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My chick that was having the poop problem has been fine since I did the suction on her. That was 2 weeks ago. She was the only one that had a little pasty butt to begin with. I tried yogurt, the chick electrolytes, olive oil, warm butt bath, none of it helped her poop. She just kept struggling. I research chick enema and found out how to do it. It was really my last resort . I knew if she didn't poop soon she'd die. If nothing else is working I would give it a try.
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It didn't have anything external blocking poop so maybe an enima will help. Poor thing is so bloated
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That was the same problem my prissy had. It was really hard finding information because I KNEW it wasn't pasty butt. She had that on day 5. I knew it was internal this time around. I hope it works for you and your chick gets better.
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Thank you. I hope so too.
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Glad I found this post. Very helpful and I know what I am doing tomorrow 😦 I just hope it helps
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