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Update: Betty still droopy. Crop still full but not tight at all (squishy and you can feel food stuffs but not empty like the others). Noticed she is signifigantly skinnier than others. First poop was normal, most recent had a greenish tint but the texture was normal.

She eats her crumbles and the watermelon (its soft and i am concerned about dehydration) i gave with cottage cheese. She is just droopy. She wont run from me (none of them do. Ever) but she doesnt run to me like she usually does.

I gave her a little more oil today to see if it helps her pass the food. No foul smell from her beak. She's being a trooper through my harrassment.

If she is droopy tomorrow, im going to bring her inside for the day.

There are no avian vets or exotic vets that will see chickens within a 2 hour drive. We dont have money to drive so far AND pay a vet bill. So whatever advice you give is up to me.

Help? sad.png
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After reading about how they mow through food like starving dogs it dawned on me that this could be the problem.  They are trying to get as much food as possible in a short amount of time.  This might have caused the crop blockage. 


Amdro and Ortho both make excellent products that kill fire ants.  It comes in granuals.  The ants think it's food,  carry it back to the nest eat ti and feed it to the queen and they all die.  Get rid of the ants and the chickens would be able to have food in front of them at all times.  Your hens crop might not be emptying because it stretched out of shape and the food can't pass correctly.


Boiling water poured on a fire ant nest that has been stirred up seconds before the boiling water is poured on the nest works well also.  It might take 3 tries but well worth the effort.


Amazon sells both products I mentioned.

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We use amdro-and boiling water. They move the nests (yay Texas...if it doesnt sting, it bites!)

That will fix future issues-what do i do about Betty now? Ill rig something to fix it, snts ve ******....but i need a solution to the mistake i already made so i dont lose such a sweet natured bird. sad.png
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I'm really sorry she is not getting better.  She could have a physical abnormality that could be causing the problem and you would have no way of knowing what is going on.


Is there a 'good old fashioned country vet' in your area?  A lot of vets are treating the welfare of  animals as their priority and not lining their pockets.  Someone should want to be able to help.  Any vet at all who would consider doing crop surgery for you?  Would you be able to do it yourself?  You might want to consider putting her down if she isn't better in a few days.  I know it's harsh but it comes along with any animal ownership.  What's best for her.


These are very hard questions but you have to think about them.   I know that most BYC'ers have chickens as pets.


Oil won't help pass the food if the opening from her crop to her gizzard is blocked.  I wish I could help more.

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Our local vets are qualified to give routine vaccinations and neuter. Broken leg=euthanasia.

I've put animals down several times-one woman sold us a chicken and it was dark outside. Following morning i see the poor thing is crawlung with maggots on a huge leg wound. Then a baby chick from the same order as Betty got ill and was hot to the touch and wheezing. It sucks, but like you said-thats farm life.

I do have a sterile surgical kit-my only problem is that i have no way to anesthetize her and my wound sewing leaves a lot to be desired. I really want that to be the last resort if i feel like euthanasia is my only other option.

She refuses food if i seperate her from the rest, so i am feeding soft food a few times a day-probably going to syringe feed her this evening.

I also noticed her poop is developing a green tint-and i know there are no green or heavily colored foods available.

I know her crop is at least partially emptying because she is pooping normally except the color. Its maddening because i can FEEL the solids that arent passing. If there was chicken ipicac id give her some (mom says it will make a doorknob vomit). I almost think its carrot. I had chopped some carrot scraps to throw in the compost (raccoons wont bother them if i chop them really fine first). I think my hubby may have tossed some in the pen and she got pieces a bit too large.
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I also called a vet an hour away who wpuld perform surgery....for $1400. I cant even afford an EKG to pinpoint the cause of my own cardiac problems, much less exploratory surgery on a pullet from an admittedly inexperienced vet.
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Hi there, I've been caring for a three week old since Sat. eve. that I suspect ate something too large to get down. Her crop was also squishy.  Finally today I believe she is perfectly fine; at least all is looking great at this point.  Anyway, I did a full day of all liquids (my own concoction of olive oil, electrolyte water and Metamucil water), which I shot down her throat with a child 's syringe thing (often included with baby medications).  The next day I offered all the yummy stuff (yogurt, baby food, etc.), but she only would eat crumble soaked in either apple flavored Pedialyte or probiotic water.  The vet suggested that she could have blockage further down her system, so he suggested the Metamucil (1/8 tsp added to water).  Not sure if that helps any and I am totally new at this myself, but maybe worth a try? Here's the link to my cries for help.

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Thank you so much! At this point, ill try anything with her!
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I know there is debate as to whether or not the olive oil can do any sort of lubricating, but my husband reminded me that if nothing else, it's a healthy liquid fat.  If at least liquids are getting through, the oil might be a nice fat for energy? Just a totally unprofessional thought. Hope your bird gets better! 
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Thats how i feel about it wink.png if notjing else it will help put weight on her. She is perking up a good deal. I feel like if she gets through the week we will be in the clear. Heres hoping!
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