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The Truth about Hawks

Hawks are often given bad reputations as ruthless killers. This could not be farther from the truth.             Hawks:   Often mate for life Lay Relatively Small Hatches If they can not catch their meal easily  they will usually move on.           Laws Regarding Hawks:       ​It is illegal to kill any Bird of prey Species because they are protected under the Migratory Bird Act           It is illegal to disturb Hawks. This includes: Throwing Rocks Shooting at them Stealing Eggs Shooting... read more


                                                My wife and I raise chickens as a hobby. We are located in Four Oaks, NC.         If you are interested in our eggs, baby chicks, or baby animals...              Just shoot me an email at:                                             To keep bloodlines pure... All of our breeding stock are kept in separate pens.             **Disclaimer: **Game birds are sold for show purposes only.**                                                                                        ... read more

Paris' swap page

  Paris' Swap Page         Please feel free to add a couple of things together, whatever you feel is fair.     *6+ LF Pure breed RIR eggs     *6+ LF Pure breed Welsummer eggs.             Rooster Clock       300 Piece Chicken puzzle-never opened   Celine Dion Perfume and Lotion never opened     "Believe" Windchime         2 8x10 picture frames, the other one is black       Automatic Envelope opener, batteried included, works great!                 Wicker basket... read more

Hansens Homestead

We are located in Timmonsville, SC.   We got our first chickens at a local auction.  I studied for months, trying to figure out what kind to get.  I had several on my list and the Silver Laced Wyandottes came up for auction first, so thats what I got.  I ended up bringing 4 home that first day.  (September 2011)   My husband built us a beautiful chicken coop big enough for at least 20 birds.  So we are gradually expanding.  I have 4 little fuzzy butts in the brooder that were born a week ago.  Silver Laced Wyandottes again.   February 2012... read more

MiMis_Place Swap page

  Welcome to my swap/side swap page.    I am open to most swaps.  Just ask.    I am open to swaps for certain breeds of hatching eggs.   Will consider eggs other than what I have listed as being interested in.   As things are traded off I will either remove them are mark them as gone.   My home has smokers and pets.  So, items will need to be cleaned by you as they may have smoke or pet odors that I don't smell.    The types of things I'm interested in are....   Hatching eggs from Lavender Orphingtons, Showgirls and Silkies of any color, BB... read more

Rvl Rookie's progress page

I've been working on building my first coop, and so far it's all from materials I already had. Most of it was from previous projects, but I found the galvanized pipe next to a dumpster a couple years ago.   First, I gathered the wood and metal that I had to work with;       Then I started seeing what I could put together with the metal, to make a frame;     I mounted the plywood, that would be the poop board and the base for the nest boxes and roost;     Next, I made the nesting boxes;       I mounted the boxes, and... read more

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How do I filter "Recent Posts" list?   At the top of any forum page, hover your pointer over the link in the brown bar that says "Forum:"   In any forum page at the top right of the thread list you will see a small drop down menu. To see recent posts you can click either "New Posts" or "Activity Feed."   There is an Activity Feed on the main forum homepage as well (the one with the carousel). It is updated with Real Time. read more

How do I bold, link, post IMG code in my posts?

How do I bold, link, post IMG code in my posts?   On the buttons above your reply, left click on B for bold.   Link: Go to the top of your browser, there's the address of the page you're looking at. Left click on the address, then right click and a list comes up, left click on "copy."   IMG: On the top of your reply, left click on the button that looks like a tv (next to the piece of film). Browse takes you to your computer pictures. Sometimes if it's not in your computer pics, I L click the pic, R click brings up a menu, L click on "save as", name it... read more

Egg swap page

Describe 'Egg swap page' here read more

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How do I add/change my avatar?     UPLOADING FROM YOUR COMPUTER:             USING THE IMG URL:         Click submit......   read more

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