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California Meetups

CALIFORNIA MEETUPS AND CHICKEN STOCKS You may entry your information here for your groups. Please keep it neat and entry your event according to date. Give as much information as you can,These Chicken Stocks and Meetups are a great way to meet other BYCers and share knowledge and just plain have fun.         PAST EVENTS: Silicon Valley Tour de Coop September 21, 2014  Sewandgrow'sSecond "Almost" AnnualFriends of a Feather Poultry PartyTurlock, CAMay 18, 2014 Come join like-minded poultry lovers and flock together for a day full of feathers,... read more

Poultry Veterinarians/ Livestock Veterinarians Located in California

Poultry Veterinarians/ Livestock Veterinarians Located in California   Leaving this open while under construction. Please give full information   Name Address Phone Number Website (if available) City, County and Region Please post wheather or not they accept Poultry or if they are only available for other livestock       ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Poultry     Can someone give me more location information on these first 2... read more

~ Identifying breeds and sex of your chicks ~

So we all know how fun it is to get that mixed-breed surprise at the hatchery, or how some places just don't know the breed of the chicks your buying, or you just want to know the gender! Well here are some steps how to tell the gender and breed of your chicks. But remember! Some breeds (Such as Old English Game Bantams), are REALLY easy to tell the gender, and others can take MONTHS! (Such as Easter Eggers) Some even like us to think their roosters, only to lay an egg.   ~ Some Stuff you Need to Know ~ So heres some stuff you need to know. First off, please... read more

FeyRaine Swap Page

This page has all my swapping info organized in this order:   I) MY HATCHING EGGS - (I am NOT NPIP ) Pictures of my flock w/ info notes & availability time frames   II) MY NON-EGG ITEMS     A)-BURLAP ITEMS I MAKE -as pictured, w/ unique item #        B)- OTHER Stuff - as pictured, w/ unique item #    III) WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR -  which I would likely do a side swap for   IV) MY SWAP HISTORY - my own list to keep track of what I have swapped -- pls let me know via pm if you see any mistakes or issues on this!      A) PP/Hatching Egg Swap        ... read more

Humane Euthanasia: When, Why, and How

          (Left to Right: My Percy, Sally Sunshine's Melvin, theoldchick's Stan The Man, fishnet1971's MayMay. May they all Rest In Peace...)                     Humane Euthanasia: When, Why, and How   Introduction   As all chicken owners know, there will always be a time when you have to make the ultimate decision to end your chicken's life. Much like any other animal, chickens can and, most likely will, become ill. This is when you have three choices: Try to heal the sick or injured chicken, let it die on it's own, or perform humane... read more


I have collected a few riddles here. See if you can solve them!   I know a word of letters three. Add two, and fewer there will be   What collects cookies where ever it goes?   I have four legs but no tail. Usually I am heard only at night. What am I? read more

Thinking about getting chickens? Consider these things.

       In this article I would like to share some things that you may want to consider before getting into chickens.  Chickens can be lots of fun, entertaining us with their funny antics and different personalities. In addition to this they can provide us with healthy eggs and meat and are one of the easiest of all livestock to raise, also requiring the least amount of space among most livestock.  But like everything in life, there are always things that are less that ideal.                           1:     A big thing to consider is that, more so than dogs and... read more

Current Quilt Block Swap Page

  Due Date: April 15th     Block: disappearing nine patch       Color: violets,light purples,med purples and greens  with a light creamy yellow for the center block   Block Total: 24     Swappers:   Katsdar received ohhappychicks received Majack received Fenrosie received Lacy Blues received Coldupnorth received minniechicks Paulsmuffen received Rustyhen received  Anna6 received quailtrail received Keslek received chickalot received       CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER BLOCK  DUE: OCT. 31ST        BLOCK: MAKERS CHOICE               COLORS:... read more

Preparing Your Flock for Storms & Adverse Weather Conditions

  Preparing Your Flock for Storms & Adverse Weather Conditions       A few disclaimers to start off my article submission.  I live in the suburbs of Southern California.   Our storms and adverse weather conditions are pretty mild compared to the rest of the world.  I also have had very spoiled suburban chickens easily upset by the slightest "storm" or "weather condition".  I cannot claim to know how to batten down the hatches for major storms, hurricanes or tornadoes.  I have dealt with fires, evacuation, and normal storms/weather.           The key thing to... read more

Late winter quilt block

All information has been moved to Current Quilt Block Swap read more

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