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Me.. I would probably keep up the cause. One what happens when that Mayor is no longer Mayor? I don't know what the fine is if any, other then just getting rid of the chickens. But I wouldn't want to pay one or have any of it go to court.  I feel since Des Moines and many surrounding communities let you keep chickens in town, it could be a easy win. Maybe this lady that contacted you would be willing to talk at the city coucill meetings and you could go for support? Since she knows the mayor maybe she will have more of a shoe in for you.


This is just my opinion, but I'm a chicken. Maybe keep one or two in the basement in the meantime if the process goes on a long time before you get any answers or the law changed? I'm not sure how smelly two chickens inside would be though. Have you seen how this lady has her chickens? 18 seems like an awful lot in town. I'm just picturing my yard and it's rather small. LOL

Good Luck with whatever you decide. I will keep checking here see what happens and what you decide.

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Yeah, gonna keep working on it.....the gal I have helping me now is awesome.

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Well hubby finally said yes to chickens!!!!  So if I can change HIS mind, a whole city council should be EASY!

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Originally Posted by Tegan View Post

Well hubby finally said yes to chickens!!!!  So if I can change HIS mind, a whole city council should be EASY!


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I pulled the online petition.  I was getting signatures from as far away as Germany (which, outside support awesome!) but the city council members were feeling "spammed" because the signatures were not all coming from Waukee.  It is NOT my intention to spam them or tick them off!  So....this spring I'll set up at the farmers market and get signatures there.  I might see if I can leave a paper petition at my kids school too (which doubles as a church.)  Slowly but surely....slowly but surely......

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the farmers market to get petions signed is a good idea. What did the city council answer with? Are they going to change it if you get so many names on the petions  Or did they answer you at all?

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They haven't really answered me directly (they did ask questions to the other gal that I've been working with), but they did ask me to only forward those in the city who signed, since I can't do that from the online petition and since I by no means want to tick them off, I took it down.  They seem open to the idea of chickens as long as it gets enough support it I will!  I was talking to the guy at our Co-op today (getting stuff for my rabbits) and he chuckled at the idea of chickens in the city but didn't seem against it.  Might see if he'll put a petition up for people to sign, since it would help the business as well.

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another place to get people to sign might be parents and leaders of the local 4H club. Some kids might like to keep chickens for 4H projects and to show at the fair.

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Hi, I was curious if anything ever came of this? I am moving to waukee soon and really want some chickens for egg production .
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