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Puglady Swaps I owe/owed to me

Swaps Owed: 03/02/2013   NotaFarm       6+ CCL eggs     Swaps Owed to Me: 3/18/2013 CPL  Tolbunts Summer 3/21/2013 Krafty LF Choc Orps  Spring read more

SusanRenee's Swap Tracking Page

WYGS Swap   I owe to people: 1mommahen - 2 Yarns shipped Daze333 - 8+ Barnyard Babes eggs shipped Bhep - Tom App Chuy and Pear Rubarb Spread shipped sonew123 - 2 big tortuga yarn ProfTi - Eggs, 18 swap and side swap     People owe to me: Clucknpeck - Eggs shipping around April 8th ProfTi - Quad Box, partially side swap bnewns - Mini Mealworm and Bread Book rbaker0345 - Iris and seeds kraftyladies - 6 hen's choice bHep - 6 SFH Shipped     Paypal/Hatching Eggs/Chicks Swap   I owe to people:         People owe to... read more

Puglady Swap Page

CCLs = 5 Pullets & 1 Roo over 6 months Aug 2012 GFF direct CCLs = 12 Pullets & 2 Roos  DOB 1st week of Nov. 2012 GFF direct CCLs = 4 Pullets & 2 Roos DOB 1st week of Jan. 2013 GFF direct 3rd line imports Below are some pics of them. There are others under my profile.         read more

TO BROOD OR NOT TO BROOD: Baby Ducks and Chicks Together

It seems like out of all the combinations of poultry raising, I see this one the most. So, I've made a short article on the do's and dont's of raising chicks and ducklings together:   Since chicks and ducks are the most common fowl to be found at the feed store, many people find themselves thinking, "Well, gee I was planning to just come get my 3 or so pullets and leave." HOWEVER, they couldn't help noticing the irrisistable, bright, beady-eyed ducklings in the next brooder over. "Great, I used to pride myself in self-restraint." A smile breaks over them and before... read more

BikerChicky's Chicken family

    My BGF (BFF) Deb got 3 girls last spring. Watching her with her girls over the last year got me all excited to start my own flock.   As of today, 3/1/13, I have 3 babies. A Light Brahma (Fluffy) and a Rhode Island Red (Beaks) purchased 2/27/13 at my local country store. Beaks is a tiny little girl. She's smaller than all the other chicks we got. Fluffy is a big fluffy girl. She seems to be leading the flock as of now. Today I picked up 2 more girls, one for me and one for Deb. They are Blue Lace Red Wyandottes. I've named mine (can't tell which one that... read more

Adamo family breed page

  I have severel goals with my flock- 1)to give my daughters a chance to be part of something, 2)to better each breed(only a couple)  to the best of my ability. 3)to be able to support my flock through the sales of eggs and chicks, dreams of grandeur I know but a girl can dream can't she! 4)to have something my whole family enjoys together, that is also decently affordable and that can teach us all in the process 5)to have the most colorful egg basket and the most beautiful flock I can have! 6)to help 4H kids in any way I can Pics soon LF Cochins   3 blue... read more

Adamo family swap page

          Swaps owed to me-   Feb 17-23 crfarm- 6 isabella Marans eggs-black chicks breed together late spring********     Feb 24-Mar 2 Profti - 4 RB!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah late spring!!!! 5 orders ahead   Mar 3-9 crfarm- 6 speckled sussex eggs summer crfarm- 4 speckled sussex eggs summer       Mar 17-23 3/19 post#7164 gablebabble- 6 Lavender Laced Orpington     Breeds I have:   Bantam MF/Calico Cochins-I don't plan on improving them but will try to keep good type Bantam BBS Cochins LF BBS Cochins LF Gold Laced... read more

A Chicken Dummy

Hi, I'm very new to owning chickens! I don't even know anyone that owns chickens.  I will be getting my chickens from a grain & feed store and I already know they will be a wealth of information.  However, they are a long distance from me and I can not drive any longer :(  When I found this site I decided to check out the coop pages and started reading the information.  I look forward to having chicken friends that will be able to assist me with those questions that all new chicken owners need.   I am in the process of picking a design for my coop, I believe I have... read more

Chickenbelle's/Savell'sFarm Flock

Currently laying and available:   Lav Orps Heritage RIRs - show lined rooster Gold Neck and Mille Fleur show quality (all hens and one roo have placed for me) D'Uccles Black Wyandottes     Lavender Orpingtons - 2 pullets 9 mos and 8 mos with a year old roo Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons- all growing out Buff Orps SQ Gold Laced Wyandottes - 1 pullet 6 mos with a 6 mo cockerel Heritage Rhode Island Reds - 2 hens 18 mos, 1 pullet 8 mos with a 11 mo old cockerel BBS Marans - growing out - oldest is 6 mos Olive Eggers - growing out SBELs - growing... read more


   We have been raising the "Narragansett", for 8yrs. And we like talking turkey.  One of the best turkeys to have around your house. If you need help or questions, that we might help, hey drop me a line. Or if you need poults or eggs, we will soon have plenty of them. read more

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