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Oh! Cozy lil girl!

When we go on trips away we used to just bring a cardboard base/old towels and our version of this type of hutch

I transported her around in this type of thing

Hope that helps.

Q loved tearing into celery herself. Stays fresher longer whole ;) I used to put it in a jar/vase.

They cop a lot for their "lack of intellect" from our local vet, but they sure know how to get us to do everything for them....

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There's a whole bunch of us house quail people on instagram btw :) We're @quinctagram and we often communicate on there.

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A holiday snap shot :)

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I was reading your posts about having a bobwhite quail as a pet....long story short....we have a bobwhite quail, Robert, as an indoor bird and pet.  We adore him.  He had not sung much more than a little trilling type noise or chuckling for several years.  We recently moved and in the new house he started to sing his bobwhite full volume....all hours of the day and/or night.  It was so wonderful to hear him singing.....even at 3:00am.   He has all but stopped singing again....haven't heard him sing for about a week now....we are already missing it.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Why did he suddenly start singing?  because of the new home??  and why would he stop again??   How do we get him to resume his singing?  

Any advice from your experience would be greatly appreciated.  We do adore Robert and know that he is an oldster so we just want him to be happy and healthy in his old age.  

Thanks again....

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Originally Posted by Robecki View Post

Hi there. I've had my little Lucky since July 18, 2015. I read your other thread and I'm just going to answer those questions here too. I'm not an expert, but I did a lot of research online and with the feed stores and people who have quails. Please get your quail game bird feed. They need a higher protein feed (26-30). Chicken feed only has about half the amount in it (15-16). Bird seed is good as a daily treat, but should not be used as a source food. We got some grit for her as well, because in the wild they will eat some dirt or really tiny "rock" to help with digestion. Our friends who have quails on their farm say the don't give them nesting stuff. They just lay the eggs all over their yard. Lol. But you can if you want. Lucky lives in a rabbit cage in our living room, but she let out everyday when we can watch and socialize with her. Don't use cedar in her cage as it not good for their lungs, but pine shavings, or the stuff used in small animals cages are great; also woodstove pellets. Just may sure nothing is treated with chemicals. We took the wire bottom out, because we read it is not very good for her little footies. We have 2 dogs and a cat and everyone gets along. If anything they are all a bit scared of her when she wants to snuggle with them, so they run away when she tries to - hee hee, it's pretty funny. Lucky is extremely lovable and loves to be handled and loved on! Lucky makes tons of cute sounds and we've figured out which ones are her happy sounds and when she is screeching for our attention. She has imprinted to me has her human; she'll go to anyone, but if I call her or she hasn't been with me in for a little she comes running to me for my loves. She does her natural dusting movement on our carpet or in my hair when I lay on the ground and spread my hair out. They bathe in dirt and not water, but we haven't got her a dusting bath like you get for a chinchilla yet. She really doesn't need it since she is only an in home pet. As you know they poop little hard pellets that are easy to pick up so we don't use a flight suit on her. I hope what little know know helps! We love our little one so much.

What brand of game bird feed do you recommend?

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Hmmm, is it the calling for a mate "bob bob white" call or the weird I'm not sure about this and it's a bit startling? If it's the bob bob white one that could be a bit season dependent. And well being a new place everything is weird often. Have you pictures of your old fella?

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