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Chick impacted crop?

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6 week old EE, substantially smaller than it's siblings of same breed/age. It's crop is the size of a walnut, while the siblings crops are empty. It does this strange side to side neck twisting thing. It seems to have a plumbing issue moving food from the crop.  My question is since this is happening at such a young age, will it be a lifetime of plumbing issues?

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I also have a bulging crop on a 1 week old chick.  At least I think that is what it is.  I took a couple of pictures.  Is this what an impacted crop looks like?  The down rubbed off bulging area when I applied ointment (thought there was a tiny cut).  I'm thinking this is an impacted crop-maybe not????IMG_2196.JPG what can I do?

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I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to say that I have three chicks - one that just died- that has similar problem.   It doesn't look normal to me.. the crop looks to be too big and too full of food- the chicks are not eating, or drinking.  One that is still alive has air inside her crop- its somewhat balloon like.  


  Would appreciate it if anyone who knows what this is could tell us.    Wish also I knew what happened to your chicks- even though this was about 4 years ago that you wrote or responded to this thread.  

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My baby chicken is exactly like the black one in the picture, and it is having exactly the same problem. She is much smaller than the other ones, and she keeps doing strange twisting of her neck. Although this is an old post, but I really wish someone to help!!! I'm new to raising baby chicken and I don't want to lose anyone of them :(

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