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My 4x6 Pallet Coop Build (Completed, PIC HEAVY) - Page 3

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Hi! Awesome coop and I love the linoleum idea - what are you planning on using as bedding over that linoleum? Would sand work?


Thanks! Got the idea for the linoleum right here on BYC. I'm using deep litter method with wood shavings. I've had good rslts with that on my other coops and I change the litter twice a year. I'm sure sand would fine on the linoleum as well, but I think the sand users rake daily. I'll post some more pics soon.
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Nice job! My guess on the roof panels would be that something may have accidentally been sprayed on them.

I think your right on with the coating.
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Okay, so a couple pictures of the Nest box. I only found one pic of when I built it:



and here it is installed. As you can see I've also done some more painting work since I last posted and cut the pop door. The nest box is still not quite finished, still need to attach the tin and put a little more trim around the lid. The legs of the coop have also been stained, got the stain off the "mistake" shelf at Lowe's for 1.97. It really makes all that reclaimed lumber look nice.



While I was working on the inside, one of the girls kept flying up inside with me to see what all the fuss was about. Everytime I put her out, she would fly right back up. So I put some shavings in the washtub and she (her name is Welly) settled right in. She laid an egg in that washtub the next two days in  a row while I was working....silly girl smile.png



One more pic before I got to work. This one shows the ramp to the pop door, I built a little porch at the base of the pop door for it to rest on. Still need to stain this the same color as the legs, and the 'porch' I will paint white:



Things are coming along....

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Finished up painting the inside....One coat primer and two coats oil paint left behind by the previous home owner (free!) that I found in the storage closet of my home. One pic shows the nest box openings cut and framed in, the other shows the perches. I made 4 perches and used 2x4's ripped down on the table saw to 2x3. I have found my girls seem to prefer 2x3 for their roost perch size. Sanded, primed, and painted to protect their feet from catching splinters ( I've also read that sealed and painted wood gives mites a less friendly environment too). I use the deep litter method 4-6 inches pine shavings:








Still have some details left to finish up on but it's time to let the girls start using the new coop. Although they seemed very interested in it while I was working on it, and even laid an egg or two inside, they wanted no part of leaving their customary roosting spots (the flock splits and roosts into two smaller coops). So a couple nights ago I kept their usual coops door closed and rounded them all up one by one and put them inside the new fancy coop. They easily all fit inside the 4x6 coop with room to spare on the roosts. Took this little video of the flock bustin' out after their first night inside:


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A few more fun pics of my helpers:







That's Goldie, checkin things out.....She has really taken to the new coop and is the first one inside every night. After 4 nights in the their new quarters, this evening only one straggler didn't go inside voluntarily....sigh. So far they are only using two out of the four nest boxes, today their was 3 eggs in each. So far the transition of leaving their old coops and nest boxes has been successful and easier than I thought it would be. Chickens are fun!!highfive.gif

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Which site did you get the plan from?
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CL45, I got my plans from My Pet Chicken, it was the Pallet Wood Coop Plans for 6-8 chickens. Cost was 15.00 and you can download them right to your computer. The plans I thought were very well done and thorough, with a lot of pictures and illustrations of the construction process. Lots of pages that are easy for beginners, NOT blueprint style plans. Well worth the $15. send me a pm if you need the link.....not sure if its kosher to post a link from another site.
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Yep, that's the one smile.png
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What size were the pallets/boards that you used
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