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Quail hatching times

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I've got two batches of quail eggs in my incubator and the first (purple marked) batch is due to hatch wednesday but the second (blue marked) batch are due for the first day of lockdown then. Does anyone know what i can do about the humidity? At the moment it's around 50% but for lockdown it should be 60-70% but because of the different hatch dates i'm a bit confused of what to doidunno.gifhmm.png, please help! and any advice given will be heavily appreciated!

Loads of Hugs love.gif,



P.S they are chinese painted quail if you want to know.

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I would say watch for your 1st pip & raise humidity then. That way you are holding off as long as possible for the sake of batch #2 but still getting it up for batch #1. That's how I run my staggered hatches on chicks & ducks. Haven't done quail yet hu.gif

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Hi, Thanks a lot for you advice, i'm going to try it!

I am also worried about something else. Talk about a first timer! I read somewhere that you finish turning the eggs on a certain date but now i've just read that i stopped tuening them a day too early. Do you think it will matter? sorry about bugging you, just wondered if you knew!


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They should be fine. A day or 2 won't hurt anything.

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thanx a lot for your help i've got two gorgeous little chicks snoozing under the lamp in the brooder thanks to you! and another four on the way saturday!

Thank you over and over again,

Loads of hugs from all three of us,

Citrus17, Ying and Yang smile.png xoxox



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They are ADORABLElove.gif


My staggered hatch started with my 1st pip last night & 1st chick today. There are 3 more pipped & a bunch tapping.

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thank you!

I'll be sure to post the pics of the other four when they hatch tomorriw. Thank you again for all your help, i'd of been lost with out you!

Goodluck with yours!

Citrus17 x

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Thanks & you're welcome!!!

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