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RIP Frodo. Today we lost my 8 year old daughter's pet chicken, Frodo. The hawk had already removed her head by the time we got to the fence, then it just sat on the fence post waiting for us to leave despite my daughter's screaming. Now I know why my husband warned us not to make pets out of them. She was a beautiful Barred Rock who didn't even live long enough to lay eggs.
I cannot believe the audacity of the hawk. I threw rocks at it to get it to leave and it just sat and watched. It had no fear.

I think we are going to try the fishing line method, but after seeing how brave they are I don't have much hope in anything that we are able to do, working.
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I know your pain. I am so sorry for your loss. My daughter also lost her chicken to a hawk with us right there, such a helpless feeling! We did have success with a pen with a chicken web over it (or the hawk just hasn't been around). Most of the time my girls stay in their covered run because my daughter is petrified to let them out. We are working on chicken web that will cover about a 1/4 of our yard.
There are videos on YouTube about making wind sock type hawk deterrents out of empty feed sacks. We are going to be gathering all of our supplies this winter and setting up some serious hawk deterrents in the spring. Until then we are keeping the girls penned.

We are also keeping the hose handy, if the hawk land within squirting distance he's going to get it. My thought is if he got squirted a few times he would learn our yard isn't a safe hunting place.
Good luck...
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So sorry for your loss I know the pain we loss a hen that we loved the falcon that killed the hen died from our 2 year old rooster ūüėĒ
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I mean the falcon died from our 2 year old rooster.
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Originally Posted by enola View Post

Just a friendly reminder that the 2 posts above may land your butt in jail if you get caught.


It all depends on where you live.  If it's out in the country - 12 gauge, #6 shot and a shovel.  The chances of being caught are about zero.

Trying to bring Blue Orpingtons to Chambers County AL, one bird at a time!  
Trying to bring Blue Orpingtons to Chambers County AL, one bird at a time!  
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Here is what I did. I did it about 3 weeks ago and so far, so good. I strung green 50 pound fishing line every square foot over their yard. It took me about 6 hours total. I also learned that fishermen use this to deter seagulls, so hopefully it will deter all birds of prey!
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I just lost a silkie to a hawk. I purchased 50x50 feet aviary netting....wish me luck and I'll let you know what happens.
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Its been a few months since I strung the fishing line. Even though I have seen quite a few red tailed hawks around, my flock has remained unharmed. I had to chase a hawk away a few times, but he was just watching them from a distance. I would recommend this method for anyone who cannot totally enclose the run. And it was pretty inexpensive. The only issue is when I need to go into the chicken yard, I must squat! But that is a small price to pay for their safety.
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Just another idea (has worked, here, for some years, now. We've only "hung" the "saucers" on lines - but I see no reason that they couldn't be mounted (with small springs, etc.) to the tops of poles/branches/etc.

Turkey hens are the best warning system, however (will "stalk" hawks - brief video shows mottled hen walking right past the Red Shouldered Hawk on the stump - last few seconds hawk takes off in disgust, pooping from displeasure?) (just another "deterrent" to consider smile.png see you in the turkey forum).
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Unfortunately we suffered a hawk attack on Monday of this past week here in Kentucky.  It must have been a smaller hawk as it didn't kill my Silver Laced Wyandotte but she was injured severely.  She had been pecked in the eye, the butt feathers completely stripped and neck feathers on left side with a very deep hole in her neck.  We rushed her to our vet who said she had a 50/50 chance.  Luck and some strong medical care were on her side.  She is doing much better, clucking and carrying on (might be the pain meds)  but are happy she is acting like a normal chicken.  The attack totally made me ill as I was the one who caught it in the act.  We have a very secure pen and coop but was letting them free-range for a few hours each day.  Now I wait until late in the afternoon and have been outside with them each day, and have a bb gun on me at all times.  I know this isn't always feasible and am looking for ways to make our place unattractive.  We have a rooster, he is a Buff Cochin and not very aggressive.  He does keep an eye out and crows like crazy when the hawks come around, the hens (all 21)  just ignore him!  My husband read the crows will run off hawks....anyone familiar with this?

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