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Chicken Injuries & Diseases - How To Diagnose & Treat Your Chickens

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We have the 3 marans which we got at auction. Finally have started to lay a few eggs. One has what we refer to as a "bald butt" but appears to still lay. What causes complete loss of feathers under the tail feathers?? Is it a problem for her...her 2 sisters do not have this. Thanks for input.
I have 2 Rhode Is.Reds with bald butts, They seem healthy! I dust them,and they are still laying..I don't get it either!
The loss of feathers on the back end indicates very acid droppings. Give them soft food like milk and bread, soured milk is best when it thickens as the lactobacilli in the milk redress the balance of the feed. Do this for a week, giving them sof food first and then grain or whatever you feed in small quantities. You will soon see new feathers appearing on the back end.
Our red star hen has one of the red thing on the side of her head looks like a growth. the other side looks fine. I'm not sure what you call the red things on each side. We are new at this. This hen is our pet.
I have a RI white. Her feathers on the tip of her wing (shoulder like area) is featherless, but the rest of her is fine. Any ideas what the problem might be? I have another hen and rooster that are fine.
Our Bard Rock has a VERY red bottom and loss of feathers, still laying, still eating well, eats lots of garden greens (lettuce, weeds ), she dosen't seem to be too bothered by it .. but it looks terrible and raw, neem oil has aleviated it for a few days, but it returns
“My 1.5 year old laying chicken stopped laying for two months now and some off and on diarrhea. She seems happy and healthy otherwise. Any ideas?
I have a white A&M Coturnix Quail and it has, sadly :*( . Has Coccidiosis. HELP ME!
Someone needs to add Scaly mite here....
Well I am new to this also, don't have any problems so far, but hope these questions are given answers so I too will know what to do if it does. Waiting for the "experts here"!
Help my hen Ava has recently fallen ill! Her butt is bleeding and seems to have trouble pooping! If you have any idea what this might be plz message me and i'll fill you in on the details!
i have enjoyed raising chickens for many years. i do take a very utilitarian attitude with them though. If they get sick i attempt to help them get well, but they are food so i do not put meds into them that will go through to my family. What i am attempting is a better strain of disease resistant bird by using drug free birds that lived as brood birds.
She is better now! Although it's near winter and she's molting... i'm sure it will work out.
I have a hen who is about 2 maybe even 3 and has the sort of one leg forward one leg back symptom and curls her toes. I found a post that suggested that it was a vitamin B deficiency and I just wanted to post here to see if it is possible to definitely rule out Mareks as she is so old. There is a load of posts on Mareks I know but although I looked for about an hour I couldn't find my exact information... Said I'd post here instead of creating another thread just if I had missed it if you understand me. Thanks!
Really handy page here by the way! Thank you.
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