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MA Mama's Swap Page

Offering For Swap:   Book "A Chicken in Every Yard" by Litt and Litt Book "Keeping Chickens" byHobson and Lewis 3 true rumplesss Araucana chicks pickup only in southeastern MA       Currently looking for:   1 or 2 turkey poults or female adults   or   Antique chicken stuff   or   Egg Skelter   or   Rose Comb Brown Leghorn eggs or chicks     If there is something I want on here that you don't think adds up to what you would swap with me for, I am willing to maybe pay the difference!         read more

Homemade Cabinet incubator

I started out with a fridge incubator, as my "big" incubator. It was really tacky, and even though it worked, it smelled bad, there were styro foam particles every where, and I was getting tired of it.   So, I had just met this man that lives a few blocks away from me, and the first time I met him, he showed me around his place, and even gave me this big ply-wood shipping crate. It was Insulated with 1 1/2 inch polysterine. I had just gathered up enough money, so I went to a few stores, until I got everything I needed.   In the pictures you can see that I... read more

Kids N Chicks Contest Page

  The Chicks 'N Kids contest is for pictures of chickens or chicks with children as part of the Mother's Day Hatch-a-long!  Contestants can also post pictures of chickens with another type of animal, such as a dog, cat, horse, etc. instead. The prize is two children's books: a little children's book, Chick to Hen, and an old copy of the out-of-print Window Into An Egg which is also cool for kids, but more educational. Week 3 Contest   1. Cynthia12's grandchild   2. Another of Cynthia12's grandchildren   3. Rarely Bored's... read more

Incubating And Hatching Muscovy Eggs

  Please note:  I don't always get notified when there is a comment to the articles that I have posted.. so if you have a question and I don't get back to you here... just drop me a PM * ~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~ *     This is my basic guide for the Incubation and Hatching of Muscovy Eggs   All ducklings pictured were hatched out in incubators... none of these eggs spent any time under broody ducks or hens   A few freshly hatched and drying Muscovy ducklings (ignore the temp on the thermometer.. I had it under a desk lamp just before putting it in the brooder and taking... read more

Mohillbillys Swap Page

Here is what I have now.... complete plans and wiring diagrams for a 200 egg incubator/hatcher  or I can make a set for any size incubator you want. They all come complete with easy to follow step by step instructions Your choice of 3 either Red , White or Blue Seedless grape plants can't ship until the spring when they are dormant.   Here is what I am looking for... Fertile hatching Eggs of these Large fowl types... Black Copper Marans Silver Laced Wyandottes Golden Polish Partridge Cochins Silver Penciled Rocks Silver Penciled... read more

Little City Chicken Coop

In the chicken world, things don't always go as planned, or replanned, or planned again.  You see, I had many, many drawings for our first chicken coop before we finally ended up with this one.  I can't even begin to tell you how many hours I put into a chicken coop/run design.     At first, I had this fantastic design for a modified Purina coop.  I loved my design.  The problem was, I was stuck with the reality of actually building the coop.  I wasn't sure how I was going to build it, or move it, or hold the posts and put it together on my own.  My wonderful... read more

Bettacreek's Swap Page

My Offerings:   12+ Coturnix quail eggs (fertility confirmed 3/21/13). All browns, one hen lays a 10g egg, the others lay 14g eggs.   6+ Meat/egg laying eggs. Ameraucana and Leghorn roos over 9 cornish cross, 1 Ameraucana, 1 mixed, 3 light brahma, 2 white leghorns.         I can also add in eggs from an Ameraucana/Silkie mixed hen (blue eggs) under a calico silkie roo.   One set of "Eggies". These are brand new, in box, six per box. These are the things you use to crack an egg open and hard boil it without having to peel. Each set also has a bonus Egg... read more

Raising chicks without medicated feed

 Since I got chickens last autumn I knew I wanted to raise my chicks without Amprolium. I decided I would just have to jump in head first and do it!  So when I had my first hatch, I was obsessed with making sure those chicks had all sorts of natural preventatives every day. I was careful that they weren't exposed to coccidia until they had been on preventatives for a while. I made sure the brooder was as close to germ free as I could possibly get it. All went great! Until I moved them to the coop... They were about 31/2 weeks old. One day I walked out to feed them, and... read more

Our Fluffy Fruit Salad

Welcome to my page! I've been wanting chickens for a couple years now, but had to convince the spouse first. He's been beaten into submission, and here were are with our first birds! Our oldest son (5.5) has been given the task of naming them. Needless to say, they have some interesting names! I am looking forward to hearing the names he comes up with for the rest of our flock! The original plan was to purchase only started pullets, but really, who can resist cute little fluff balls? I certainly can't! We purchased 6 chicks from TSC on April 13th - 4 amberlink... read more

Carols Chicken Chatter

Somehow a list of chicken breeds and posts on a few forums can't describe this journey that my chickens lead me on.  Come back and visit as I develop this "Blog", this story of my family, critters and my chicken obsession We actually started with horses. As a child, I developed a love for animals. My parents had a passion for sailboats and much of our time and energy was spent on the boats and the water. I had a dream of having an aviary full of exotic birds. Once moved onto dry land I began raising finches. After college, I began riding horses and later when I... read more

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