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The beginnings of our little homestead!

I've always loved animals (maybe a little too much). Ever since I was little I have wanted a ton of critters roaming around but growing up I didn't live on a farm or have the money to expand into the animal world too much. Finally and thankfully, my husband and I moved to Illinois to be closer to his family and we are renting a small little old farm house with a bit of land and a barn. The tenants who lived here before us apparently had mini-horses and a flock of chickens. I was so excited when my husband agreed to let us have chickens. I couldn't expand my tiny farm... read more

>~*A Howl At Midnight>*~ A FORGOTTEN DOGS ROLEPLAY Member Page!

FOR THE COVENIENCE OF MEMBERS OF ~A HOWL AT MIDNIGHT~* (STILL ACCEPTING NEW DOGS CURRENTLY) - River Pack: ALPHA: Name: Midnight Pack: River Pack Gender: Female Age (in moons): 69 Rank: Alpha Packtors: N/A Personality: Fierce, doesn't tolerate weakness, ruthless, but not nearly as much so as her brother, Dark Storm, respected, highly intelligent, and cold. Does have a more kind/compassionate side. Deeply respected and adored by her own pack. History: Born a rogue wolf. Both pups... read more

BBchicks the blog

Hi all, my name is Bobi Sue or just Bobi for short l own a small business in Sandpoint ID called BBchicks. BBchicks is the way l spend most of my free time l now have about 160 chickens and 200 eggs in the incubator. I breed polish, road island reds, amaricana,EE, barred rocks, a verity of Cochins and of course barn yard mutts but those aren't egg-actly on purpose. I will be posting up dates and pictures please comment below I love reading them. Today l got the first eggs out of my new amaricana breeders Barn yard mutt Toeies a favorole Here are some of the... read more

~«Survival By War»~ (Warrior cat rp) *Members Page*

Waterfallclan Leader: Name: Willowstar Gender: Female Age: 24 moons Personality: Intelligent and thinks logically. She's kind and very loyal but expects respect. She can be strict but she just wants what's best for her clan. Description: Look at profile picture for a good picture. Silver with one white ear and one icy blue eye, she's missing half her face. She covers her face with a leaf except for special occasions like ceremonies or gatherings, then she covers her face with beautiful flowers. History: She was born a rogue and her and her family was attacked by a... read more

Just for fun ! The crazy things My birds do !

  ​This is "Kevin" he wants to know what is going on around here today and intends on getting to the bottom of things in the next 5 min or less.               AND JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING WITH MY FEATHERS                   ​IM KEEPING THIS ONE AND !!!!!!!!!!!!                 All of these ok !           Now that we have that settled.         read more

Tevye's Illustrated Guide to Hygiene

This is a repost from a thread, but I think it probably works better as an article.   Tevye, as the official Spokesduck of the flock, will now give a lesson in basic hygiene:   The first step is to decide to clean up.  Choose a time when there are no scary rivals in your pool...     Next you puff up your feathers.  This will release the dirt and grime trapped there as well as let more water in to deep clean your plumage...     Then you beat the tar out of your feathers...     I mean it!  Don't be afraid to go crazy!  Dirt, insects, leftover food... read more

Development of a Chicken Embryo Day by Day

This is a day by day explanation of what is happening each day as a chicken embryo develops, complete with candling pictures. The egg I am using is a silver spangled spitzhauben. Definitions you may need: Vitteline membrane: The membrane that surrounds the yolk and separates it from the white Allantois: The allantois is the chick's connection to the chorion. It helps the embryo exchange gases and deal with liquid waste Chorio-allantoic membrane: The chorion and allantois fuse to become this. It is critical in exchanging gases between the embryo and the outside air,... read more

~Flocks of the Forest~ A chicken RP member page

  Come join the fun here:)~_*Flocks Of the Forest*_~( a chicken role play. (Just join dudes)  Members  Lead Rooster: Name: Stormage: 2breed Ayam Cemani mixgender malerank : lead roosterpersonality: Calm, loyal, bravedescription: Shining black feathers parents: Cloud, Ashflock LeafFlockchicks: Raven, stone, Tweethistory: became leader when he was 1 year old, after his father Ash died.username Fluffers  Lead Hen: limit 1Name:Beatrix(Bea)/Oliva(Liv, Livi)age:4/4breed:Barred Rock/Barred Rockgender:Hen/Henpersonality:Kinda Cold, Stern/X2description/pic:(Oliva has the bent... read more

Topic of the Week Thread Archive

  • by sumiModerator

INCUBATING EGGS AND RAISING CHICKS   Topic of the Week - Broody hens   Topic of the Week - Integrating Chicks into an Adult Flock   Topic/Question of the week - Brooding and supplementing heat for chicks   Topic of the Week - Raising Chicks   FEEDING THE FLOCK   Topic/Question of the week - Feeding table scraps to your flock   Topic of the Week - Feeding Chickens - What to feed and when?   CHICKEN COOP AND RUN MANAGEMENT   Topic of the Week - Kitting out the Coop   Topic of the week - Chicken run management   Topic of the Week - Coop Bedding and... read more

Joy in the Journey (A Little Chicken Ownership Memoir)

"Hey, Kathy, I'm in the feed store - can you hear them in the background? Here, listen..... they just got a shipment of chicks! They're so cute!" "No. No, we are not getting chickens." "We still have the coop - it probably just needs cleaned up and repaired a little." "No! When would we possibly have time for them? Especially when they're little - no one is ever home!" "There are these really fun looking ones that - -" "No. Sorry babe, I just can't do it." There was a time when I rarely saw my house while it was daylight. The rat race of a job that probably... read more

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