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Elieugene6's swap page

WHAT I HAVE: 6+ wheaten/blue wheaten ee (+ f1 olive eggers when they resume laying) 6+ mixed color silkies with showgirls 6+ Muscovy mixed colors (spring shipping) 6+ self blue and split to black bantam Cochins (spring shipping) 6+ Mille fluer d'uccle eggs (spring shIpping) 12+ mixed bantam (when molt is over) 12+ mixed large fowl (when molt is over) WHAT I WANT: Chocolate any breed as long as chocolate not Dunn Blue wheaten ameraucana Pomeranian geese Royal palm turkey Welsh harlequin ducks Sq jersey giants Buff brahma Old English game Maylasian... read more

Brandy's Swap Page

ITEMS AVAILABLE TO SWAP -more to be added as soon as I have time :)   Iris japonica (Crested or Fringed Iris) - 4 bare root plants     Lycoris radiata (Red Spider Lily or Hurricane Lily) - 4-6 depending on if you want the foliage shipped or removed.  The bulbs are currently building energy for next year's blooms.  If the foliage is removed now, you may not get blooms the first year.     Society garlic - 4-5 starts     Canna, tall yellow variety (unsure of name) - 2   Curcuma petiolata (Hidden Ginger) - freshly dug rhizomes, dormant... read more

Ga`Hoole Characters

This is the member page for my RP. Ga`Hoole RP Please Join!   Name: Dirt (it use to be Ash) Faction (side): Pure Ones Type: Lesser Sooty Rank: Serves all the barn owls and fights Color: Sooty gray with very little brown on the wings Male or Female: Male IDs: He doesn't like a lot of the Pure One's goals, but he'd still die for them to make his father proud. Picture: iluvorpintons character.   Name:Element Faction (Side):Guardians Type:Barn Owl Rank (If Any):Monarch,King Color:Tawny on body and wings, white on face and belly Male... read more

Quartz Ridge Ranch Fodder System

This year with rising feed prices and the push to move away from commercial feeds we decided to research fodder systems. We started looking at the all-inclusive trailers but the cost was too high for us. When we had the chance to check one out we knew we could take the same idea and make it work for what we had on the ranch.          We needed an area that would somewhat temperature and humidity controlled. We were able to use our basement with a little modification. Since it wasn't finished we added plastic around the walls to keep the moisture in and... read more

Sunny Side-Up Condo's

  This is how Sunny Side Up Condo's got started. It all started in July 2012 when I got the wild hair to have chickens. My husband David agreed so we went to talk to our good friend Will. He is very talented and can build anything. He said he would build it with David's help but,he expected eggs in return. July 31st they gathered all the supplies they had on hand. Will had just moved into his new home he had build so he had a lot of extra lumber and supplies.They finished the floor. It was going to be 71/2 x 12.     Will teaches school so they could only... read more

Madamwlf's Swap Page

Eggs/Chicks I Owe:       3/5/13 - mzstre - 6+ bantam orp 3/13/13 - thespoiledchicken - 6+ orps (summer) 3/13/13 - caitlin_vt - 6+ orps (summer) 3/13/13 - reesepoultry - 6+ orps (summer) 12/31/12 - chiqita - 6+ White Bresse Chicks (Fall) 2/11/13 - puglady - 9+ choco wyandotte (Summer)         CJWaldon - 24 CCL(New Line Spring/Summer) Caj1985 -11/6/12 - Trio Legbars (new/old line)x2 Coldupnorth - 6 English Orp Eggs (Spring) 1/20/13 - Brookhavens - 6+ CCL (New/old line) 1/30/13 - Thespoiledchicken - 6+ eggs (Spring/Summer) 1/30/13 -... read more

It's For The Birds- A first time chicken owners journey

  • by Carm

  Hello Chicken Lovers!!!! Here's a link to my WEBSITE I am a first time chicken owner as of May2012 and my site includes chicken pics, a blog and a detailed picture history of the shed that we turned into a coop. It is still under contruction as I add information.  Please check it out!!!   read more

Snowpetals907's Swap Page

I HAVE: Buff Cochin Bantam Eggs Hedemora Eggs Marraduna Basque Eggs Partridge Chantecler Eggs Mottled Java Eggs     Marraduna Basque (Euskal Oiloa):               Cochin Bantams:           Hedemora:         Mottled Java:         Partridge Chantecler:                   read more

Michele's swaps

I owe:     sonew123-  6 lav Am spring         Who owes me:   CPL- 6 hedemora in the spring = post 1198 (10/14)           Things I'm looking buy or trade for; Mille Fleur d'Uccles Rhodebars FCBM eco-glow brooders (to buy or trade)   THINGS I HAVE TO SWAP:                            hardback                                                                                                              statue                        nicknacks                                                          ... read more

wayne's swap page

Describe 'wayne's swap page' here   Im so excited to be swapping and i heard about the swap page and decided i wanted to make one i dont have much to offer right now but im going out to get some stuff tomorrow so i wanted to go ahead and set my page up i do have eggs for swap thats it for right now.... thanks for looking...   people that owe me...                                                                                                                          people i... read more

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