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We are making progress, I only had to put one girl to bed last nite lol
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I finally got our coop for my four girls about 9 weeks old now. The run to it is not done however. Can they stay inside the coop for a couple days? I had to carry them inside the coop last night.
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Until you have a secure run for the chicks, it's best to keep them inside. That serves to keep them safe from predators while imprinting on them that the coop is home, making it more likely they'll return to it at night once you begin letting them outside.

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Okay thank you. I love in Gilroy and it finally looks like it may be cooler today 😊 so just leaving the hatch closed up for a couple days is okay? I was thinking of letting them out while be nearby to give them
Some reprieve but will this confuse them? It may be hard to get them back in too? Should I just let them
be for a day or two inside coop? Fortunately its a nice size coop with plenty of room.
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As long as they aren't too hot in the coop, I'd let them be. It will make it easier to get them to go in at night. But try to finish the run so you don't have to worry about something picking them off. Nine weeks is still small enough for a hawk or owl to carry them off, and yes, it can happen even with you standing right there with them.


I had a friend who was standing with her hens when a bobcat raced in and snatched one right at her feet.

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Oh my!! That's awful. I had a hawk sitting on top of their temporary pen last week, and when I sprayed the garden hose at it, it was like "eh, I'll think about flying away!" 😡 I have a westie that's obsessed with them too. I do t trust her one bit! She's like Sylvester the cat. I love my little hens, they're so sweet. Thank you for the great advise.
Oh so there's so many different opinions with chickens, just like horse owners, lol. I was told to hang watered outside in run and hang food inside coop. Does this work well?
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Just want to say thanks for all your good advice.  I bought my girls a new coop and wasn't sure how to get them to go in without my help.  I put them in one day and when I returned they were all sitting on the ground complaining.  I will take all of the good advice and use it.

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