgot something go ahead and tell me, you have no idea how hard it was to gather all this information tongue

Overall, I think this will be very helpful!

Like I said, just go ahead and post what you have and I will go ahead and mark your username down! It will make it easier on everyone who is looking for something specific.

Only mark down what you have to breed at this moment to avoid confusion, and later on, if you get something new, just let me know on here and I will get you marked down!

Now linking you to sellers' pms. Be patient, as this is a lot of work smile

Very soon, I will have the states in parenthesis next to each username.
Ex: Linckhillpoultry (PA)    :o

Chickens are standards, unless specified next to the variety of which the breeder has has bantam.

Now adding hatcheries! smile
Ideal Poultry has been added smile
Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys has been added smile
Belt Hatchery has been added smile
Metzer Farms has been added smile
Double-R Discount Supply has been added smile
Holderreads Waterfowl has been added smile
Squaw Creek Farm has been added smile
Prickeree Pines Gamebird Farm has been added smile

If you look after the sellers name, you will possibly see the color varieties of the bird they offer!

Please be patient with me, this is a lot of work!


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45 chickens; 12 Geese; 17 ducks; 5 turkeys; 3 pheasants;  1 duckling.  - 5 peacocks; & 8 poults
45 chickens; 12 Geese; 17 ducks; 5 turkeys; 3 pheasants;  1 duckling.  - 5 peacocks; & 8 poults
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This is a good idea. As soon has my hens start laying eggs can you put my name down.

Just one idea when you put some ones name down for the breed put a word link to his/her pm box.

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How do you do that?

45 chickens; 12 Geese; 17 ducks; 5 turkeys; 3 pheasants;  1 duckling.  - 5 peacocks; & 8 poults
45 chickens; 12 Geese; 17 ducks; 5 turkeys; 3 pheasants;  1 duckling.  - 5 peacocks; & 8 poults
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Orpingtons.........standard & bantam in....buff, blue, black
Dominiques......bantam only

Ducks.....Wood Ducks, Mandarins & White Calls

Buff Orps.............Bantam Barred Rocks..........Fainting Goats........."Looking to replenish"
2010 Jefferson Co. Poultry Show....July 31st (APA sanctioned)
Buff Orps.............Bantam Barred Rocks..........Fainting Goats........."Looking to replenish"
2010 Jefferson Co. Poultry Show....July 31st (APA sanctioned)
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Gray Call Duck eggs,
Toulouse eggs,
Silver Sebright Eggs
Silkie eggs
Mandarin Duck Eggs

Breeding & Exhibiting Quality Bearded Silkies
Sundown Silkies Website
Sundown Silkies Facebook Page
NPIP Certified & Proud Member of the American Silkie Bantam Club & the American Bantam Association

PM or email if your interested in birds/eggs.

Breeding & Exhibiting Quality Bearded Silkies
Sundown Silkies Website
Sundown Silkies Facebook Page
NPIP Certified & Proud Member of the American Silkie Bantam Club & the American Bantam Association

PM or email if your interested in birds/eggs.

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Bantam Chickens
Salmon Faverolles
Mille Fleur Cochins  (expected fall of 2009)
White Bearded Silkies
Spangled Russian Orloffs  (expected fall of 2009)

Standard Breeds of Chickens
Golden Laced Cochins
Lemon-Blue Cochins
Blue/Black/Splash Orpingtons
Black Sumatras
White Faverolles

Muscovy Ducks
(chocolate pieds, black pieds, whites, blues)
Sebastopol Geese
Black Cayuga Ducks

Bantam Waterfowl
Bantam Silky Ducks (unavailable in 2009)

Ornamental Pheasants
Yellow Golden Pheasants

Upcoming Projects (Standards)
White Faced White Spanish
Golden Laced Orpingtons (expected spring 2010)
La Fleche (expected spring of 2010)

Rare Feathers Farm is located just outside of Okanogan, Washington. We specialize in rare and critically endangered poultry.
Rare Feathers Farm is located just outside of Okanogan, Washington. We specialize in rare and critically endangered poultry.
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Now, I know there are more breeders than this. smile

45 chickens; 12 Geese; 17 ducks; 5 turkeys; 3 pheasants;  1 duckling.  - 5 peacocks; & 8 poults
45 chickens; 12 Geese; 17 ducks; 5 turkeys; 3 pheasants;  1 duckling.  - 5 peacocks; & 8 poults
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If you look under the BYC Breeders in this forum, you will find folks and their chickens...

BYC Member since 4/11/2002 
BYC Member since 4/11/2002 
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I will have a trio of Serama smile  but they are still in egg right now..well I h ave one 4 week old.

Have had chickens for a whole six years now!  This year decided to try out ducks too!  WOW messy they are, but totally worth it, their cuteness overpowers all the messes they can make :D  Check them out at:

Have had chickens for a whole six years now!  This year decided to try out ducks too!  WOW messy they are, but totally worth it, their cuteness overpowers all the messes they can make :D  Check them out at:

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