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Homemade Chicken Egg Incubator Designs & Pictures

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I love looking at everyone's homemade incubators, but it might be helpful if they included their hatch rate, what they like about their incubator, how many eggs it would hold, what they don't like, what they would change, and maybe the cost - similar to our chicken coop pages.
i would like to see a very detailed wiring diagram. great ideas
I love looking at everyone's homemade incubators
Fantastic ideas! And yes it would be helpful to know the hatch rate also.
I purchased my incubator, it has a large clear plastic top, which allows you to watch the chicks hatch. I have had a high success rate with the hatchery, about 95%.
Love all these designs and now I'm motivated to try and build my own incubator. I do have a question though; why is a PC fan used instead of any other small fan?
You use a pc fan because the idea of an incubator fan is not to bring in cold ir from outside the box, but to circulate the warm air inside the box. A pc fan is about right. i have tried to use a welding machine fan and nearly blew myself away as it is FAR too powerful and my chicks would be clutching the sides of the incubator for dear life! You use a pc fan and a good way to see if the air circulation is correct inside your box is to place the fan where you think it is most central, top or back panel, then place small bits of tissue paper around the box, use a little saliva to stick the bits all around the box, top, sides, bottom. Close the box and switch on the fan. You should be able to see the bits of tissue fluttering where the circulation is correct. You should aim for a circular motion to rech top and bottom of your box. if this is not the case, move the fan. M
Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense; a hurrican in a box isn't a good idea. lol
Why hasn't anyone said anything about hatch rates??
Could someone pls write here the basic principles of incubators: would you say?
A "Closet"
Heated air (to a certain permanent temperature)
A fan to keep the air moving through the closet - in and out.
A shelf that lets the warn air to circulate around the eggs at all times.
A place for the chicks to "fall" out on after being hatched.
Anything else?
I have been looking everywhere for a homemade incubator. I flat refuse to pay the prices the "bargin" stores want for one. I am so glade I found this site. There are so many wonderful ideas comming from here. Great work folks!
do you use a store bought turner or any ideas for a homemade one?
i am starting work on A microbator i am use a diasembled microwave NOTE THE MICROWWAVE IS DISA SELMBALED i will up date if you want to kn ow more mesage me
Would a jar with water in it and a flashlight on top work as an incubator?
I have made my own incubator and turner..I did a lot of research on these pages but didn't like how most of them required rewiring something of some sort. So I made some changes to what I saw and made an incubator which requires NO REWIRING! I set 8 eggs and 6 hatched...It can hold 24 eggs in total however can be made to hold as many eggs as you like. You can see how I made it here
It's not the prettiest looking incubator BUT it does work!
how do you set incubators temperature for hatching chicks and quail
What type of incubator do you have Aghan?
I would really like ideas on home made incubators I want to make one that is VERY cost effective using things around the house or easy to get cheap but I dont know ANYTHING about incubating besides the eggs need turned every hour please help me get started in hatching eggs :D
What are the basic concepts of an incubator? I want to make one but have NO IDEA how or where to start
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