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Turkeys with swollen sinus

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Hi all.

I have 9 turkeys that are almost 9 weeks old.  This is my second batch of turkeys and have had chickens for over a year.

Ive been a lurker here for quite some time though I haven't posted much.  I have a flock of turkeys that have gotten swollen sinuses.  Ive been reading about giving then Tylan, I picked it up and some syringes.  I did not get needles though.  I was planning to do it orally but now I am reading that I should drain the sinus first.  I am not at all squeamish but I will admit to being nervous about doing this.  I am afraid of hurting the poor birds.


I am looking for advice, step by step instructions for those with experience. Please?!?!


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First off, welcome to BYC....

Sorry you have some sick guys. How are they doing,

since this this thread is a couple

days old?


I think I would try giving them the tylan first

as an injection in the skin on the back side of the lower neck.

Did you get the 50 or the 200?

Not sure about how much to give a 9-10 week old...


This thread is a great source, which is about peas :


Hopefully it could just be some dusty conditions,

& wont require drastic treatments.


Please let us know how they are doing!

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Their face is much better.  Their sinus is almost back to normal. I did pick up Tylan 50 and Penicillin per another thread I was reading. I gave them shots of both at the base of the neck.  It was the most nerve wracking thing I have done since nursing school, let me tell ya..HAHA

Today they are due for another dose. The thread I read was to give .35 cc per pound of Tylan 50 and .1 cc per pound of penicillin every other day.  SO we take my big packaging scale out and weigh each bird to be sure we are giving them the proper dose.


I did notice today though they have very runny green poop.  Im hoping its just because of the sinus infection and maybe antibiotics. 


The weather here is really crazy lately, cold and rainy, then 90 degrees, then cold and rainy again. Today is sunny but cold. Not quite 60 degrees. Typical Michigan weather.

They don't act sick, they are all eating and drinking well. They are still very active.  If anyone has any ideas of what else to do with them Im all eyes :)

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I have one that has a swollen sinus as well.  Been wondering what to do about it.

13 different chicken their different personalities.
13 different chicken their different personalities.
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