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Scratch and Peck Feed

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What do you all think of the Scratch and Peck feed? It's whole grain based, non-GMO, no soy, there's a no-corn option. I know all of the latter is good. I was mostly wondering what you think about the whole-grain-ness of it all, rather than pellets or crumbles.


Here's a link to their website:

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Bump. :-)
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Hi Emerald,


I tried Scratch and Peck late last summer.  The texture of it is not a problem--I served it in smaller quantities in flat-bottomed plastic bowls, rather than a gravity feeder.  My flock would finish almost all of it each day, leaving behind a fairly small amount of powdery feed and sometimes the little "kibble-type" pellets.  If you mix this last bit with some water or liquid they will eagerly finish it.  I also tried serving the whole amount moistened, which they ate eagerly also but is more trouble.  The chickens certainly would go crazy for it every day.


I did seem to notice a drop in egg production, as a few others have mentioned.  But in my case I think they dropped off production before heading into a hard molt, so it is impossible to say of the decrease in egg production was really related to the feed.


There is another thread in this category for Scratch and Peck if you search for it, with more detailed info.  Here is a link for it:

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