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48 chicken breeds egg color and facts

Here is a chart of 48 chicken breeds and their egg color. This chart only shows 48 chicken breeds.There are many more breeds.             those are 48 breeds and there egg color now you will learn 1 or 2 facts about each one of those breeds!   Americana: These birds have a poofy beard and poofy cheeks. They are medium sized with a pea comb. this is a picture of an americana rooster:     Ancona: These chickens have a color pattern of black with white spots. These birds are great layers and do good in the winter.   Andalusian:This... read more

Papa Brooder's Swap Page

Swaps I owe:   Swap Post Claimed by completed         6 GL orps, 6 LF Proj choc chicks (spring) 6166 crazypetlady                 Swaps owed me:   Owed me: 12+ chicks 6220 from CRFarm lav marans, silver sussex, coronation sussex?  12 ish?     From CPL: 6+ Hen's choice 4717 from CPL now  (happy to forgive this and one below for chicks shipped in May 6+ Hen's Choice 5161 from CPL now   24+ white breese (4 x 6+ swaps) 5594, 5771, 6973, 6991 from CPL in spring (WE DISCUSSED CHANGE... read more

Duckling Care & Brooder Ideas

            The Duckling BROODER   Ducklings need a warm and draft free brooder box. A Rubbermaid tub makes an easily cleanable brooder. Provide a 1/2 sq. ft. per duckling during the first week, then increased by 1/2 square foot every week or so because ducklings grow rapidly. Place a brooder heat Lamp above a corner of the brooder so that the ducklings can get away from the heat and return to it as necessary. In this corner a temp of 95°F should be maintained on floor level for the first week, after the first week begin to decrease the heat by 5° each week... read more

Live silkie eggs

My hen Sneeze has gone clukey and I thought I'd get her some live eggs, we whan't Silkies, dose any one know a webiste where I can have live eggs posted to me in New Zealand? read more


My name is Lulu. I am a mother of 3 children. I love all animals. That reason right there might be why I have all the ones I have. I have 2 bunnies Fred and Shay, 1 cat I have had for 14 years (I was in middle school when I saved her) ginger, I have 1 dog she is 9 to 10 years old roxy, then all my chickens El-bob and his 3 lady's oatis and jethro and ellymay. I love doing crafts. I'll post pictures of some I've done. read more


Describe 'Nothing' here eef read more

Maine Chicken Swaps/ Stocks And Shows 2013

new page for 2014 is here     This page is where we will have the current swaps listed and I will try to keep that updated. We usually also have a separate thread for each swap that lists who is bringing what and who is looking for a special something at a particular swap.  PM me with any updates, new swap listings, or links to swap pages and I will post them.  All animals offered for sale/trade whether or not any money changes hands, should be healthy and in good condition. Sick or diseased... read more

Tadpole's Growing Flock

On spring break of 2010, I begged my mom to let us go up to grandma and grandpa's. They live near a place called Rural King, which is a farming store. Grandpa wanted to go get some tomato seeds for his garden that year, so we went along. Turns out they were having CHICK DAYS! and thats how the obsession began.. We were city folk back then, but we were searching for a farm which we were signing on a week or so later. I wanted to bring a few chicks home and raise them, but we were 4 hours away from home and there was no way I was allowed to put those in our car. But my... read more

it's finally happening! Chickens! My journey, learning about chickens.

Ok, I am 33 years old,I have lived in town all my life. ( most of which was in a trailer park) needless to say,I could never have chickens. A life changing event recently happened, and now I am waiting for my first batch of chicks.    Research! I am a person that likes to know eveything that I can about things before I dive head deep into them. I did alot of reaserch on the web, and talked to people that I knew have raised chickens. Once I started talking to people, it was very surprising the amount of intrest people have, and knowledge there is out there of raising... read more

SusanRenee's Swap Page

Swap Page !!!!   This is for WYGS but I'm open to side trades if there's something you like! (sorry about the upside down photos!)    Hatching eggs wishlist: Swedish Flower Hens Croad Langshan Isbar Cream Legbar Dorking Anything unique!  Whatcha got??   ~~~I'm a Fiber Artist!  Take a $15 credit and no shipping charge in my Etsy shop HERE.  I have handdyed yarns and fibers, drumcarded batts and more! Do not order through the shop, I'll contact you to send any difference from the credit through Paypal.   Side traders, very open for nice hatching... read more

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