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°The Flight of the Burritos° A RP of Dorito's Vengeance MEMBER PAGE!

MEMBERS OF THIS INSANE AWESOMENESS: PeepersMama, Vachick15, Cluckcluck1215, silkieRaiser, LittleBrownie, bean306, Frost bite88, TheKindaFarmGal, and insanest person of all due to the fact she actually dreamed up this insanity, HeavensHens88. Diabolical Dorito Dude: Diabolical Dorito Dude's Demonic Henchmen: Name: Scientist Albert Age: 43 Gender: Male Species/Rank: Creepy Scientist/Lead Scientist at IONS (Institute Of Narqouis Scientists, and yes, I meant for it to spell Ions, XD) History: He burned his tongue on a piping hot burrito when he was a kid and now seeks... read more

aart's Chick Corral

  • by aart

Have a hard time catching your chicks to put them in the coop at night? There's that awkward time when they are old enough to live in coop and run but haven't figured out how to go back into the coop at night. So every night is chick wrangling time...can drive ya nuts!   I'm too old and creaky to chase I have to outsmart them. Thus the 'Chick Corral' was created.   2 pieces of 14ga 1x2x24" mesh, one hinged as a 'door', placed in corner of run. Open the door a bit, 'herd' the chicks along the run wall into the corral, close the door and pick up the... read more

Promised Land Farm

So, this will be my page introducing you to all my family's animals! Note that we never really decided on a farm name, but for me "Promised Land Farm" stuck, so that's what we will call our little place for now. A little background, I never planned to have chickens, ducks, and sheep. All I wanted to have were horses. That didn't quite go as planned though. Before anymore, my first animal was an outdoor cat (Snowball) we got when I was six. He only lived to be six years old when he died. During his life, we bought two West Highland White Terriers who live in the... read more

A Forever Memory

In June 2015 we ordered 10 chicks from our local feed store. When we opened the little box of peepers we saw a wonderful surprise; instead of 10 chicks we got 11! Usually chicks die because of diseases and such so that's why we got an extra but thankfully we had no deaths.    In the box we had:   3 Rhode Island Reds 4 Black Sex Links 4 White Sussexs    What a joy these chicks were!!! Their little peeps were such a glorious sound and me and my siblings couldn't stop playing with them. My mom practically had to drag us away from the little chicks.    Names are... read more

Out Doors Nature Club Members

Hi there! This is a page of all my members at my club, Out Doors Nature Club! If you would like to see more about this fun club, click the link below!  Members!!!:      Username: HeavensHens88 (AKA Ash or ) Your animals: Oh, Great Sirius, here we go: 1 dog. 2 cats. 1 Bearded Dragon. 1 Eclectus parrot. 2 Bengalese finches. 8 bantam hens. 8 standard hens. 6 bantam roosters. 3 standard roosters. 1 guinea cock. 2 Jersey Wooly rabbits. 20 peafowl. (Assorted varieties) 15 Sebastopol geese. 1 Khaki Campbell... read more

foldable wire dog crates - a good tool for every chickeneer

  • by aart

I have several of these a medium, fold-able wire dog crates approx 24"L x 18"W x 21"H. Got them cheap(~$15-20) at flea markets and they are a great tool for many situations.   Add 1x2 wire to the bottom and put tray underneath crate to observe poops and keep feet cleaner. Also easy to swap out trays for cleaning without handling bird. If 1x2 wire is carefully installed, tray can still be used inside crate if needed. Tray can also be used on top of crate for some weather protection if outside.     An ill bird isolated for observation.   Rigged feeder and... read more

Between Life And Death RP Member Page

Come Join the fun here!: Name: Pryrus Gender:Male Age:20 Species:Reaper History:On his 20th birthday a Reaper stole his soul, the Reaper was his dad, but the Reaper returned his soul with the stain of death. Personality:Evil, ruthless, he will kill anyone and anything and it doesn't faze him, everytime he kills he wants to do it again quicker. Appearance:Black eyes, tall slender figure, he is around 6'5" tall, pale skin, black hair, and sunken cheeks Weapon(s): he always keeps a foldable knife in his... read more

One Myth and One Lie About—Egg's

Ah yes.Creamy, yummy and delisious. You all know what I'm talkin' about don't you?You know, they wonderful warm little surprises that you find in the nest box every afternoon? They are called Egg's. Now it's a old time saying:"Never feed Chicken's raw egg's.Otherwise they will start eating there own." NOT TRUE: Out of every cracked, dropped, poopy or smooshed egg I have found, I give it to my girls.From my first six, my second six and my third six.I always have and always will.Raw. And NEVER have a found a eaten egg in the nest. Here's what I say: "Just... read more

SERAMA INCUBATION TIPS ~ Not hard to hatch after a few tips!

    Our Serama House of Littles Click HERE     SERAMA INCUBATION TIPS   I start my serama at 50-55 humidity CALIBRATED, I run a hot bator at 100.5 CALIBRATED, I run at that for all my eggs....... on day 7 candle, day 10, 12 14 16... "I dont candle all after day 7 just a few to keep track of air cell growth. " I adjust humidity throughout via looking at air cells. I lock down day 17 or when draw down had begun & raise HUMIDITY 72%-75 CALIBRATED HYGRO! LOWER TEMPS ON DAY 18 = Temp Min 98.0 Max 98.5    KEEP in mind with serama, they are small, so in the last... read more

Soo EggCited the ladies will be here next month!!

  read more

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