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An Experiment in Chick Sexing Methods

. An Experiment in Chick Sexing Methods We’ve all heard them, those random methods for sexing chicks that sound too far-fetched to be true, the ones that any logical person would chuckle about and brush off. But so many swear by these methods that one has to wonder, could they possibly work? After all, why would they have such a following if they did not work? This year, I have hatched five chicks from my own flock, and I’m expecting 19 more straight run (unsexed) chicks later on in the spring. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to try out some of these... read more

Poultry Ownership and Dealing with Loss (From a Tenderhearted Farmer)

There really could not have been a worse scenario for the first death we experienced in our backyard flock. Prior to owning chickens, I had read and understood the risks – the fact that just about everything eats chicken, that predators fall from the sky, come creeping out from behind every bush, and wag their gleeful tails while moments later wreaking carnage on beloved hens. I also knew, at some point, even I would be eating the birds I raised by hand. I’m an educator – I taught the food chain. It was a beautiful spring day and a beloved friend and chicken lover... read more

Lessons I’ve Learned After Five Years of Chicken Raising

Things I’ve Learned After Five Years of Chicken Raising   I began my personal chicken raising adventures in the spring of 2012, even though chickens have always been apart of my life thanks to my grandparents’ farm. The whole idea of raising my own chickens hatched quite quickly and randomly in January 2012. And yet, things worked themselves out and by March I had five chicks of my own. These past five years of keeping chickens have been hard and rewarding. I have learned countless lessons and wish to share several of them with you today. Maybe you can relate and... read more

Oakstars Revenge-/-A Warriors Cats RP! Member Page

DawnClan Leader Name:Ivystar Age:30 moons Gender:Shecat Personality:Stern, quiet, kind Clan:Dawn Rank:Leader Description:white Shecat Sisters:? Brothers:? Mother:Dead, Ashstrike Father:Antpelt Other Famliy Members: History:Hiddden Username:Cluckcluck1215(Me!) Other: Deputy Name:Sunsplash Age:unknown Gender:shecat Personality: Clan:Dawn Rank:deputy Description:golden Shecat Sisters:? Brothers:? Mother:Windwing Father:Brownpelt Other Famliy... read more

Blue Kings - Blue Laying Fully Crested Hybrid

    Who here LOVES Polish Crested Chickens? I mean, who doesn't, right? I know I do. But wouldn't it be awesome if you had some that laid blue eggs?   "Why not just get a few easter eggers along with your Polish if you want blue eggs?" one might ask. Not everyone has the space (like I do) for a dozen or more chickens. And not all easter eggers will lay blue eggs. Some lay shades of brown, green or even white eggs.   Just look at this trio of eggs. Take the blue away and all you have are two brown eggs. Don't get me wrong, brown eggs are great. But I can dash... read more

Your Backyard Egg Sales (Marketing and Branding)

A quick disclaimer: Please research your county/city ordinances and all applicable tax codes before creating your own backyard sales plan. Every year, they pop up like little beacons of an early spring - you've seen them, in fact, you may even own one: a fold-out sign advertising that your hens are back in business! "Eggs for Sale!" "Farm Fresh Eggs Sold Here!" Or, as one of our neighbors down the street puts it "Range Eggs $4.50" - I have a sneaking suspicion she doesn't call them "Free Range" because people thought the eggs were actually "free!" However you choose... read more

《Human After All》

Join the fun at the link below! Humans 《Clone Manipulation Investigation》 Name: Thomas Shyr Mythe  Age: 31 Gender: Male Species: Human Type of Human; C.M.I./Contender (Optional.): C.M.I Personality: Thomas Mythe has a brilliant mind, which has brought him great success in his life, but it is most often the most intelligent people who suffer the insanity. Thomas has been known for curing many sicknesses, but that didn't happen without bloodshed. He has experimented on many people... read more

A Screech in Battle RP Member Page

So I'll be adding cats whenever you make one!  If I miss anyone just tell me.       @chicken4prez:   Name: Turtlewing Age: 26 moons Gender: She-cat Personality: Bold, fearless, kind, strong Clan: MooreClan ​Description: Tortoiseshell with green eyes History: Normal history Mate: Cloudbreeze Kits: None Other: None Username: @chicken4prez   Name: Cloudbreeze Age: 28 moons Gender: Tom Personality: Bold, strong, sometimes snappy, calm Clan: MooreClan ​Description: Orange with white patches and amber eyes History: Normal history  Mate:... read more

The hard way of learning when to help-My story~Everything you need to know -IN PROGRESS

A lot of the time you will have mishaps with your incubator. I mean, after all, its not natural. Your incubating on a hard surface, where you will most likely experience early deaths, temperature drops, and most of all the humidity rising and falling. You may or may not experience explosions of rotten eggs...leaking and bad smells, if not attended to as soon as possible, this can affect your remaining eggs. This is so much different do a broody hen..she can do it and get close to 100% hatch rates..Now, it does pay of to get a good reliable incubator, but even then you... read more

Wry neck in chickens and chicks-Everything you need to know on treating wry neck

Yes, treating Wry Neck.Right now you are Proboly thinking:"Whats Wry Neck?" Well, Wry Neck is like a injury, most Likely on pullets and chicks.Its when there neck in twisted and it looks like there looking towards the moon.Also called, Twisted Neck, and Stargazing. Picture copyright goes to Raising Happy Chickens What Causes Wry Neck? You'll find that people fall into three camps about this : one group consider that it's a straightforward vitamin deficiency, the second that it's genetic and the third that it's a condition affecting Silkie and Polish (UK Poland)... read more

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