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How To Fix Spraddle Leg

How To Fix Spraddle Leg Using Vet Wrap   We have tried several ways in fixing spraddle leg but usually the chick just falls over and lays on its back, not able to walk. We read somewhere to try vet wrap, and that works best for us. The band aid way,hair band way,and other ways just didn't work for us. Using vet wrap is really easy and allows the chick to walk with the vet wrap holding its legs together and its easy for the chick to get used to. Its also really easy to get off and if the chick has feathered legs it won't pull the feathers off the chicks legs. Its... read more

How to Care for and Heal an Injured Chicken

How to Care for and Heal an Injured Chicken     One of the worst things for any chicken owner is having a member of your precious flock hurt in some way, shape or form. Last December, a member of my own flock escaped through a hole in my backyard. The neighbor's dog was out at the time and he got ahold of poor Willa, chomping her torso. We found her sitting on the street, evidently in shock and took her inside. We wrapped her in a cloth and sat her as comfortably as we could, but she was obviously hurt and miserable. We had to do something. But, what could we do... read more


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ... read more

Mealworm Farming

Raising a small scale Mealworm Farm. (Tenebrio molitor)     At the end of 2011 I bought 10,000 Mealworms from I received them a few days later and I house them in a 3 drawer setup.     The day they arrived!   The worms came in a Large box and there were 2 Bags with approx 5,000 or more worms in each. I then dumped each bag into a drawer with about 2 inches of Wheat Bran for bedding and them Cut a Potato up for moisture.   I usually feed them 2-3 time per week by cutting up Apples or Potatoes for the colony to get moisture. I... read more


Describe 'how to become a hero to your local school with a chicken experiment' here     By PAUL A. BARRA      Those of us who raise chickens are not the only ones who can learn from the adventure. In your community there are certainly high school kids who think chicken comes in cellophane packets in the refrigerator section of the supermarket. And eggs in styrofoam cartons.    To help correct this ignorance, this is what I recommend: next time you’re ready to buy hatchlings from McMurray or some other hatchery, talk to the biology teacher at the local... read more

2012 Oregon Spring Poultry Swap Educational Presentations Schedule

This is Sumatra503's Schedule for Presentations at the Oregon Spring Poultry Swap on May 5th.   All Presentations will be approximately 15 minutes in length. All Questions will be answered at the end of the presentations.     12:00 p.m.   Getting Started With Chickens:   This presentation covers basic chicken care including: Housing, Feeding, Chick Care, Safe Chicken Handling, How to dust for lice, and more. This presentation is great for those who are just getting into chickens or those considering raising chickens in the future.       1:00... read more

Flock of Fun Friends for the Family

My Girls in the Flock   Who would have thought the pullets my grandkids chose from the feed store last July would become such “friends” to our family?  I should have known when our 11 grandkids treated their pullets “pets” to bread crumb, veggie shavings and other treats when visiting the pullets all summer and into the Fall.  The pullets were never let out of their coops until they were big enough to know danger signs, could stay pretty close to home and knew when to come when I called them….. Yes, I can call my girls in.    This is what I did when the... read more


Poultry fleas, also known as stick tight fleas due to their ability to attach themselves to a host and not let go, can be a danger to your flock as well as your domestic pets. These nasty little critters like to attach themselves to the waddles, combs and around the eyes of your chickens as well as around the eyes of your dogs and cats. While not deadly to the larger animals, they can cause distress and death to members of your flock. The first sign of these fleas will be the constant scratching and shaking of your birds as well as small black specks around the eyes,... read more


Natalie Portman's $600 Carton of Eggs: The Black Swan and the Chicken You may have heard of the goose who laid the golden egg. This time, the goose is a chicken named Mae Poulet, and her eggs sell for $50 a pop. All proceeds go to nonprofits that benefit poultry in need.   I adopted Mae a year ago from Craigslist. The ad read, “Free. Would make a good dinner.”   “It’s either you or some lady who wants to make chicken stroganoff,” I was told when I phoned.    Actor... read more


  We currently breed bantam bbs Orpingtons, bantam WC black/Cuckoo Polish, I'll try to get some polish hen pics soon, and blue Swedish ducks. We love our birds and are breeding as close to the SOP as possible. We are also working very hard this year to add bantam bbs Faverolles, and bantam Salmon Faverolles (my personal favorite breed)    And this is Buffy, the newest member to our little goat herd.  read more

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