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Taj Ma Coop     :) read more

Taylie's Story ***updates***

Please note: These pictures are not mine I got them off the internet to give the reader a general idea of things.  Taylie's eyes and hair :)      A young picture of Cephas   Chapter one, Part 1. Taylie & Charlotte  ****FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY READ THE THREAD, PLEASE, PLEASE  FORGET ABOUT STEPHAN'S STORY****:)   ~~NOTE: SOMETIMES I CHANGE THE  STORYLINE, SO IF IT'S BEEN AWHILE SINCE YOU'VE READ, ITS A GOOD IDEA TO RE-READ THE STORY. ENJOY~~   Post #1      Page 1 “Let me see it,” I said as Taylie squirmed in her seat. She held out her finger and peered at... read more


Swap Page for the WYGS!  All items are new unless marked otherwise.  I am hoping to be able to offer hatching eggs in the spring!   12pp   wine stopper         Half Apron             Cookbook             Small Birdhouse figurine     Cookbook     Cookbook     cookbook         Chocolate Cookbook     Cookbook   cookbook   cookbook       Kids medium tank top:   Wine stopper/;   Key west box and floating candle:     Pick a... read more

A Couple Chicken Problems And How To Fix Them

~A Couple Chicken Problems And How to Fix Them~     Nellie the BA in the front        Chickens can get sick without warning. Sometimes its minor and sometimes its major, but either way it should not be taken lightly. Any problem your chickens may encounter should be treated as soon as possible. One of my chickens has been through multiple sicknesses and although it's not fun I have learned a lot from them and would like to share my experiences with everyone. I hope this will help anyone going through what I have gone through.       Egg... read more

Reducing your CHICKENS Carbon footprint

Decreasing your CHICKENS Carbon Footprint                                                Saving the WORLD one choice at a time. We all hear this, almost daily sometimes. I want the world to be a better place, and I bet you do too. The need to cut back on our use of practically everything, doesn't stop at our own front door. Beyond that door, a little closer to your chickens, are other places to make a difference. You might even have gotten your start with chickens to make yourself more self sufficient, and your own carbon footprint a little smaller. Well,... read more

Help determing Breed

I have a pair of polish. or what appear to be polish and I am unsure of the exact breed. Looking for information that will help.   read more

Yellow-bellied slider turtle

    Yellow-bellied slider turtle         Yellow belly slider turtle    (Trachemys scripta scripta)       In the family Emydidae    Diet: The hatchlings are more carnivorous than the adults, they prefer more meats, like shrimp that you can get at the pet store rather then the pellets. The adults eat a verity of veggies like carrots, and celery etc. Appearance: the males are smaller than the females, the males get from about 5 to 9 inches, while the females get 8 to 13 inches. You can tell the males from the females, because on the males the... read more

How to diagnose and treat a egg-bound Hen

First off you probably would like to know what Egg-bind is. Egg-bind is a serious and possibly fatal condition for female chickens at the age of breeding. The basic gist is that the poor bird develops a egg that is too big or is an awkward shape and she cannot pass it. Now that you know what it is you probably would like to check if any of your birds are showing any signs of it. The symptoms of egg-bound are listed below: Swelling-- this may occur in abdomen area or vent, because of the strain and pain the bird is going through.  Constipation-- If you think... read more

Insulating Your Chicken Coop

For those chicken owners who live in cold or windy regions, the thought of insulating your chicken coop has probably crossed your mind. You also may have asked yourself, "Why should I put time and labor into it when I have chickens that are capable of surviving extreme weather conditions?" or "How do I insulate it and how much would it cost?" It may be easier than you think.   First of all, you may want to measure the dimensions of your coop that way you know how much insulation to buy. You may also want to buy a little extra, just in case you find you don't have... read more

Chicken TV and the story of a flock!

                      read more

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