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I am not 'mad'. I am heart broken. These four hens and two roosters, that I own, are my pets. I love them just as much as I love my dog. They have been here for four years and this retired code enforcer has never complained. He even has tried to talk nicely to me about my personal housed chickens.

I remained casually nice to this man however, he destroyed any relationship we could have ever had by being a total butt-hole when my husband and I first moved into this house and he and his wife kept me sick as a dog with my nerves for the first four months because they absolutely would not leave me alone, every single time I had to work in my yard, there they were, up my butt about every move I made. They are lucky that I havent totally lost it, just yet.

He and his wife wants to hang at the fence and gossip about this neighborhood for two and three hours every single time he sees you are in your yard. After four months of this crap with these sick people, I told him and his wife to please leave me alone and let me get my work done --- and his retaliation to this has been to harass me in this code enforcing manner --- and this is the way he fights anyone who does not cow tow to his desires.

This neighborhood is in rural Hillsborough County and I do not use the term 'rural' lightly, when speaking of this town. My family was of the first families to ever come out here to these parts. This used to all be agricultural land and the original owners, who have passed away, passing down the land to their children, would roll over in their graves if they saw what has taken place where this tiny little five block neighborhood that has as many mobile homes in it as it does houses and is surrounded by five crack infested trailer parks has been zoned residential with allowing mobile homes and houses but no farm animals.

The land out here is full of thistles, spanish needles, weeds and cow pasture grass. We are surrounded by agricultural land. I bought this house with a United States Department of Agriculture loan and was provided a map of what was supposed to be all agricultural land and the only way this loan was approved is because the USDA map had this tiny little country neighborhood within that map.

Only just now, four years later, to find out that somebody took this tiny little neighborhood and had it zoned residential for mobile homes and houses and no farm animals -- And my mother says she wouldnt doubt it if this piece of crap retired code enforcer had that change made.

These people out here live laid back country lives with no desires to fight the government and so they dont show up to the meetings and so this is what happens. Some outsider moves in here and thinks because he is a retired code enforcer, he is going to rule over the neighborhood and if not the entirety of this little neighborhood, he at least thinks he will rule over the block we live on and the block across the street.

The free range chickens were set free from the agricultural land, one block down the road, at the end of this neighborhood, and that was done last summer. They have not bothered anyone. They do not tear up the ever so beautiful lawns of pure thistle, spanish needles, weeds and cow pasture grass that make our property value ever so high hahahaha *sarcasm*.

This is a country hick town. We love country life. We are country. We love the roosters crow, the moo of the cattle, the ever so often goat, pig, horse, cow and chicken that has escaped their enclosures, we love it all. One crappy man has made this a most miserable place to dwell and all because he cannot stand the country life that he chose to move out to live and be amongst.

He and his wife need to go and their tiny little house is of no great value. It sits facing one street as mine faces another street and his somewhat beside but somehow not quite beside my tiny little house -- tiny = 768 square feet and he might have maybe a little more square footage to his home but not much and at least my washer and dryer are in a utility room - his washer and dryer are out back of his house, way back, all the way over here to the property line, in a shed hahaha Yeah up town man right there - piece of sh it !!

I paid top dollar for my house because I was told this was agricultural land by the USDA - I did not think to look it up - I took it for granted that this little neighborhood was still agricultural as it was all my growing up years. I cant even sell my home for what I paid for it because this is a tiny little neighborhood of country crap and I love country crap. The man I bought it from was fixing to have it off of the market because absolutely nobody was interested in living in this country crap neighborhood BUT we told him we would buy it. My mother is six miles away and we wanted to be near her for her old age, while having chickens and enjoying a country life. 

It isnt the free range chickens that are even being dealt with. The zone is that we cannot have housed chickens. The code and zoning enforcer that came out here and the one on the phone both told me if I set my own chickens free, out there with the free range chickens, nothing can be done about them. Nothing is done about free range chickens. So, my personal beloved pets have to move and this piece of crap man beside me will still have free range chickens to contend with and I hope the idiot doesnt start killing them - he is just that kind of a grumpy, old, 
crotchety, miserable piece of crap for a human being.

Most of my chickens are on the endangered list. I have two bantam hens, one bantam rooster, two Wyandotte hens and one Dominique rooster - which my roosters do not even have a loud crow and are hard to hear from the housing we built for them. The code enforcer, who came out here, took a photo of my bantam rooster and my bantam rooster is the color of the big free range roosters --- I have been laughing with figuring that this idiot code enforcer, who was scared to death of my sweet dogs and just made a total fool of himself out here in the country, probably thinks that those big free range roosters and hens actually were able to hatch a tiny little bantam hahahahaha It would figure him to be that stupid!

