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Need help identifying sex & breed

Any ideas if this 4 month old is a hen or rooster?  I think it is a mix of production red/red sex link but not certain.  This is our first venture with chickens and we are learning a lot.  This one (named Rue) has gotten very flightly and mean the last few weeks--no crowing though.   read more

100 Pictures of my Flock

100 Pictures of my Flock The Information and Link page Welcome to 100 Pictures of my Flock! This page is being modified to have information about the project and links to all other 'Pictures of my Flock' project spinoffs. If you're looking for 100 Pictures of my Flock, the original Summer 2012 Edition, click here. Basically, 100 Pictures of my Flock is a picture project that I came up with that involves taking lots and lots of pictures of my chickens. Essentially, you come up with a series of unique themes for pictures of your flock and set a goal as to how long... read more

Trailer Trash Chickens

I recently "adopted" 10 Isa browns and 10 Australorps.  I have lost 3 of the Australorps to predators (probably foxes), and I think we have the coop indefensible now.  As the chicks have grown, we have come to the realization that one of the australorps is in fact a rooster.  We do not want a rooster, and will probably be taking it to a butcher.  Otherwise, I am really happy with my girls.  They come when I call them, and have recently started jumping up on my lap when I coax them.  I really need to know when I should start expecting eggs, and when is a good time to... read more

Chubby Chicken's Swap Page

Seeds packed for 2012   Heirlooms Evermore   Copenhagen Market Cabbage Moon and Star Watermelon French Breakfast Raddish   Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds   Tall Elephone Garden Pea Bloomsdale Long standing Spinach Pepper Cress Salad Blend Siamese Blend Dragon Stir Fry Mix Hollyhock Jet Black Herb borage Morning Glory Hazelwood Blue Marigold Petite Mix   Nasturtuims Spitfire Yellow Canary Creeper Vesuvius   Tomatoes Aunt Ruby's German Green Great White Pink Brandywine   Carrots Cosmic... read more

krazy woman

Describe 'krazy woman' here My husband has raised chickens for several years. We have have 16 hens and 4 roosters. He recently passed away and now I am taking care of chickens. Just needing some advise. Thank you. read more

Brown Chicka Brown Cow Swap Page

Brown Chicka Brown Cow's Swap Page           Swaps Owed To Me:   GabbleBabble 3 swaps Posts #'s 5822, 6028, 7510 3-3-13, 3-4-13, 3-25-13 6+ Heritage Plymoth Barred Rock Stukel Lines x 3 Spring-Summer     Swaps I Owe:                     read more

Chickens In A Concrete Jungle

Raising a 'backyard' flock in an industrial setting.   Some people joke about living at work, but for us its a reality!  We have very little green area on the property, but we wanted to see how self-sufficient we could become with such limited space.  In addition to the chickens, we will be putting in about a dozen fruit trees and some raised garden beds this fall.  We are also trying to use as much reclaimed material as possible.  This is a trial phase as we look for some land to start a small hobby farm and build a new home.    The Brooder A Rubbermaid... read more

brooding chickens.

Describe 'brooding chickens.' here   I have 2 chickens that are brooding with 5 eggs under each of them.. I have taken them and there eggs out of the nest and put them in a cage by themselves with their eggs. Every time one of the eggs hatch I have a full grown chick and the mother seems to just sit on them and they die. Does anyone have any ideas of what I should d read more

Meet my Present Flock

We started raising chickens the week of Easter 2012 and have never looked back!  We were in our local farm supply store looking around when we heard some cute little chirping sounds coming from the center of the store.  They had four metal water troughs set up and each held about 100 baby chicks.  All of the babies were so adorable!  We left the store with two boxes containing six red sex-links, four buff orpingtons and four assorted bantams. Our flock has grown considerably since that early spring day!   Since then we have bought chickens whenever we see any that... read more

My Urban Chicken Project

I will share details from beginning to final project outcome here, this will be just like a blog and as the journey grows so shall this. Aug,03,2012 well about a month ago I was googling and you tubing and got interested in poultry so from then on I been trying to learn as much as I can about the whole chicken farming, so first off I made me a incubator after watching/reading a few different kinds of tutorials on the subject and now I am in mid process of incubating some eggs that I got. After I got my incubator made I went on eBay to see if they sold fertile eggs and... read more

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