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Kims Chicken Tractor Too

Describe 'Kims Chicken Tractor Too' here What's happened ?? read more

The Walk in the Wild RPG characters

here is the link to the RPG     WOLVES Name: Hollystep Gender: Female Age: 2.5 Rank (wanted): Healer Rank now:  Healer Mate: none yet Crush: none yet Pups: none yet Family: unknown Powers: can heal anyone, including herself, unless they don't WANT to be healed.  Can control plant matter.  last one to be revealed History: TBR Personality: Kind and gentle. Pic: Other: Username: animallover505   Name: April Gender: Female Age:... read more

Survival in the Arctic. An Arctic wolf RP. *MEMBER PAGE*

(This is the link to the RP thread;      In the Arctic circle, off the northern coast of Canada, lies a small island, isolated from the world. This island is home to a small herd of Elk and Reindeer. But it is also home to an epic power struggle. Two wolf packs inhabit this island. Surrounded by hundreds of miles of water, they are trapped! Separated by only a small lake, the is no escaping each other. And sharing the only source of large game, there is No backing... read more

All about my flock!

I am going to show you pictures of my flock! below is  a pic of Olive the hen! To learn a funny story about Olive click this link! ! Below is Ginger!   Below is Hoot!     This is Olive and Herki as chicks!   Above is my hen Chirp! Above is Eddy the rooster when he was kinda young!   Above  is Eddy full-grown Above is Daisy kinda young! Above is Herki the hen. Above is Luna the hen! Above is... read more

Brenda The Blonde Gardener

I am mainly a gardener but when I decided to have a garden shed built, I thought this would be the perfect time to build a chicken coop.  I combined the two and came up with this. read more

The Kinto RPG charaters

Here's where I put the charaters from my RPG   Charaters:   Kings and Queens Name:Cathi Gender:Male Age:4 Rank(wanted):King Rank Now:King Powers:Can read minds,make weather change,TBR Animal:Cougar Crush:None Mate:Loku Kids:None right now From:Shadow Forest Desciption:Brown with a black spot over his left eye Others:Unknown User:moriah6299   Name:Loku Gender:Female Age:5 Rank(wanted):Queen Rank now:Queen Powers:Can read minds,Shape shift,TBR Animal:Cougar Crush:None Mate:Cathi Kids:None right now From:Shadow... read more

Quick Guide to Common Brooder and Coop Bedding Materials

Quick Guide to Brooder and Coop Bedding Materials       PDF Version:   BYC_ Brooder and Coop Bedding Options-Illustrated 676k .pdf file       There are so many bedding material options for brooders and coops out there that choosing one can quickly become an overwhelming task for new flock owners.  Ask 10 'seasoned' flock owners what the best choice is, and you're likely to get 10 different answers! But it really doesn't have to be a difficult decision at all. Here are a few of the more commonly used and easily obtained bedding materials, with... read more

Why raise heritage breeds?

Why raise heritage breeds?     From left to right: a Partridge Silkie bantam, an American Dominique hen with "barred" color pattern, and a Black-tail Buff Japanese bantam hen.               Whether you are a novice poultry keeper just beginning your journey in the world of chickens or an experienced breeder, you've probably heard the term, “Heritage Breed”. What is a “Heritage Breed”? A “Heritage Breed” is a term for an old-time or non-hybrid breed of chicken. Other terms that are sometimes used are “Heirloom” or “Old-fashioned”. When heritage-breed... read more

The Story Of Olive The Hen Who Has Funny Nests!

I have a Black Australorp hen named Olive! All of her freinds had started laying but her. But oneday I noticed she was not with the other chickens. I could not find her anywhere! I saw a black dot at the bottom of a very small hill. I thought ''That cant be her but I will check anyway''. So I walked down there and it was her! I was so happy to see her because I was so worried. She was just getting up because she had been lying down and she begin sqauking. She stood up and walked away. I looked where she had been sitting and I say about 10 eggs sitting in  the spot. I... read more

Eggorthechicken Swap Page

Ancona duck hatching eggs                                Some of the babies I hatched last year.         My dog babysitting!  (Dog not for swap)      Barnyard Mix OE, LF Black Cochin, BCM roo over RIR, black cochins, faverolles, sussex, jersey giant, etc..                  My Boys        A few of my girls           BOOKS                 SORRY THEY ARE SIDEWAYS    MAGAZINES            Handmade Soap or Bath Fizzy Cupckakes Check with me on what I have available as stock changes.  My normal bars of soap are usually 8oz or... read more

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