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Need advice

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I am hoping someone here will know something about what is going on with my Rhode Island Red.  She is approximately one year old.  She has been in excellent health until about a few days ago.  The chickens are all free range although they are locked in at night.  She came out of the coop when I let them all out but only walked a few steps and then was hunched over and acted like she didn't want to move.  Her bottom was all white and pasty and had what looked like hard pieces of cartilage sticking out.  She is constantly flexing and contracting her vent.  I soaked her bottom half for 20 minutes in warm water and cleaned her up.  Everything looked fine.  No eggs stuck.  Nice pink skin in the vent area, nothing red or inflamed.  So, I put her back down.  She just went into her coop and sat on her perch.  When I went and checked on her a few hours later, underneath the perch there were a couple of egg yolks and what looked like the egg lining.  


She really hasn't changed her condition - just stays in the coop on her perch.  I have no idea if she is eating or drinking.  I gave her a second bath 24 hours later.  Still everything looking good other than she is obviously not doing well.


Everyone else is doing well.  No sickness in the flock.  We do have a male duck who will try to mate with the chickens (I try to keep no peck on the chickens, which keeps him from doing that but I am wondering if maybe he injured her and that is what is going on?).


If anyone has any insight, it would really be appreciated!  


Thank you!

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sounds like an egg might have broke inside her, mucking things up, not much you can do, you might try adding Pedialyte to her water.  To be careful you should remover her from the flock , a large dog cage will do, this way you can protect your flock and give her special attention without the flock interfering.  

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How is she now?
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Thank you pipermark.  I hadn't thought of Pedialyte.  I will go grab some.  


EggresiveAli, she is the same.  Really has had no change since I first noticed that she wasn't her self.  

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Strange... Is she eating and drinking?
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I just realized I never responded to this.  It turns out, the duck had broken an egg inside her plus did some pretty bad internal damage and she did end up dying.  I soaked her daily, I gave her Pedialyte.  I tried everything but he really did a number on her.  We ended up getting rid of him because he thought it was okay to mount the chickens.  Thank you everyone for your advice!  

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