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  I started with 1 mg and worked my way up to a full 3mg pill.  It helped to take the edge off, however in the end I had to rehome my Pekin drake.  He was just too much for the girls and other drakes.  He is now in an all drake flock on a huge pond and is happy as a clam.  Once their were no more girls around he quite being so crazed.



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Could you tell me more about this?

I have a 7 month old pekin who is easily twice the size of my year old khaki campbell drake... My poor little khaki boy has been being assaulted and so now I have them separated... but it seems to be getting worse each time I've tried to reintroduce them..  


This is new behavior - my khaki boy (Vernon) enjoyed a good run as the alpha duck up until the last week or so.  What's strange is that the Pekin (Donald) seems to have little to no interest in mating with any of the seven females ducks I have... he's just mounting and biting Vernon, and has even been chasing my rooster. :(  Donald may be big... but I'm pretty sure if my roo decides to fight back Donald is not going to stand a chance.

I have 3mg tabs of melatonin I use for when I have to work night shifts... how much did your vet tell you to give to a duck?  Thanks for any advice!!