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Egg/PP Swap

Swaps Owed To Me 1. gablebabble post 4369 - 6 Orpington Hen's Choice - RECEIVED 3/12/13 2. mystdogs post 4653 - Late Spring - 6 Polish - (tolbunt & tolbunt/GL, frizzles possible) - RECEIVED 5/3/13 3. CPL post 5137 - 6+ Spring mystery chicks 4. madamwlf post 6758 - 6+ Bantam Choc Orps late spring/summer - RECEIVED 9/16/13   Swaps To Others 1. $16 PP post 4371 to madamwlf 2. $16 PP post 4656 to madamwlf 3. $17 PP post 5140 to CPL 4. $17 PP post 6759 to madamwlf read more

~Bible Quiz Game Rules~

Bible 'Who am I?' Quiz Game   by darwinchooks   Members: see ~Bible Quiz Game Members~ article   Rules: Anyone can join!  PM me (darwinchooks) if you want to play, or just jump right into the game! When asking a question, please make sure you check if there are any unanswered questions first. Always quote the question you're answering.  This way we can keep it running smoothly. NO coarse language!  If you want to be rude, do it somewhere else. No disrespect of the Bible whatsoever.  Please don't ask inappropriate questions.  Keep... read more

Delaware pics

March 2013                                                               read more

~Bible Quiz Game Members~

Here are the members of the Bible 'Who am I?' quiz game (listed alphabetically): Babydoo BrahmaRooster Brandonbkelly Bwahk Chicken Tamer Darwinchooks DenverDucky Fluffballs Hehahn Hennotrooster Jak2002003 Kassaundra Mr MKK Farms Nava Ocap OreoPlymouthRock UnderHisWings Wildcat Chix Whovian007 Yodercountrygirl2   Have fun!  If you want to join, PM me, or just jump into the game!  You'll automatically become a member.  Let me know if I have accidentally left you out of this list.   read more

Jail birds

Main flock - Self sufficiency flock. Using this flock to work on a high laying rate and good meat birds. These are the birds we feed the family from. Chickens: Splash Ameraucana and two leghorn roos over 9 cornish cross hens, 2 leghorns, 3 light brahmas, 1 black Ameraucana and 1 black mutt. Turkeys: Royal palm/BBB tom (dominant) and Royal Palm (blue carrier) over one BBW hen (for now). Ducks: Pekins, 3 hens under one drake - new drake, fertility testing needed (3/13/13)   Quail: Coturnix, 3 hens under two roos, browns. Will be adding goldens and more browns... read more

The Prido of the Serangheti A lion RPG characters     Ranks High Rankings: Alpha (1-2) - Usually there are two within a pride, although sometimes there is only one. However there can only be one of each gender holding this position. They are normally the active mating pair. They are dominant over all the rest of the pride and what they say should be considered law within their pride. They take an interest in what goes on in their pride and if they've been away for any length of time look to the Beta to learn of... read more

Tbitt's Flock page

Welsh Harlequins   Male:                             Females:                   Molting                               Cayuga                                                                                                             read more

The Greenhouse Hen House Combo - The Permaculture Holy Grail

  The Greenhouse Hen House Combo - The Permaculture Holy Grail     I am building a new coop, but not your ordinary coop. This is going to be a combination Greenhouse and Henhouse.  The south side of the structure will be designed to collect as much sun as possible and function as the greenhouse. The north side will house the hens. Positioning the whole thing under a deciduous tree will allow maximum light in Fall, Winter and Spring when you are using the greenhouse, while providing shade during the Summer. The chickens will help regulate the night time... read more

Marek's Virus- The Most Frequently asked Questions

Describe 'Marek's Virus- The Most Frequently asked Questions' here     MAREK'S MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS   Q: Isn't Marek's Virus ONLY a problem for Big commercial operations?   No.  While the large commercial chicken operations got Marek's under control, Marek's was increasingly affecting the small flock owners' chickens.   Q: How did this happen?   Commercial chicken raising companies had to change their methods because they were losing so many chickens. They began practicing vaccination, " All In/All Out" with their flocks,  and scrubbed... read more

Coop DeVille Brooder Box

  Brooder Box   Brooder box that was built by my dad. Took one afternoon to build. Made from recycled materials. Based on a simple design. Will add height, width and depth measurements at a later edit.    Photos:   Main box design.     With lid and heat lamp unit attached.      Feeder and water unit added in.      Main set up.     Now in use.    This brooder is used to hold currently 14 chickens. Six australorp's, three RIR and five silkies. Our chickens are just over a week old and have plenty of room to left... read more

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