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Going to be obnoxious and not even read all the posts,


Easy electric fence.  TSC.  strand wire... two strands 4 in or about first level of 2x4 wire and then about 2 feet above that.


Done deal, Cheap, Trains territorials foxes etc.  Never had an issue, even in deep snow (doesn't last long in PA, or pour hot water on perimeter of electric strands, not need to dig, but I haven't done either)  Never had a breach or loss.  Even in rain, not much voltage but, it's only for a day or so and the preds are trained that these chickens "bite".


Safe for kids and even me, got zappe by accident yesterday, felt better after so...

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yep, coopers hawk (tiny) took two Duccle bantams, didn't mess with the standard chickens.  Rooster did not attack.  Strings of twine or fishingline work great for hawks. 

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