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Pictures Of Chicken Nesting Boxes - How To Build A Nest Box





Chicken nesting boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The basic idea is to have a dry, clean and relatively dark area where your hens can lay their eggs. Here are some of the basics for a good nesting box:


  • One nesting box for every 2-4 hens.
  • Size: Nest boxes should be big enough for your hen to stand in comfortably. Usually 12 x 12 x 12 inches is adequate, but building bigger is usually a good idea.
  • Nesting material: Many people use either wood shavings (pine usually) or straw. We personally suggest dry wood shavings over straw.
  • Often a roost bar or step is added in front of the box to give the hen a place to jump to before entering the nest box. Also a "lip" is added to the front of the nesting box to keep the bedding material and/or eggs from being pushed out.
  • Sloped top: You don't want your chickens to roost (sleep) on top of their nesting boxes (that would be a big mess). We suggest angling the top of the nest box to disuade hens from being able to roost on or above the nest boxes.
  • Most people like to raise their nest boxes up off the ground. Just make sure they aren't too high that the hens have a hard time accessing them and that they arne't higher than the roosts or you'll have hens sleeping inside the nest boxes.


Here is an example of "insidel" and "ouside" chicken nesting boxes (submitted by our chicken forum community).


chicken-nest-boxes.jpg chicken-nesting-boxes-outside.jpg



Comments (49)

I have 5 girls and 2 nesting boxes. My girls rotate sleeping in their nesting boxes AND on top! It is a huge mess! How can I stop them from sleeping in and on their boxes???
the top of the box needs to have a slope so they can't sit up there Mjbhenson
I had to build a low box on the floor because my Cochin can't get her fat behind in the nesting boxes! I even placed her in there one day and she couldn't even figure out how to turn around.
@mjbhenson...try putting up wire in front of the boxes at night for a few weeks, they will learn. My girls did this before they started laying, so I blocked off the boxes and they starting using the poles. When I took the wire away, they still used only the poles. Hope this works for you.
im using wodden nail boxes, is this ok?
just make sure you remove the nails 1st : )
I plan on building boxes along the wall of my coop. Approximately how high should i put them and still enable my hens to jump up to nest?
Mason - 18" - 24" for standards bantams can be a bit higher because the lighter birds tend to fly up better but never higher than their roosts if you can help it
I have primarily reds so i think they are a bit bigger and heavier but i think 24 to 36 might not be to bad. Thank you for the input.
I have mine 4 feet off the ground and all my chicens get in them just fine.... xD
what is the best method to get the hens to climb into the nesting box? Should I cut a short segment of ladder and place it at an angle in front to encourage them to climb into the boxes? I converted an Amish playhouse and have 6 hens. They are 4 months old, and I'm looking for help about acessing nesting box. Thanks
I have recycled plastic kitty litter square pails. The bantams like them and I can easliy clean them. I use pine wood chips on the floor of my coop and put some of the wood chips in the nest boxes. I use the smaller size for the bantams.
Thanks for the nesting box information! I wasn't sure how big or how many we would need so this was very helpful!
This is a great resource. I am getting 16 Gold Stars (red sex links?) and I'm planning on copying the pic at the top (6 nests, 2 stacks of 3) Can someone with chooks confrim if the first nest 18" off floor is Ok....I want to build them today!!!
how do i build nest box for my 2 hens
I am getting 20 chicks is a 6x8 going to be big enough for them?
I'm getting 12 Red sussex chicks. Anyone know how old they will be when they lay their first egg. Raised some hens years ago but can't remember .
Yukonchick - I would say between five and six months sometimes longer depending on the breed. I don't have Red sussex but I have Speckled Sussex and they started laying at about 5 months.
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