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UnusualObject in Nest Box!!

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I am finding an object, like the one pictured, in the nest boxes. Found 3 so far about every few days. Hens appear healthy. They live the good life, pastured on a fenced half acre with an air conditioned coop!
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Looks kindof like a yolk that missed the egg white and the egg shell.  Maybe give her more calcium?

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Don't think it is a yolk as it is solid with some fatty and meaty areas. Chickens are not interested in it, nor does it have an odor.
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That looks like a fat globule that has been expelled.  It could be a sign of an internal layer.  The abdomens of internal layers on autopsy will show many odd shaped "eggs" or material.  Here is a link for pictures  (look at page 1 and 3 for different looking eggs):

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