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I have a black Astralorp, Priscilla, who actually throws tantrums!  

She's wanting breakfast and will make an awful racket until I come down with their smorgasbord of mealworms, porridge, banana, fermented seeds and lettuce.  It's just like when children start off, "mum... mum... mum... Mum!  Mum!  MUUUUUUUUUUUUUMM!!!!  Lol.  I wonder she doesn't damage her vocal chords when she gets to the last, loud, extended baaaaaaaaaaakkkk!


Priscilla will tell me when something is not right... she is the 'neighbourhood watch'.  If a chicken is over the fence (happened a couple of times), gone under the deck ... or whatever, she will let me know!  I have apologised to the neighbour (with a bottle of wine) and they said it doesn't bother them (thank heavens).


All my girls announce the arrival of an egg. They're very proud and if I'm about, I go out and praise them.  It usually calms things down.


Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to keep them quiet.  My chickens are never locked up in their coop. I did have to keep them inside it when the tall fence was being built and they certainly let me know they had 'cabin fever'.  I would not ever lock them up other than for their own safety.


They put themselves to bed around dark and get themselves up in the morning. I used to lock them up but a series of events had me introducing one new chicken... always thwart with upheaval to the pecking order.  As she was still young and smaller, I was worried that if they were in an enclosed space, they could damage her, or even kill her.  So little Prudence was the reason I left the coop open, initially.  We don't have foxes near where I live and the yard is fenced against dogs.  I have two cats myself and they interact quite happily with my chickens.

There are snakes here.  I did have one chicken die of fright when a large python draped itself over the coop door.  We took the python to a nature reserve nearby (but far enough away so it wouldn't be able to return).  I keep an eye out for snakes and especially now that the weather has warmed up with the arrival of spring, and if I notice eggs missing, that will be a good sign.

So, all a verbose way of saying... take a treat to your neighbour (chocolate, wine or both ;) ) and hope that your girl settles with time. Good luck with it all.

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Our Buff Orphington is really loud as well.  Sounds like she is being murdered in the back yard every day.  It is horrifying.


We have 3 girls all three different breeds.  The Buff is 2nd in the pecking order.  They run free in our back yard and go into the secure coop at night.  


The last time this started happening (I know it sounds strange) but I used The Dog Wisperer's (Caesar Milan) techniques where, when they started acting out, I took a "Calm Assertive" position and showed them who is boss (AKA flock leader).  My technique was to put my hands over their wings, and gently but firmly hold them to the ground while standing over them.  I would firmly look into their eyes and say "No".  Then when I would feel them calm down (you can feel their heart beating) I would gently release them.  This is not just a technique but you actually have to take on the "Calm Assertive" demeanor and know in your heart that you are their boss, not the other way around.


I know this sounds very strange, but for a very long time it worked.  They were quiet as mice for about a year.  I found that working on the first in command (alpha girl) worked the best - because she became more calm and as a consequence the others followed.


But now - my Buff is loud again - I think I have lost my mojo and they can sense it.  They are strangely in tune with my emotions (as I believe all animals are). 


The trick (last time) is that I started treating them like chickens and not pets.  I would still give them their greens, and other treats that they liked to eat but I would not do it with an excited disposition.  I think you can get away with that when you own dogs, but chickens are a little more bossy and need to know who is their flock leader, otherwise they will literally run amok.


Just a thought - hope it works.  I am going to try again to get my flock leader mojo back:)  The alternative of finding them another home is too heartbreaking for me.

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I know this thread is old, but I have the same problem. I did not read through every answer, but I have found playing them music quiets them down. I suggest classical or soft music like massage music. Seriously, not a joke, they seriously go quiet when I play them music!

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