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Why Raise Backyard Chickens? The Many Reasons & Benefits

There are many reasons to raise chickens in your backyard, but here are a few of the most frequently expressed reasons people raise chickens:     Chickens are easy, inexpensive pets when compared to most other pets.   1 Bag of Layer feed lasts a month for many backyard flocks They mature much quicker than most other pets No housebreaking required  Its easy to have more than one!   Hens will produce eggs that are fresh and nutritious, not to mention great tasting. Backyard eggs are also much healthier than... read more

Carla's City Limits Backyard Flock

  Why Raise Chickens In Your Backyard? The Many Reasons & Benefits           Backyard chickens provide excellent benefits in not only food production but also external environmental control systems such as insect control and compostable materials. Sometimes, owning a couple chickens is more expensive than buying a dozen eggs at the store. With backyard chickens, in order to have the most cost efficient backyard flock, one must weigh the input factors such as cost of supplies, housing, feed, and the cost and number of chickens purchased versus the food... read more

Turkey Hoop House

My flock runs together during the day and sleeps in a main coop at night, which works out surprisingly well.  However, as spring drew closer, I started to worry about safety as birds start thinking about brooding and raising their young.  A friend had a terrible experience last year when her turkey built a nest in her hedgerow and was taken by a coyote.  Not wanting the same thing to happen to mine, I devised a plan to keep her safe: a hoop house.   I already had some hog panels and was assured by many people that they are far too stiff to bend into a hoop.  I... read more

Autumn Winds Swap Page

Coming Soon!   read more

Autumn Winds

Describe 'Autumn Winds' here read more

Getting my feet wet...or dirty rather. I'm a new flock owner!

In May of last year, 2012, I purchased a 1 acre property in a rural area of Maryland's Eastern Shore. I grew up in the area and after some travels and studying elsewhere am now working and living here. Both sets of my grandparents were farmer's with one grandfather helping to support the early years of poultry industry in our area and a grandmother who was able to support the personal needs of her children through her small flock on the family dairy farm. I know they would love that I am undertaking this. Having my own "flock" is a fun endeavor that could also be... read more

Tadpole's Egg Candling Photos

    Going to try to update this when i get decent photos!    march 21st- 2013 day 12               This photo right here is a dead embyro. estimating it died around day 7?       read more

Spring chicks!

Spring Chicks!    With Spring comes new baby chicks for a lot of us. Mine are coming in from the local feed and supply store again (until I have some committed setters who will hatch babies for me). I ordered more New Hampshire Reds, they just seem to have the best personality for our backyard so they will continue to be our staple egg layers. And after the dog problem was finally dealt with last year I am once again starting Bourbon Reds though they won't be in til May. Our main difference this year is we ordered our first batch of Silkies! I'm really excited to see... read more

I need help identifying the color of these chicks!

      I have a small backyard flock of 4 bantam cochin hens, 3 roosters and 1 bantam old english hen (I think).  What I believe to be the old english hen came from Tractor Supply last spring along with 5 other bantam chicks who, for various reasons, didn't make it.  I felt sorry for her being alone, so I bought the others - cochins - from a lady who posted them on Craig's List.  She had a mixed bunch of chickens running about, so I can't say what they actually are.  They primarily look like cochins though.  My girls successfully hatched 8 chicks over the... read more

Are Backyard Chickens a Trend?

Are Backyard Chickens a Trend? Janice Johnson     Jack Shafer of Slate.Com claimed in a 2009 article that raising backyard chickens was a bogus trend.  He also said, " In all of God's sweet aviary there exists no bird more diabolical and ruthless than the egg-laying chicken."  Those were fighting words to anyone who has a flock of pet chickens.  Many articles have countered Shafer's attack on backyard chickens and many articles praise the benefits of raising your own chickens.  But are  backyard chickens really a trend?   As a kid way back in 1959, I... read more

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