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1. So do the majority of people think after a week or so of removing your hens from the nexting box and placing them on the roosting bars that they will finally get it? Our RIR, who is also the most dominent hen, always sleeps in the nesting box and she is the one who always has a big glob of chicken poop hanging on her tail so she keeps the nesting boxs dirty, and everyone else's eggs dirty,

2. Another question, I have just put 6 half grown chicks outside in the fenced in chicken yard and chicken house with 4 grown hens. How can I get them to go on inside each night instead of staying under the chicken house where night time preditors might kill them. The grown hens know to go in at night, but the littler ones don't know to follow and we have an electric door that closes at night on the chickren coop at darkĀ