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CoopChick719's Coop

I wanted to convert an old doghouse into a coop for 2 or 3 hens.  Hubby found a coop on Craigslist with feeders, waterers, heat lamps and a heated base for the waterer for $400. Could not pass up that deal!!       Had to put on some new trim and dig a trench for the electrical.   We added the run which has a welded wire roof plus the tarp, an apron on all four sides, and wire 3ft. up the sides.   Supplies & Storage                          The Roosts                                       Nesting boxes          read more

Greeneacre swap page

SWAP EGGS I OWE   gamebirdsonly  BLRW  after december 698   beeforever Light Sussex to ship when laying again 1058   corancher BLRW once they start laying again 1114   johnfarmer  BLRW changed to 6 Light Sussex 1081 Light Sussex 6 when ready-1859 - change to 8 Coronation sussex   tdhenson86 Light Sussex in spring 1863   srpaint  6+ BW/ B Ameraucana when they start up laying 2092  tried to contact her as she owes me eggs.  Never heard back from her   mabhera  12 + W/BW Ameraucanas when they start laying 2304 -2307  needs 6 more... read more


Under Construction.           Bad Guys and Deceased Characters: relocated.   Characters in order listed Lunar Cat Stigidea Kisu Rivven Drex Terrellian     Lunar cat:     Name: Captain Riku About: Lunar Cat Empire. He will marry Si'ralle, and is the brother to Sandie, Collia, and Kludd. Appearance: Like any Lunar Cat, Riku has a slender body with a large, fluffy tail. His wings are narrow, allowing him to fly quickly. His pelt is similar to a dark, almost black seal point siamese. He has dark stripes that run along his muzzle, all the way down his neck... read more

Ayam Kampung

Ayam Kampung is an native chicken from indonesia. Did you know about native chicken from Indonesia? Indonesia have a lot of many kind of native chicken or original chicken village. Like below : Image above call name "Wangkas Geni" in English it's mean, red fire. Its amazing right?   its call Sumatra Chicken. This chicken are famous in Indonesia. Other, Please visit my blog on Indonesian Language read more

just a few pics of some of my birds...

    the ducks: Midnight, one of my Cayuga duck (please excuse the mud on her beak she is a duck... ignore the Chicken Coop she's standing in the doorway of, it's still under construction in that pic. both my Cayuga girls...oh, and the random hand? that would be mine   My Rouen drake (he's in his summer molt in this pix) and he has mud on his beak, too... if i remember correctly it had rained the night before this pic was taken, so naturally the ducks turned everything into mud.   this would be my Muscovy male, he's really... read more

Girlie Coop

  Well, here it is. My first building project EVER. She may not be the straightest coop ever, but I guarantee you she's sturdy.   The floor and walls are pallets. Originally, the intent was to build the coop off of the ground, but the pallets were too heavy, so I improvised. I've spent a small fortune on wire, but it's just too important to not do properly. Any place in the coop with wire has wire on both sides. The window in front has a plexi-glass cover for inclement weather; otherwise, it will be open. Ventilation is across the top both front and back. The... read more


    PayPal Swapsfile://localhost/Users/deann/Desktop/egg%20calendar.xlsx   PP Swap Claimed / Offered 209 Orp/Dom Tdhenson86  /  (210) Basque DoubleAtraining 257 B FAv ReesePoultry (rec. 1/13) / (258) $15PP Tdhenson86 752 Lakenvelders debs_flock / (753) SFH Herducks (shipped 1/28/13) 1348 Tolbunts Krafyladies /  (1349) MFL DMippy 1380 Silkies Sebrightmom / (1382) MFL babymakes6 (sent 10/16) 1413 Showgirls Sutillman / (1415) SFH cjwaldon (sent 10/16) 1470 Bant B. Rock Sebrightmom (received) / (1472) SFH winklerfarms (sent) 1851 $15 PP... read more

My 7 chickens <3

      Our chicken adventure started when we moved to Texas about six years ago and got three hens from a local farmer. We later identified them to be a 1 Red Star, 1 Black Star, and 1 Easter Egger. We named them (of course), Luna, Estella, and Apolla.   We more resuced them than adopted them- there were several hundred hens packed into a dirt arena. Here is a picture of one of our hens, Luna, when we first got her :(     Luna is the only one of our original hens we still have today, at about seven years old. Here she is now, laying an egg. Even at... read more

Incubation links and information

  • by bairo

    read more

all 9 of my chickens

[COLOR=blue[/COLOR] I love all my chickens. I have 1 BO, 4 Easter eggers, and 2 other types I forget what they Are though. There names are rocky, chipper, twin 1, twin 2, Buffy, cluddy, Amy, amber which are all the same age and we also have Goldie the oldest one. RIP in loving memorie fluffball who had a funny personality. read more

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