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I know they get spoiled smile.png I even bought live mealworms the other day for them...I may have to start raising my own. they went insane.

What's the best way to bathe a chicken?
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I used ivomec eprinex pour on. I treated twice a week apart. I have always fed nutrena nature wise. They get some scratch and fruits and veggies. I give them Greek yogurt sometimes. She used to not eat it but now does. She seems to be higher up in the pecking order, I have seen her pick on on other but not really be picked on.

I was thinking of doing a bath, what would be the best way. Would putting her under a heat lamp be enough to keep her warm?

From what some of the experts on BYC say, Ivomec Eprinex is not a very good wormer to use any more since the worms have built up a resistance to it from overuse as a mite killer.  You might try Safe-guard Goat Wormer or Valbazen--both are very good.  I would cut the poopy feathers off and just wash her vent area.  She may have just worms or a fungal infection called vent gleet.  Here is some info:

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Thanks! I know she had worms because they were in her poop, the ivomec seemed to take care of them. The main reason I used it though was a lice outbreak! I will treat her with another wormer, any idea on withdrawal time?
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I think it the infection! She has the white discharge all over her feathers just like in the pic! I will cut all her feathers back there tomorrow and clean the area, then I have to figure out what antifungle to use.
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Would the cream used for human yeast infections work or would that be to strong?
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Yes, mycostatin or monistat cream, as well as sulfur-based creams such as Nustock from the feed store.  Sulfur is an antifungal.  Give her some probiotics or plain yogurt, too. Valbazen and Safe-guard withdrawal time is 14 days, but wormer should be repeated in 10 days, so total withdrawal is 24 days.

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Do you think I should treat her for yeast and worms all at the same time? How much safeguard do I give her and do I just put it in her mouth?
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I would go ahead and do both worming and treatment for fungal infection. Safe-guard liquid goat wormer is usually 1/2 ml for average chickens, and repeat in 10 days. Egg withdrawal is 14 days from last dose. To give, pull down on wattles, squirt a tiny bit in the side of the beak, release wattles to swallow, and repeat (Dawg53's words of wisdom.)
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