City people have no business out here and they have no business making our rules either. The government does not belong out here in these parts. Their minds cannot connect with the country and they are totally ignorant to anything country such as thinking just because there are free range chickens, surely the neighborhood is being torn apart hahahaha

As you can see, I can type out what is on my mind. It is people who have accomplished some 'position' who are not able to read with comprehension. People of today absolutely cannot read with comprehension and I run into this all of the time. This is a short spoken, text typing sick world of which I dont fit  into. I dont even know how to text, nor do I care to learn how to text. I am very thorough when I type talk.

Unfortunately, if I got up there into the court housing area, of which I actually worked for our Hillsborough County Tax Collectors Office and my sister worked 10 years for Richard Ake, Clerk of Circuit Court and she was married to Sergeant Sheriff over the Bailiff's - but if I get up there, they are going to only make me mad with their ignorance of country life. They will say stupid things and I wont be able to function with my speech. They wont be able to comprehend the explanation of country life.

I didnt like the government when I worked for the government and I dont like them now. They are in their own little fluffed up, puffed up worlds, looking out for their little group of friends and their little group of friends are retired and out here acting as if they own the world. They all make me only want to puke!


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Not all of us.

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Well haha It is sad that some of you are not here :D

As for the entire ordeal with my neighbors, it has me very sick. The first four months of moving into this house, this man and his wife caused me to become so ill that I could not get out of bed. A year later, they did it again. And now, yet again. There has got to be something I can do about their using legalities to seek their revenge. I just dont know how to go about that. They only do this to the few people who have actually stood up and told them to go away.

None of this is really about the chickens. It is about that they did not like my telling them to leave me alone, when they wanted to own and control my days, and they have set out to make my life a most miserable one. 


They have caused me to hate my home. If it were not that I have dogs and some cats who need a home, I am willing to walk away from this house, let the bank have it back and trash our credit over it - just to get out of here away from those sick people.

They have caused me to wish I could just die rather than to have to live out the rest of my life beside such creeps as they are. And as one of my friends stated - the only way out is for me or them to move or die. They are not going to move. I cant move. So somebody needs to die and I dont care who - me or them - whatever gets me out of this and away from those people. They have kept me sick, sick, sick - for four years.

I do know that if some how some idiot finds a way to harass me over any free range chickens that came up from the agricultural land that does surround us, I am at least going to go to an attorney and find out what I can do because I am on disability and this harassment is keeping me so sick that I cant function. I dont even want to get out of bed each day. I force myself to just lay their and wish I did not have to ever wake up again.

It is a hopeless situation. A retired code and zoning enforcer who uses his code and zoning buddies to carry out his revenge because I will never hang at the fence and listen to his gossip about this neighborhood. I am supposed to be the one who is sick ----- uumm they all act, look and sound pretty darn sick to me.

My Mom has been going over the area to see the codes. Agriculture is all around us and this area should have never been taken out of an agriculture zone. I already described the neighborhood and the area. These free range chickens weave in and out of agriculture zoned land all day long. I guess If I get harassed, I will have to take the code enforcement people around and show them how -- oh we are residential here but we cross the street and are agriculture here but go up the street and we residential just a few steps and then right back to agricultural and gee hhmm two steps over this way we hit residential again oh oh oh but wait .... one step over here we are agricultural again. Whoever did this out here did it right out from under a bunch of people's noses!

OK Well, I dont expect to be allowed to have my chickens back in my lifetime and I am hoping my lifetime is shortened so that it is not a long lifetime. I am stuck in a miserable place, I dont want to be here, there is no way out but to die. I cant believe that one man is allowed to make another human beings home life so miserable and all out of his revenge because he couldnt force them to hang at a fence and gossip his lies about the neighborhood with him. One man to cause another human being to want to either give their home back to the bank and ruin their credit or to just die and get out of the entire situation.

One man has completely ruined the rest of my entire life until he dies or I die. If I ever see his obituary in the paper or detect that he has died and hopefully he will kill over right here in his yard so I can see it because I hate this man with a passion and I have never hated anyone in my entire life, I plan to have a celebration of death over his stinking butt and make sure his wife knows exactly what it is I am celebrating unless it is that she could just kill over with him and then I can have a celebration of death over both of their sorry butts! And what I am expressing is not really anger. It is the pain he has brought to my heart over my chickens and all because he couldnt force me to kiss his stinking nasty butt!! You have a good life out there where you are. I hope you are a better person than what we have around here to deal with :o)


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