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I'm also in "The Falls" and have 4 hens. I am skirting the "law" I know, but I was told, in a conversation with my councilman that "If your neighbors don't complain then you shouldn't have a problem.  There was a vote on backyard chickens in March of this year that ended in a tie because one council member didn't show up!  Cities all around us, (Hudson, Stow, Talmadge - even Cleveland suburbs) allow a limited number of chickens. I think most people have the misconception that chickens are noisy and dirty.  My 4 hens are no noisier than the neighbors dogs that bark incessantly and no dirtier than the people who don't regularly pick up the dog poo in their yard often enough. I spoke to my neighbors on both sides and have woods directly behind me so I won't likely have an issue(offered them eggs and compost). 


I would say that if you want to chance it, talk to your neighbors to gauge their reaction, offer them any extra eggs you have, DONT get a rooster and keep your flock to no more than 4 and you may not have any issues. I would also say to build your coop/run in such a way that it is not visible from the street, at least 100 feet from each of your neighbors and make sure it is not an "eyesore" - and of course, keep the coop/run clean so there are no smells.


Good luck.