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                                                                 Ok everyone, New Year's Eve will be here before we know it!  Are you ready to have a little fun???       We will be having some Chicken Trivia.... better start doing some studying up on all those chicken breeds!!!   More information on this to be announced on 12/21/12. Stay tuned!!     In the meantime, I still have my Name the puppies contest going!   Still looking for a winner! read more


  Here are the prizes so far for our NYE bash     2- $25.00 Home Depot Cards 1 - $10.00 Starbucks Card       SPRING - (2) -  a dozen hens choice eggs  1- dzn Serama, 1- dzn hens choice OEGB 2- dzn  Hens Choice SQ Silkie eggs     1 - Meal Worm Frenzy Chicken Treat 10 oz 1 - Standard Duty Brooder Light 5 - Packages GroJel   Brinsea Ecoglo Brooder     CJWaldon Winners Choice from her swap page                  CUSTOM MADE Pullover Dog PJ's with... read more

Leslynn's Swap Page

I will be using this page to list items I am willing to swap/trade. I will be adding much more to it as time permits. Feel free to pm me with any questions or offers you may have. If I don't take your offer, please don't be offended. I may just not need those items at this time.   You should be able to click on each pic and get a description of what you are looking at. If not, then you can always go to my albums and look in 'Swap Items'.   Thanks for looking!!   Lesa                     read more

One way to protect your flock from hawks

      Describe 'One way to protect your flock from hawks' here     One way to prevent hawks from eating your birds By Paul A. Barra   Joan was cleaning cobwebs from windows when the action began. Months afterwards she was still grateful she was outside at just that moment and had a broom in her hand.   The sudden outcry from the chicken yard almost unnerved her; it was a screeching noise, loud and terrifying - and persistent. She was off the stool and running for the pen before she had time to interpret it. She had no idea what to expect... read more

The Totem pole of Roosters and Hens - How a Group of each acts differently

Describe 'The Totem pole of Roosters and Hens - How a Group of each acts differently' here             I did a very interesting experiment over the summer. It involved a group of roosters and a group of hens. Over the course of 3 1/2 weeks I watched how the groups made the pecking order. The results might surprise you. For 2 hours a day, I watched the roosters and another 2 hours, I watched the hens. When I put the roosters in the huge run, I watched them for 2 hours. The roosters made the pecking order in that time. Only 2 hours. It was amazing seeing how roosters... read more

~A few tips on some common predators~

there's a lot of sad threads on BYC about, 'something killed my duck, can anyone tell me what it is?' or 'i think a fox attacked my chicken but I'm not sure, HELP!' so i decided to make an article about predators. mind, I'm no expert on these things, but maybe i can help a little. I'll start off with ways to identify what predator attacked you:                          CLUES:                                                                           POSSIBLE PREDATORS: 1 several birds are killed      a: Birds mauled, but not... read more

Turtle's Coop Page

So, I started researching raising chickens in the fall of 2011. After a few years of "bird sitting" the neighbors chickens several times over the past few years, I decided I wanted to have my own chickens. But I wanted to make sure I would have time and enjoy  raising them. Which of course, I do. So I first built this "temporary" coop against my shed. (approx 12'x16')(May 2012)           This is my grow-out/broody/quarantine tractor. You can see my broody "Whitie" modeling the nest box. (4'x4'x10')   (the lower left corner got flooded... read more

Chickens & Winter Egg Laying and Lighting

Chickens and Winter Egg Laying & Lighting              It’s a question commonly asked among chicken owners; especially around this time of year. Why aren’t my chickens laying? Do they need light in the winter?   It’s common for people to give their chickens light in the winter, or even all year round. Some chicken-owners aren’t so sure. Here’s a look at both sides to help you make a decision.   ~Yes- it helps increase egg production!~   If you especially care about production, light is the way to go. There are many studies that have proven... read more

yardbird heaven

   4, 10 by 10 kennels side by side with metal roofs inclosed in a 50 by 80, 9' ft fence.   and of course,Johnny is king of the yard.       read more

cjwaldon's pp/hes page

Why bother   read more

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