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Chickens Loosing Feathers? Managing Your Flock's Molt

Chickens Loosing Feathers? Managing Your Flock's Molt   Picture by key west chick   Why Is My Chicken Loosing Feathers?      You may wonder why your chicken’s feathers are falling out or why it has bald spots. Don't worry this is a natural cycle that chickens will go through called molting. When a chicken is molting, it sheds its old warn out feathers and replaces them with new shiny, clean ones. Both hens and roosters will molt.   Why Do Chickens Molt?      Chickens will molt when there is less hours of day light, their laying cycle has finished,... read more

Old Farm Girl

Describe 'Old Farm Girl' here  I was raised on a farm.  After many years of working alongside my wonderful husband in his construction company, remodeling 18 homes together, we finally found our "little piece of heaven" a small homestead that had been rented out for the past 20 + years in 2009.  My husband and sons love me as they allowed me to drag them back to the small rural community where I was raised.  My boys are naturals to farm-life, they just refuse to admit it.  This has been a huge project.  We moved the 2 story farmhouse to a new location and totally... read more

There is more to an egg than meets the eye - interesting egg facts

  • by sumiModerator

                                                                                      The more I read about chicken eggs the more amazed I am. We think of eggs as a convenient food source and added benefit of keeping chickens, as well as an essential ingredient to our breakfast fry up, but there are so much more to them than meets the eye. Did you know...?   - According to the Guinness World Records spokesperson the largest egg laid by a (chicken) hen had 5 yolks, measured 31cm (12.2 inches) round the long axis, 22.8cm (9 inches) round the short axis... read more

Chicken Behavior - The Ignorant Gal’s Guide to Things No Sane Person Would Tell You about Chickens

Noodle, contemplating scratching, Pepper, armpit deep in a hole, and Salt, who has just found something that needs excavation.     The Ignorant Gal’s Guide to Things No Sane Person Would Tell You about Chickens By Mad Woman of the West First, you should know that I bought my pet chickens over the course of this year, starting May 20th, Mother’s Day. I did everything wrong, usually over and over. I’ve not had my little flock of seven bantams long enough to know anything important. On the other hand, I’ve learned all sorts of ridiculous things that no one... read more

Story Game

On this page I will compile all the posts in the "Story Game" Thread I created, so you can read it all at once. Here's the link to the game         The coop was noisy that morning. Pinky and Olive were aruguing over their breakfast, Nightsky was aurguing with Peach, who had gone broody in Nightsky's favorite nestbox, and Mango was having a pleasent conversation with Sugarplum--pleasent but loud. Elanora slipped out of the coop into the quiet run, shivering in the cool air. She had always felt... read more

Shadow's Decedents

  • by Nike

. read more

Why are my hens not laying?

  • by sumiModerator

    Why are my hens not laying? Some common causes.                                                                                       Many of us raise chickens, wait patiently for the first egg, months pass and... nothing. Or our hens suddenly stop laying for no apparently reason. Why are we not getting any eggs? Here are a few reasons:   Daylight and the seasons   In nature chickens only laid eggs in Spring and into the middle of Summer. The reason for this is because chickens lay eggs to reproduce and during the Spring and Summer months the weather is... read more

SleepyOwl's Swap Page

Just a spot to put the stuff I have to swap, what I want, who I owe, what is owed to me.... ect.    Scrapbook Album, pick one         ___________________________________________     Owed to me:           Redbrush farms -  I won  12 OEGB eggs when they start laying well     Received: 1/30/13  DMRippy -    6 SBEL, 8 hen's choice 1/6/13  kraftyladies - 6 combo of orps and ams in the spring, 6 combo of white and lav orps 4/18/13  madamwlf - I won 6+ mystery chicks in the Spring from her.. 5/16/13  kraftyladies - 6+ Crele... read more

Roosters-The Good , The Bad, and the Potential Good

        Describe 'Roosters-The Good , The Bad, and the Potential Good' here           In 5 years, I have spent many hours sitting and watching my hens and roosters.  Roosters are an interesting addition to any flock.  My first roo, Ivan, taught me much about roosters.  Ivan was a good roo to his girls.  He also became very friendly and didn't mind a hug.  Yes, he would call the hens in at a sign of danger.  But there was more to him.  At dusk, Ivan would make his final trip around the coop and make sure everyone was in.  If not he hung out with... read more


Describe 'contest25' here read more

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