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Thick egg membrane

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Hi all,
My fresh eggs seem to have a thick membrane and the outer shell chips off into the frying pan when cracking the raw eggs. Is this normal or are they needing additional supplements? They re from Red Star hens that have been laying or about 3 weeks now every day. Large clean brown eggs
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Mine are the same and have been laying about the same time. I just crack them in a bowl with a "sharp" edge first. then dump them in the fry pan. we have 2 rsl's laying now and one of them are dropping LARGE double yolkers almost daily.

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I haven't had any double yolks yet. I may try giving them some oyster shells in their feed to see if it makes a difference.
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Yea she has been dropping double yolkers since almost day 1. It was funny to see a tiny egg that turned out to have two yolks.

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