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My hens' pickiness is your gain.


When I bought my hens, I fed them the expensive stuff...Purina.  Then I decided they weren't worth it, so I switched them to The Cheap Stuff.  Well, being as it's around their first birthday, I decided to splurge and mix it up for them, so I bought two bags of feed -- Purina and Nutrina.  


Well, guess what?  They won't eat it!!!  Ingrates!


So I have two just-opened 50 lb bags of feed -- 1 of Purina Premium Layena Pellets, and 1 of Nutrina Country Feeds Layer feed.


I'm into them $30+tax but would be happy to sell them to another BYC-Arvada chicken fan for $15.  Both bags are open, so you need a way of transporting them standing up!


Let me know if you're interested.