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Imperial Ringlet Book

You can click the pages to enlarge them, and read... read more

My Backyard Buddies

Just a page about my journey into raising chickens and working a garden :] read more

Why Is There Clicking When My Chick Breaths

Recently, one of my Dutch hens hatched out some chicks. One chick hatched late and appears to be a runt, the hen tryed to peck him to death, so I put him inside my house. He is located in a cardboard box with hay, medicated chick food, a water dispenser, (Not a bowl) and a heat lamp. I had to seperate the chick at hatching to save him, so I put the other chick of his type (Who had been outside for two days) in with he to teach him how to eat and drink. He is eating and drinking just fine, he can hop around, and shows not a single sign of respitory problems, except for... read more

Hatch cams page

I set up a ustream account and should be haveing sevral hatches between now and the first week or so of july so I thought I would put something in my sig so you guys and gals can watch when I have hatches going. read more

Our Chicken (and Quail) Adventure

Recently we decided to take the plunge and get some birds for our backyard. Our neighbor across the alley has them, and they are quiet (mostly) and discreet, and the thought of fresh eggs tempted us too much to say no. We ordered a prefab coop, and six hens from My Pet Chicken.   But before the chicks got here, we ended up being fortunate enough to meet some very kind people and ended up with six coturnix quail and a white silkie hen. We brought the silkie home in a box, which I put in the back seat with my almost four year old son. Needless to say, before we made... read more

anybody have tips or advise on how to get breed a double laced blue Wyandotte?

Describe 'anybody have tips or advise on how to get breed a double laced blue Wyandotte?' here I am fairly new to chickens and have found out I LOVE them!!! I am interested in the genetics and how to get certain traits bred from generation to generation.. Im really intersted in breeding my own double laced blue barnvelden but dont even no which chicks to start or patterns and colors to look for. I think you start with a barnvelden and a blue laced Wyandotte? Plesae any info and help would be great!! In the Tittle I put double laced blue wyandoote and ment barnvelden lol read more

First Time Egg Hatcher

We recently purchased 2 female Indigo Blue peacocks and to be sure they did not fly away, we put them in our covered chicken yard.  After having them about a week, one started to lay but in random places around the chicken yard.  I gathered the eggs as she layed them and put them in an incubator.  I called the person we bought them from and they insured us that they were fertile.  I candled the eggs after about 2 weeks and the eggs had a large bubble at the rounded end and there was a large dark blob in the middle of the egg.  I have an auto turner in the incubator to... read more

Perfection Farm Cochins

Perfection Farm is located in Temple, Maine We raise Bantam Cochins, LF Cochins and Belgian Booted d'Uccles. My son and I enjoy caring for the birds, incubating eggs and showing. We also like the the local swap meets and agricultural fairs which give us a chance to talk with other poultry enthusiasts. Our birds are our pleasure and valued members of our family. I am a member of The Central Maine Bird Fanciers, Cochins International, The ABA and The APA. I occasionally have eggs, chicks and started birds available for sale. Joanie... read more

B A M S Barnyard


Our Handmade Wooden Chicken Grit Feeder

  Our Handmade Wooden Chicken Grit / Feeder                                   read more

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