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I do love them. big_smile.png So much so that we want to hang on to the Pekin drake for our lady Pekins. hehe If they can lay decently- I'd love to have them around. Their antic are funny. I am only bummed with how much mine don't want to have anything to do with me. lol The Runners are literally sweet. The easiest of all our ducks to catch and are very calm and quiet when we hold them. It's hard not to be endeared by that. But I can't wait to see what breeds lay best, how they all look, how they all fun!

Our one year old Peking duck lays every day now. She did slow down a little during the winter it would sometimes go a few days between eggs.

She is very gentle, my grand daughter picks her up any time. She comes by to be petted and basically hangs around us, but she is not a lap duck she has a mind of her own. She knows her name also, no matter where she is when you call her she responds. When she was younger she would let you hold her, she would lay her head on my grand daughters shoulder, but now she's like ok that's all you get. My grand daughter use to carry her to put her up at night. Some nights she would be more stubborn and my grand daughter would use a firmer tone and she would lay down to be picked up. Someone said she was wanting to mate but it really seemed like she would do it to be picked up.

I need to get that book because I don't know anything about molting. She came to my house at about six months old, and either she hasnt molted or I missed it.
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@missy60, you can see if your library has this book too. I check out books to see if they are ones I want/need etc. I love to collect books, but now need to cut back. Hubby sez slow up a bit on the books. Lol
We now have 1 Swedish-x drake & 2 Swedish-Smith-x hens. We are excited for them to stay laying.
I purchased 2 RIR's, 2 Black sexlink & 2 red sexlink. I have 2 older ( they are 1 1/2 yrs) hens as well. My one hen just shows down her egg production, my other gal up & quit. On a good note, 2 ( so far) of my young hens have started to lay. I'm excited !
Good luck ...... 😆
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