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I have one hen who can fly out of the 6 foot fenced section of the yard. She doesn't do it often, just when she thinks I've taken too long to let the girls out into the WHOLE yard (they share with my three dogs, two of whom are bird dogs, so not everyone gets the whole yard at once). Somehow, Marshmallow has managed to avoid being eaten by my dogs, despite being outside of the fence when they have gone outside, but last night I thought she was a goner. I finally found her at 2AM roosting on the YARD's back fence, which we share with our neighbors who also have hunting dogs. She is a white leghorn and sticks out like a sore thumb, how she didn't get snatched by a dog or one of the owls I hear all the time is a mystery and very lucky. I think clipping her wings is the safest thing for her, but I could use some guidance on how to do it. All my other girls are too heavy to fly that high, thank goodness!