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BYC Project Manager

Over the years BYC has become the #1 destination for everything related to raising chickens.   The reason:  our wonderful community of chicken enthusiasts!!





We have a ton of super smart and helpful members of our community that have and do work hard to make BYC what it is today.   For this reason we've created the BYC Project Manager program and award.   Members of our community who have this award help manage aspects of our site.


Here are examples of past and current projects...


Chick Sexing Project

BYC Coloring Book Contest

Current Coloring Book Contest

Mahonri's 3rd Annual BYC Easter Hatchalong

Chicken L.O.R.E.

Printable sheet on The Importance of Chickens



If you have an idea for a BYC Project or want to volunteer to be a BYC Project Manager, please send a PM with your ideas and/or credentials to Rob (Nifty-Chicken)

Comments (4)

What would you consider a credential for this? I would so be interested helping BYC out(With or without being decorated with a badge despite it's coolness)!
I might be interested in helping, I'm new though so I don't know too much about the site...
i wood b interested too :)) im excited 2 try, well most new things. But im still kinda new
BackYard Chickens › Learning Center Articles › BYC Project Manager