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Bantam Only Egg Chain Rules

UPDATED RULES: 4/8/2013   DESCLAMER: BYC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SWAP. BYC is not responsible for egg sent, received or not received. Please do not pm the mod about your eggs. PM me. If you do not receive your egg I cannot make them send them but will make sure they do not play anymore. Please remember the BANTAM ONLY CRAZY EGG TRAIN and shipping eggs are a gamble.   SWAP RULES - This list is subject to change so please check back periodically.   YOU MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO PLAY - IF you are younger- your parent is the only one who can swap your eggs on... read more

Partyfowl Swap Page

Things I have for swap! Egg swap. Currently empty handed. WYG swap 5 drinking poultry nipples Plant/seed swap; Iris tuber Daffodils Pair of Medium purple gripper garden gloves. 3 Anemone bulbs 1oz packet of Plant Tone, organic fertilizer Organic Non Gmo heirloom seeds; Purple kohlrabi Mustard, red giant Mustard, southern giant curled Radish, Turnip, Endive, Broadleaf Batavian Asparagus, seed Mary Washington Lentils, Lenticchie Verdi Cabbage, Wong Bok Celery, Utah Collard, Creole Grains, Kamut Grains, Amaranth Chives, garlic seed read more

Reyvaughn's Swap Page

Swap Info: What I Owe: None Owed to Me: CelticOaksFarm:  Columbian Bantam Cochins + Chocolate Bantam Orps Kraftyladies:  Crele/GL Orps (fall)     ~ Pictures of my Birds ~     Chocolate Bantam Orpingtons 7 pullets & 1 Cockerel (I added two MF b.Cochins)             Mille Fleur Bantam Cochins   J Pen Code 5 Hens & 1 Rooster   (They are a bit frazzled because of breeding)           B Pen Code 6 Pullets & 1 Rooster                   C+A Pen... read more

Saga of the Ugly Duckling Buckeye

This is a story of a miracle and the will to live. It may also be a story of my guilt over interfering with nature.   I just incubated 27 shipped buckeye eggs. It is my first time and using a Genesis 1588 incubator, I was lucky enough to manage six very happy, healthy, beautiful chicks. After watching a couple of chicks die in their shell which were largely pipped, my wife and I couldn't find it in ourselves to watch this shrink wrapping go on any more. The humidity was ranging between 70 and 74 but my babies were still getting "stuck" for some reason.   The... read more

MotherHen's Swap Page

Here is a list of things I have available to swap: I will add more as I get/find stuff.   1 Swap Items:   2 Swap Items:  (pick 1 per 2 swaps)   ½ swap Items: (pick 2 per 1 swap)   ¼ swap Items:  ( pick 4 per 1 swap)     If you have questions just ask! J Thanks!   read more

Swappings and such

Things I have to swap, if you think I have something you'd like I'm not thinking of adding, just ask!   UPDATED June 5th, New pics (listed new things and tagged some sold&pending)     Ukouski the Russian Orloff hen. She, a golden Cochin and several cross bred production hens are for sale. $15 ea. 3 BLRW hens $20 ea. firm. Excellent layers, all! I need the space and extra funds for some chicks I found for my daughter.   I'll also have some cochin chicks soon, parents  arent quite  show quality imo but lovely and doing quite well... read more

Jungle Explorer's Page

HA HA! read more

Luluann Swap Page

Items available for swap:                           read more

Wabbit1964 Harmony Hen House

Our Chicken Adventure started Spring of 2012 with Reggie the Rooster (Bantam Blue-laced Red Wyandotte)and Regina  (Bantam cochin x duccle mix) hen who are now off playing in the barnyard in heaven 2 chicks were bought from Grace Jr her son named them Water and Melon (White Rocks) Grace Jr's Light Brama was a guest in our coop for several months and she was the first hen I received an egg from Grace Jr and I put in an order for 2 Buff Orps and 5 Easter Egger chicks... when recieved most of them were sickly. Stuart (an easter egger hen named by my then 9 yr old)... read more

GracefulBantam's New Swap Page

For this thread: NEW What Ya Got Swap!     Karen Kingsbury "Divine". Like new condition! Hardcover. AND Karen Kingsbury "Between Sundays". Brand new!       Karen Kingsbury "One Tuesday Morning", "Beyond Tuesday Morning", and "Every Now and Then". Complete SEPTEMBER 11TH series. Former library books.     Karen Kingsbury "A Time to Dance". Women of Faith special edition. AND Karen Kingsbury "Shades of Blue". Brand new!         Beverly... read more

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