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3rd Annual Mahonri Easter Hatch Contests

Mahonri's 3rd Annual BYC Easter Hatch-A-Long Contests   Mahonri's Hatch-A-Long thread is HERE. Open Contests:     Closed/Completed Contests:   1. CayuseRanch's    Total Number of Eggs Set Contest This contest is open to all participants to guess the total number of eggs that will be set by all participants in Mahonri's 3rd Annual BYC Easter Hatch-a-long!  Each participant is to fill out the spreadsheet with their guess as to the total number of eggs that participants will be placing in their incubators for this hatch.  All... read more

Incubation Facts And Info

About two weeks ago I put 6 eggs in my homemade incubator for a science fair experiment. I found it was very hard to regulate the temp. The humidity was very low them first few weeks. I've done some research and found some things to help the regulate things. Humidity- boil water and poor into a wide dish to raise. To lower humidity put normal water in and a small dish in. Temp- Do not let the temp raise over 104. My incubator has been at 104F 4 times. I have also read about a woman who had a temp spike at 134 and she still got one chick! Before you leave the house... read more

How to Keep your Chicks Warm and Happy

What do you do when you get your chicks? Do you just toss them in a box and feed them once a day then leave them alone? That is not the proper care for a chick. They need to be warm and happy, just like you would want to be if you were them. I am going to tell you how to keep them healthy, and well cared for. Before you buy your chicks, you need to know what you would do with them. Are you going to be using them for meat? If so, then get a breed that would suit that category. What about for eggs, to brood and hatch, or even just for show? The last thing you want to do... read more

My Flock O Chickens

Follow my blog. This is actually my second flock. 2011 i just had terrible luck and then one night in late winter something got them all except my barred rock rooster. So this year i decided to start again. January 12 i got my order of 25 surprise straight run and 3 black australorpe pullets, as well as 1 that hatched from my previous flock. It turned out to be a barred cockerel. 7 from the order died within 2 days, so i now have 21. I recycled enough tin, hardware cloth, and lumber from family to build a 4'x5' coop with 3 nest boxes,... read more

some ways to keep your flock

Describe 'some ways to keep your flock' here           Chickens, with their small size and simple requirements for care; make them ideal livestock for almost any environment. Here we are going to look at some options for housing and raising them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           First, we’ll look at some options for... read more


Every time I say to people " You should vaccinate your flock against...a...b...c...," I get the same reply: I Never vaccinate, I believe birds should handle their own immunity. I belong to a show poultry organisation called SASPO in South Africa, the South African Show Poultry Organisation. In short it is an organisation that monitors pure bred poultry in SA, and ensures the continuity of these pure breeds, by strict adherence to standards. We have shows for this purpose. Unfortunately, putting a bird on a show that lasts (here at least) five days, plus the... read more


A common injury that chickens suffer is an injury to their combs. This injury most commonly occurs when a hen or rooster are attacked by an aggressive rooster. If no roosters are present in the flock, the chickens could be injured by poking their head out through the chicken wire around their run. Once they pull their head back through, the comb can become stuck and be damaged by the fencing. If you are a new chicken owner there is no need to panic. Treating the injured chicken is not very difficult.   1. The first thing to do is to remove the injured chicken from... read more


     What does it mean when you hear about a broody hen? Your hen wants to hatch her egg! This is good when the egg is fertilized and you want chicks, but what about when the egg is not fertilized or you do not want chicks? In order to have a fertilized egg, you would need a rooster. Helping your broody hen get back to her normal routine is crucial. Sitting cooped up in a nesting box all day and depriving you of your eggs is not fun for you or your hen.      When a hen is broody, she does not lay any new eggs. She already has the egg that she wants to hatch.  All of... read more

Battle of The Brooders

   I have been looking at forums and noticed lots of people asking questions about what type of brooder is the best. For years we have used old cardboard boxes for brooders but they can be easily soaked and unless cared for super good, are not reusable. Now I have ordered around 20 chicks from I deal and I set up 2 brooders for them. While in a second hand store I found a clean plastic box and I bought it for around $2 dollars.  As you can see I have already added the feeder and water for the chicks. Not all the chicks could fit in here. This type of box would be great... read more

Leg Bands- Leg Banding Your Chickens

  Have your neighbor’s chickens been going in your yard? Have you been wondering how to keep your chickens identifiable? Try leg bands! Leg bands are bracelet-like circlets, which can be attached to your chicken’s leg to keep them identifiable. First, there are several different kinds of leg bands. There are plastic leg bands- these can become faded and fall off more easily then stronger leg bands, but are the general, most widely- used type of leg bands.                                                                               ... read more

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