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How do I bold, link, post IMG code in my posts?

How do I bold, link, post IMG code in my posts?   On the buttons above your reply, left click on B for bold.   Link: Go to the top of your browser, there's the address of the page you're looking at. Left click on the address, then right click and a list comes up, left click on "copy."   IMG: On the top of your reply, left click on the button that looks like a tv (next to the piece of film). Browse takes you to your computer pictures. Sometimes if it's not in your computer pics, I L click the pic, R click brings up a menu, L click on "save as", name it... read more

Egg swap page

Describe 'Egg swap page' here read more

How do I add/change my avatar?

How do I add/change my avatar?     UPLOADING FROM YOUR COMPUTER:             USING THE IMG URL:         Click submit......   read more

How do I add photos to an album?

How do I add photos to an album?   Go to your profile and scroll all the way down until you see your albums. Click on the album you want to add to ("Default" in my example). At the top right you will see an option to "Add photos." Click that.      4. You will get a screen that looks like this:  5. Click "Select Photos" and choose the pictures you want to upload. You can select more than one at a time by holding down the CTRL key while clicking. When you are done click "Open."   6. Your photos will load and be added to your album! read more

Byc Community Faqs Glossary Notable Archives

Welcome to BYC! -- Includes basic instructions on how to navigate the site   Terms of Service (Rules)   General Forum FAQs     Q: Help - Trouble Logging In or Changing Your Forum Password or Email     A:     Q: What is the BYC Rule Warning / Infraction System? A:                    A: Q: How Do I Add An Avatar... read more

Eggs and Fertilization

By Dr. Chris McDaniel, Associate Professor, Poultry Science Department, Mississippi State University -   The main goal of broiler breeder management is producing eggs. However, the only good broiler breeder egg is a fertilized egg. Fertility, the percentage of eggs laid that are fertilized, is very important in poultry production. If an egg is not fertilized, then, of course, it will not contain an embryo and will not hatch. Simply put, "Hatchability can never be better than fertility." Hatchability is around eight percentage points lower than fertility because... read more

Nutrition and Hatchability

By Mark Pattison, Paul McMullin, Janet M. Bradbury Nutrition and Hatchability The importance of the nutrition of the dam is indicated by the fact that the egg must contain all the nutrients needed by the embryo. Development in the egg and for a week or more after hatching is, as far as fat soluble vitamins and some other factors are concerned, reliant upon supplies from the yolk. Hence, deficiency signs in newly hatched chicks (and often within the next 7 - 10 days) usually reflect a breeder feed inadequacy rather than a relationship with the starter... read more

Hatchability Problem Analysis

Hatchability Problem Analysis H. R. Wilson Introduction When a problem occurs in hatchability, usually it can be categorized as a hatchery, egg handling, or breeder flock problem. If the problem has originated within the breeder flock, it is probable that it happened at least 4 weeks earlier, assuming 3 weeks of incubation and 1 week of egg storage. This delay in identifying a problem is costly and may even make it impossible to determine the cause if the effect is of short duration. It is necessary to identify the problem as early as possible, using candling at... read more

Willowbranchfarms page

         ~~~~Welcome to Willowbranchfarm!!!~~~~         I'm Rebecca, I have 8 chickens and I got them September 27 2011 so I'm pretty new to them. I have 3 buff orpingtons, 3 black australorps and 2 silver laced wyandottes. One of the BA is a rooster. His name is Jet and he is my baby. :) he loves to be held and pet and loves to be given treats. I thought he was a girl cause I paid for a girl so I named him Melanie but had to change it. He is a very sweet boy. He does have a lot of brown feathers..I guess it was a problem with breeding or he isn't all BA. But... read more


We are new to this chicken raising business but can't wait to get up and running.   I own a cupcake shoppe, LillyCups, named for my granddaughter Lilly. My husband is a homebrewer and we have a small production brewery that will open in April.        read more

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