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  18.  202Roosterlane's Worst Hatch Rate Consolation Prize This hatch is for those of you with bad luck this hatch. You'll need to post how many eggs you're cooking in the spreadsheet by 11 Dec 2012, 11:59:59 EST and post a picture of your incubator or broody if possible in the thread by that date, also. When the hatch is declared over, post the number of chicks you hatched as a picture and fill out the spreadsheet. You must have filled out the spreadsheet and posted your pictures by 3 days after hatch date when the hatch is over. JUST THE... read more


17. Best Hatch Rate   For this contest during this hatch, participants will need to be setting a minimum of 24 eggs, with confirmation picture posted to this thread on set day. These can be under a couple of broodies or in your incubators. Tell us how many you will have cooking and then don't go back and edit your post where you tell us how many eggs you start with. We'll need that info by the 3rd Jan at latest to be included in the contest. When the hatch is over, you'll take a pic and post it to show us how many you actually got...the picture must be of sufficient... read more


16.     Small Batch Best Hatch Rate This contest is for those hatching less than 24 eggs - we don't want to punish those who have not caught the Big Batch Fever yet! Hatch contestants may set up to 23 eggs.  Post a picture on set day showing the number of eggs you have set and also fill out the hatching spreadsheet with that amount. These eggs may be under a broody or in an incubator. Y You must have your pictures and spreadsheet filled out by 3 days after hatch date. Best hatch rate wins! In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen by random drawing. JUST THE... read more


  15. Green Fire Farms    Guess How Many Eggs We Will Hatch? Think you can figure out how many chicks will hatch during the NYD Hatch? THIS NUMBER NEEDS TO BE REPORTED BY Dec 31TH, 2012 AT 11:59:59PM EST. OPEN TO ALL OF BYC, NOT JUST THE HATCHERS! Prizes First Place:12+ Rare Chick Special from GFF Second Place Prize: $100 Gift Certificate from GFF GREENFIRE FARMS   read more


  14. SunnySideUp Micro Farm's    "Holiday Poultry" Calendar Photo Contest The goal is to make a poultry and holiday themed calendar. Submit your poultry related holiday pictures - all ranges of poultry age accepted. You will need to submit your photos on this thread. Submission of your picture(s) to  means that you are giving permission to use your photo in a calendar printing. Photos must be taken by you, the entrant. Contest runs until Dec 30.  Limit of 3 entries per person. Please note which month-holiday you are submitting your photo for. OPEN TO ALL OF BYC,... read more


  13.  Celebrity Chicken Look Alike Contest Open from Set Date 12.10.2012 to NYD It's a Celebrity Chicken Contest! You will need to post a picture that you took of a fowl that you own that looks like a celebrity. You will also need to post a picture of your look-alike celebrity for comparison, although you do not need to take that picture (just don't break any copyright laws in your quest!). You may photoshop the pictures slightly, but only to add props or background to aid in your look-alike.   OPEN TO ALL OF BYC, NOT JUST THE HATCHERS! Prize:   read more


  12. Crazypetlady's Poultry Short Story Contest WEEK THREE CONTEST Write a less than 1500 word short story regarding and starring poultry. You must include a picture or a drawing of one of the characters. Post your short story on the hatching thread and PM it to crazypetlady between Dec 24-31. A BYC poll will be made with the entries for voting. OPEN TO ALL OF BYC, NOT JUST THE HATCHERS! Prize: 12+ Mystery hatching eggs courtesy of crazypetlady!   read more


  11. How Many Chicks  Will the Chairs Hatch? Your guess needs to be made before 11:59:59PM on Dec 31  2012.   In order to help break a tie, You'll need to guess the breeds of the first three chicks out. If you want to know what breeds are in the chairs bators see Post # 1!  We will be putting up a spreadsheet for the # of guesses and the first three breeds. OPEN TO ALL OF BYC, NOT JUST THE HATCHERS! Prizes: The top 2 will receive win Big Ole Bird poultry supplement   read more


  10. Southland Organics  Flapper Contest WEEK THREE CONTEST Post a picture of your fowl flapping in action! All fowl are accepted. It's difficult to get these shots, so start trying! Submissions must be taken by entrant. Post your shots between 24-31 Dec  A BYC poll will be open to decide the winner after the contests closes to submissions. OPEN TO ALL OF BYC, NOT JUST THE HATCHERS! Prizes: The top two will win Big Ole Bird poultry supplement read more


  9.  Egg Art Contest   Show us your creativity! Decorate quail, chicken, duck, turkey or emu eggs with a felt marker.   You must post your entry on the hatching thread Entries must be submitted by lockdown, Dec 28th  by 5:00 p.m. PST OPEN TO ALL OF BYC, NOT JUST THE HATCHERS! Prize: 2 Sebastopol goose hatching eggs - to ship Jan 2013 as soon as fertility is confirmed (colors include: White, Gray, Lilac, Lavender, Blue, Buff) from CelticOaksFarm   read more

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