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2012 Easter Hatch Caption That Photo Contest

Caption That Photo    Contest WEEK ONE CONTEST A photo to caption will be posted on the Easter Hatch Thread on Saturday 17 March 2012 - post number 5477. Captions must be submitted to the Easter Hatch Thread by midnight on 23 March 2012. This contest is for the best caption/thought bubbles/explanation to the photo posted. Make us laugh, y'all! Prize: A dozen Welsummer eggs from Happy Chooks! Note: Recipient should pick time to receive these eggs, no earlier than Summer, Fall preferred.   The photo to caption:     SUBMISSIONS: Marty1876: caption: "OK,... read more

Blowing out emu eggs for crafting

  Please note:  I don't always get notified when there is a comment to the articles that I have posted.. so if you have a question and I don't get back to you here... just drop me a PM * ~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~ *     Someone over in the turkey forum asked me how I blow out my eggs with the egg having only one hole (to save the egg for crafting)   well.. here's my reply.. I figured I would go ahead and post it here as well to help anyone who wants super teeny holes in their eggs   It's how I deal with my infertile and scrambled eggs.. and how... read more

hatching emu

                        read more

Swap Page - Doubleatraining

DoubleATraining's Swap Page   Since I'm now a SWAP ADDICT I figured it was time I made a page.   Side swaps are WELCOME.   Eggs available: - Blue Sex Links - Seramas - Bantam Americaunas - Bantam EE - Blue Olive Eggers     I also make Chicken Saddles and have a variety of fabric choices:   BAKED GOODS: 12-20 depending on size baked FRESH for each swap. Might take an extra day or so to get them shipped. - Classic Chocolate Chip cookies - Red Velvet and White Chocolate Chip cookies - Sugar cookies   I'm open to special... read more

Operation Octagon

           We all have that one thing. That one thing we've wanted for a very long time. For some it's a brand new car, others, a new iPod maybe. Me, I've always wanted a Brinsea incubator. Not the most typical thing for a teenage girl, eh?          This member page will act as my public diary. Something amusing for my fellow chicken keepers to read. I'll be recording my journey, as long as I think is necessary. It's not going to be some useless rant, don't worry. I'll be recording a day-by-day diary from when I receive my incubator, to my very first hatch. This... read more

The Great Coop Build 2012

After several weeks of conversation and a  vicious bout of chicken math, I finally convinced the family that it was time to build a bigger better coop to accommodate the latest members of our clutch...26 chickies sitting in the brooder. This was followed up with hours upon hours of reviewing coop designs here on BYC. The following will act as my  journal through this adventure.   Day One: Because we are doing this on a budget and in our "within city limits" backyard, the design and build will need to balance cost vs neighbour appeal. With that in mind we searched... read more

Nesting Box from a bookshelf

I created a nesting box from a bookshelf we had saved from the trash pile! I think it turned out pretty good.  I want to add a small perch in front of it, but will wait till it's mounted before I do that. I might want to wait until they are supposed to get up in it, so they don't decide they want to sleep in them before they start laying.   This is the shelving unit that I started with.     This is the end result of a nesting box.  I will be adding a slanted "roof" to it once it's mounted as well to keep them from perching and laying on top of it. I left... read more


Below are what I want, what I have, what I owe and what is owed to me.   What I Want: Chicken Leg bands/Bandettes ~ ALL sizes/kinds Harnesses ~ Small Chicken Diapers Chicken Saddles Cage Cups ~ for exhibition for chickens, rabbits etc. Cage Waterers ~ for nonbearded, bearded chickens or for rabbits. Coop Cleaning Supplies Grit ~ for chickens Chicken Treat Ball 20 ml feeding syringe  Bird Powder DE ~ Food Grade Save a chick, Growers Gel or Chick Gel Chicken Books, Magazines Parasite Protector... read more

Most Ingenious Chicken Design Contest - Easter 2012

ChestnutRidge's   Most Ingenious Chicken Design Contest WEEK ONE CONTEST in conjunction with Mahonri's 3rd Annual Easter Hatch-A-Long   Vote here by 8pm EDT Tues. 3/27/12   During week 1 of incubation (17 to 23 March), post a picture and brief explanation of your cool brooder / feeder / waterer / saddle / whatever that you created for your fowl on the hatch thread.  Once the contest ends, the submissions will be put on a BYC poll for the kind folk of BYC to vote for a winner.    Prize: A copy of Gail Damerow's Chicken Health Handbook, which the winner... read more

How to secure a chicken pen from predators

How to secure a chicken pen from predators ,Here are a few easy steps when creating your chicken pin to secure the safety of your chickens from Predators .   1# When making your chicken pen you might need to take some chicken wire and bury some of the wire about six to twelve inches deep in the ground to secure the safety of your chickens from predators digging under the fenced in area as easily ,then secure the wire to the bottom of your chicken pin .     2# When creating a chicken coop make sure the corners of the pen are very secure because the corners... read more

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