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Extra Eggs and Everything Else

  • by Bee

Place to list eggs and items available for SWAPS.   PM me what you choose.   "I owe, I owe so off to the P.O. I go!" Chickies-duckies-etc ~ 6 Ancona duck eggs (arrived)     "You've Got Mail! Yippee!" La Mike ~ Mallard eggs (arrived)   Got Eggs? Yes, we do!   Welsummers       Ancona Duck (Black Drake over Black and Chocolate Hens)     S.W.A.P.S. ~ Some What-not And Pickable Substance   glittery, butterfly wings, worn once... elastic arm straps and soft ties for around neck if needed... small bell on each hanging... read more

Swap Stuff That I Have To Offer

This is What I offer for Swaps   I have some really nice Goat Milk Soap, I make all my soap by hand the old fashion way. Im also going to be offering Goat Milk Lotion I just need to look in my supply and see what I have on hand right now.    I also will have eggs  French Black Copper Marans ( not on swap right now but please ck with me)       English Orpington eggs on for side swaps.         Swaps I owe     Swaps owed to me       Side Swaps                 read more

My Swap Shop

    Decorative Metal Chicken Lamp - I think it is made to hold a tea light.   Will add more later this weekend! read more

Chick-less Chicken Obsessor in Monroe

   Nicolets, a chicken-owner-wannabe!     It all started with ... hmm ... where did it start? Perhaps it was my chicken-owning friend who won't stop talking about chickens  (that would be me now, though!), or perhaps I just stumbled across My Pet Chicken one way or another. But it would have been around May 2010, when I joined BYC. Basically, I had, at that time, discovered the wonderful world of chickens, tried to enter it (meaning, trying to 'get me some chickens'), and eventually failed, intending to forget about chickens for a few years.    Two years later, I... read more

My stuff to swap

Here is my stuff available for swap: Hatching Eggs   **I normally have these hatching eggs.  But I may have other orders in front of yours.  Please PM me for availability.   6+ Cuckoo Marans eggs (hatchery (Welp and Privett) birds, but nice color of eggs)  They lay beautiful dark brown eggs and the chicks can be sex-linked pretty reliably.     6+ Olive Eggers (cuckoo marans over blue and black ameraucanas)  The chicks come out colored like the cuckoo marans and lay dark olive eggs.  Here is a pic of olive egger eggs. (the third from the right in the... read more

PeepsCa - Hatching Keets 2012

  *** Please do not take any of my pictures and use them to sell your birds, keets or hatching eggs. Thanks ***      Please Note:   Sorry, I don't ship Eggs, Keets or Adult Guineas out of CA  (My flocks are not NPIP Certified)      *~*~ New for 2012 ~*~* Batch #1 for 2012 went into the incubator on 1/13/12 (Friday the 13th!) The fertility rate is a little disappointing still since it's so early in the season... Only 21 developing eggs out of a full load. They are due to hatch on 2/8/12. I started batch #2 on 1/20/2012, so far looks like 26 are... read more

Breeding pens plans and other random thoughts

Initially, I had thought to set up my breeders in smaller pens. Then i contemplated doing a large group at once, for now. But now, seeing the feather damage the rooster is causing on his girls, I'm thinking about something someone else mentioned. She has a rooster pen, and puts the girls and guys together one day a couple days a week, and the rooster goes back to the 'bachelor' pen when he's done. That would involve a bit more work, but at the same time, with no roosters loose, all the girls could free range all day without worry of cross breeding to unwanted roosters...... read more

My Swap Stuff

Pasunset's Swap Page Here I have items available for swap! BOOKS Available(Pick 2) Hard Cover/Great shape. Retail $19.99    Hard Cover/Great Shape. Retail $19.99     Hard Cover/Great Shape. Retail $29.99   Hard Cover/Great Shape. Retail$19.99     Soft Cover/Great Shape. Retail $14.99 Hard Cover/Great Shape. Retail$29.99   Hard Cover/Great Shape. Retail $29.99       SoftCover/Like New Retail $19.99   SoftCover/LikeNew Retail $14.99         HardCover/Good Cond. Retail $29.99     HardCover/Good Cond. Retail $24.95   Hatching Eggs... read more

JerseyGiantfolks guide to seeing what chick may be the one to show

Hi there! You may have noticed me a couple times bouncing around the threads. I show my poultry, it's all about showing, and making money back for the $18.00 (for 1 bag of 50lbs feed). My poultry experience is so wide it's probably going to take several pages, so I started writing one: Anyways, on with the subject: *THIS IS FOR JERSEY GIANTS*   Finding the chick who has a good chance at having a show career: After the chick hatches, an easy way to tell if it's a Jersey is the... read more

Sexing Emu Chicks

  Please note:  I don't always get notified when there is a comment to the articles that I have posted.. so if you have a question and I don't get back to you here... just drop me a PM * ~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~ *   Pics will be updated with the 2013 hatch   * ~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~ *   This will be a work in progress as I get back DNA test results for my emu chicks PICS SOON TO FOLLOW!!!   Why bother sexing emu chicks?.. well.. not everyone wants a large herd of emu running around.. plus it makes life easier when it comes to keeping pairs or trios for future breedings..... read more

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