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Top ten most often asked questions about chickens

  After being a member of BackYard Chickens for the past six months and reading thread after thread in all the various topics and subjects until I've needed toothpicks to hold my eye lids open and endless amounts of coffee plus hundreds of other web sites on the subject of poultry I've decided to post what I consider to be the top 10 most commonly asked questions.  Am I a chicken expert?  Not in the least!  So you might ask what qualifies me to be giving others answers on chickens.  First, I like to think I do have a little common since.  I have been raising chickens... read more

Chickens come and chickens go....swapping stuff

  Winklerfarms to me: Rouens eggs due to be shipped next Spring 2013 crazypetlady to me: 16+ Dwarf Olandsk eggs crazypetlady to me: 12+ Hedamora eggs I OWE cjwaldon: 6 d'Uccle eggs 4/16/13 MAILED 4/17/13 RECEIVED corancher owes to me: 3 Pilgrim eggs 4/16/13  Mailed the 16th, RECEIVED 4/23/13, all smashed by the PO. GabbleBabbe owes to me:  2 Toulouse eggs 4/11/13 celticoaksfarms owes to me: 6 Appleyard eggs 4/14/13 RECEIVED reesepoultry owes to me: 6 Muscovy eggs 4/16/13 RECEIVED I OWE to thespoiledchicken: 6 d'Uccle eggs 4/17/13... read more

Ohhh Variety...

  • by Nike

    Current Birds   My Brooder   Pterodactyl Chicks   A Family Tree   read more

AF Chicks Swap Page

    What I Want:     All of my wants are for NON-hatchery stock/eggs only please   Brahma eggs-  LF Gold Laced Buff Laced Buff Basically anything EXCEPT for bantams  lol   Ameraucanas- LF Black - exceptional quality to use in my lav project Lavender             What I Have :   *** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the intensity of my breeding projects I only have eggs available for sale or to swap RARELY .   Chicks and started birds are available OCCASIONALLY  and then, usually only locally or for pick up at... read more

A Haunter Run A'Fowl

    I have always been a huge fan of Halloween.  I mean what's not to like?  You get to dress up as a beautiful princess or a vampire and be something you're not for one night of the year and they give you candy.  Seriously, who doesn't like candy?  It's a time to face our nameless fears and conquer them through the simple act of becoming that super hero you so admire.   An act of childhood innocence that allowed a small child to be a big scarey monster and not be afraid of anything in a big world.   When my son was just starting in Jr.High School, I asked him... read more

Razadia's Swap Page

nothing read more

RoyalT's Page

What do we raise? Tibetan Yaks: Bos grunniens are the bison of Asia. They haven't made the ALBC's list because they aren't common enough to. Slow growing and maturing, bulls are reliable breeders between age 3 and 4. They continue to grow to impressive stature for the first 10 years or so. They have intimidating horns, but can be quite gentle if properly trained. Their tails are akin to horses, and they hold them up high in the air when they run around the pasture for exercise and for fun. They are generally docile towards their people and ever so useful! When... read more

Best Egg Photo Contest

#1   #2   #3 read more


  • by cmom

Welcome to FLORIDA on BYC, where it's ALWAYS SUNNY SIDE UP!!! We invite our fellow Floridians to add yourselves to our state "roll-call", click Edit at the bottom left, find your county & add your username, then click Save on the bottom right of the page.   Be sure to check-in on the Florida thread FLORIDA!!!!!ALWAYS SUNNY SIDE UP!!!   Visit our other pages: UPCOMING FLORIDA Swaps/Sales/Shows/Events/Fairs - GEORGIA too Florida Fair Schedule 2013/2014 Members by County: Alachua County Abundance Farm   (Gainesville/Earleton) BatesPiggery          (SE... read more

craft items for swapping

Will update as soon as possible, if there is something you are looking for, please email me.   read more

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