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Swap History -

What I owe and who owes me:     WYGS   Owed from me: Date: Name: Item: When: 7/28/2014 clousert serama... read more

The Saga of Han Solo

The Saga of Han Solo   Han Solo is my one and only Cream Legbar chick hatched out Easter weekend 2013.  As a darker Cream Legbar chick, I am making this page to track his color changes as he grows and develops.   Here is Han at a couple days old:              Growing quickly, one week old:       Here he is at 2 and 1/2 weeks old.  Very sweet personality, calm and not flighty.                    read more

the bordeaux bator

  So while I was finishing cooking a pork butt roast just now, I started a new project.   “The Bordeaux-Bator”   I have a few wine boxes from the days when Mrs Oz and I were dinks (double income – no kids) and while I was fishing for something in my closet I kicked my toe on one. As a fully alert chicken man, I looked at in a whole new light. I thought, with a bit of imagination, that could be the perfect match single styrobator.           I got to work.   I found some left over foil covered foam insulation board, some foil covered bubble... read more

Inauguration of the Coop and Run at Oak Hill Hermitage

 'Inauguration of the Coop and Run at Oak Hill Hermitage' See pictures of my newly finished coop and run, along with the soon to be tenants, my week old baby chicks. Enjoy! read more

Ameraucanas, Araucanas, and Easter Eggers: Explaining The Many Differences of The Breeds.

I have had many, many people tell me that Ameraucanas, Araucanas, and Easter Eggers are all the same breed with different names. I'm here to tell you that they are, in fact, NOT the same breeds.   So, let's start off with the Ameraucana:   The Ameraucana The Ameraucana is a breed of chicken thought to have been developed in the U.S.A, but it's not exactly clear where they were developed. The name Ameraucana is a blend of American and Araucana. The breed comes in bantam and standard size, and is recognized in eight colors: Blue, blue wheaten, wheaten, white,... read more

Tabasco Jack's Chicken Tractor

I wanted to share my design for a mid-sized chicken tractor. It's approximately 8'x8' and houses 25-35 Cornish Rock crosses. Some changes I've made after I built it were to add a strip of fencing around the bottom that lays out on the ground and a 4' section of PVC gutter for fermented feed. Latest change is using a couple of cut up bicycles for the wheel assembly. Makes it easier to raise and move.   I'd be glad to email the PDF's to anyone who's interested                           read more

Gavage/Tube/Force Feeding and Medicating Baby Chicks and Chickens

I have raised many baby chicks and, without fail, I have at least one or two each season who come down with a respiratory illness.  I started working at our local wildlife shelter and have since learned how to medicate and force feed chicks (and sick adult chickens) who either need something a little more powerful than a water soluble antibiotic or won't eat or drink on their own.     The method I use is called gavage feeding or medicating.     You will need: 1.  liquefied feed or oral suspension of antibiotics                      2.  Dosing Syringe (size... read more

Pet Peeves

I just want to get this off my mind. LOL This is not aimed at anyone specifically, but things I've come across over the last few years.   So for those who might be new to the poultry hobby and even experienced breeders...    The things that grow under a rooster's chin are not 'waddles' but WATTLES...   A COCKEREL is a young rooster, and a PULLET is a young hen. (I've seen cockrels cockrals and others, as well as pullits and pults) a POULT is a young turkey.   And as far as genetics are concerned, mutations are recessive or DOMINANT (not... read more

Feather Brained

Describe 'Feather Brained' here   I think i'll tell some short stories of my experiences with wildlife rehab, mostly birds while moving through out the south.  Every single one of them had such an impact on not only me but my husband and the other ones in our little flock as well.  Although our flock has greatly diminished from the one time busyness of rehabbing several dozen birds over the spring/summer times and since we both are now disabled.  I'm unable to take on the many many birds that I used to care for.  I have two African Grey parrots, one I hand raised... read more

Falling From Cloud Nine RPG Character Page

  ***Winter Pack***   Alpha Male: Tawny (babydoo) Alpha Female: Rain (babydoo) Beta Male: Beta Female: Angel (OneCrazyCowgirl) Pack Members: Pups: Omegas: Snowbreeze (animallover505)   ---Ember Pack--- Alpha Male: Reserved (CayugaLover) Alpha Female: Kara (OneCrazyCowgirl) Beta Male: Beta Female: Reserved (CayugaLover) Pack Members: Pups: Omegas: Georgia (OneCrazyCowgirl)   ~~~Sky Pack~~~ Alpha Male: Cloud (OneCrazyCowgirl) Alpha Female: Beta Male: Beta Female: Pack Members: Bandit... read more

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