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for me (my list of swaps)

    Papa Brooder light sussex - for March 5 -received march 7   CRFarm 3842 lav orps 3991 hen choice - received march 8 Dec 10 - Side swap -  6 hens choice  PP sent to CRFarm     Kraftylady 1885 Rhodebars 2159 Choc Orp     Reesepoultry Turkey Eggs   Feb 16 light sussex from papa brooder PP sent to papa brooder   Jan 24 2159 Kraftylady - choc orp in spring 2160 PP to reesepoultry   Jan 20 1885 Kraftylady - Rhodebars in spring 1686 PP sent to AyeupChuck   Dec 27 Turkey Eggs from Reesepoultry PP sent to DM... read more

Lilwanis' Swaps from HE/PP

This page was updated on 04/16/2013 partial update. I will update when I have something to update with    Swaps Owed to Me:   Date Claimed:                      Item:                  Member:              Post #:                               Note:   12/25/2012                    Birchen Marans (6)            crfarm                       6876                            Received 5 total hatched 12/26/2012                    Birchen Marans (6)            crfarm                       6938                            Received All developed 12/26/2012        ... read more

Finding Fifth

Can you help us identify either of these two chickens? We had them given to us but have no idea what breed they are.          Both are around a year old. The hen we thought was an Australorp but think we are wrong. (we do live in Australia though).  She is little but lays huge light brown eggs.   Any help will be appreciated.                 read more

bockbock2008 swap page

Pick 1   Womens XL size 16-18 workout suit.  Pink and gray.  Never been off the hanger.     Teens size large summer dress, lavender.   Teens size large summer dress black w/red roses.   Mens steel toed boots.  Scratch on right toe (shown).  Soles show no wear. Size 6.5   Girls size 12 sandal. read more

Happy Henhouse Swap Page

Swaps I Owe Swaps Owed to Me 1/13 6+ Serama Chicks (Spring) from crazypetlady ( post 1124) read more

A Guide To Understanding The Chicken Pecking Order

What Is The Pecking Order And Why Is It Important?                                                                                                     Being lower in the pecking order than the black chest rooster,                                         the lighter rooster left the hens as soon as the rooster higher in the pecking order arrived.      The chicken is a social bird that enjoys the company of its flock. Many social animals work out a hierarchy, and the chicken is no exception. The hierarchy created is a means of attaining and keeping order.... read more

Raise Baby Chicks In Four Simple Steps!

  Raise Baby Chicks In 4 Simple Steps!   Introduction:   Okay, so, you've found your perfect chicks, you've ordered them, and they're due to arrive tomorrow! Now what? How do you raise them properly?!?! This article should (hopefully) answer all your questions, while giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to raise chicks like a pro!   Step One: Making/Preparing The Brooder   As you may know, the brooder is one of the most important keys to raising chicks, successfully. It houses them, protects them, and restrains them (and their poo). But, not just... read more

Shipping LIVE birds the basics (ins and outs)

          NEVER ship any bird(s) that show any signs of being sick Use the proper box for the bird(s) you are shipping. Bigger is not always better as they can be tossed about inside. The same goes for being aware of the boxes weight limit. NEVER ship late in the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are the best days for shipping out live birds. Be aware the scans may not always be up to date and accurate. The online system updates when the scan guns are plugged back into their cradles at the post office/hub The USPS is only responsible for... read more

Acronym List for BYC

  • by aoxa

Confused with all these abbreviations you run into on a daily basis on BYC? Well here's hoping this list will help you out.   Forum Acronyms ACV = Apple cider vinegar APA = American Poultry Association ASOP = American Standard of Perfection BIL= Brother in Law B.O.B = Best of Breed (not the rap singer) BOSS = Black Oil Sunflower Seed BQ = Breeder quality BTW = By the Way BV = Best of Variety BYC = Back Yard Chickens (The website) CC= Cushion Comb CL= Craig's List CRD = Chronic Respiratory Disease DD = Dear Daughter, Dear Dad DE = Diatomaceous... read more

Emu Hatch 2013

Please note:  I don't always get notified when there is a comment to the articles that I have posted.. so if you have a question and I don't get back to you here... just drop me a PM * ~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~ *   I believe in giving credit where credit is due... Many thanks to Janice Castleberry (an author and also a breeder of thousands of emus during the heyday of the emu meat production days) and to my crazy German relatives and ancestors, the Schaubers and the Grimms.    I am very lucky to have met Mrs Castleberry in person since she lives here in Texas and was one... read more

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