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I need help

My rooster is dead and my mom won't get another so i have no way to protect my chickens while they free range and they hate being locked in their run! read more

The Villano Flock

We are new to chicken keeping.  This past May, we adopted two young pullets from a neighbor... we built a small coop, fenced off a 25x50 foot section of our yard for "ranging"... and the rest is history. I am a professional photographer, and CANNOT help but create lots of images of our adventures... and I'd love to share them with other chicken lovers!  So here is our story...   Our first two little girls:  Gloria the Delaware and Olive the Brahma They were about 8 weeks old when they first joined our family.   As previously noted, we fenced off a... read more

Name My Chickens

NAME MY CHICKENS CONTEST   Hi peeps!!!  I want you to meet the newest addition to my little establishment!!  They are down right gorgeous and I'm totally in love.  If you have not figured out just what they are, let me introduce to you my new Black Barthuhner breeding trio!  And oh yes, the hens are laying.  I found an egg outside today though it was quite frozen.  So, I need some regal names for these most beautiful regal chickens!!!  Here is all the information!   Start Time: NOW   End Time:  Thursday February 14, 2013   Prize:  6+ Eggs from whatever... read more


                                                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ROXANNES SWAPS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   MARCH 1st -LAVENDER ORP EGGS- 6 eggs       March 1st_  black Part English Orp X  Buff Brahma  - 8 eggs       March -LIGHT BRAHMA  Eggs-8 eggs           ****COMING SOON****~~ GOLD -SILVER  MIX  Laced Brahma Eggs  4         Supply a photo on line of your chicken /dog/cat  etc and i can paint it.      Rooster art 10 X 11" acrylic  on cold pressed paper     Approximately 1" to 1... read more

~Survive The City!~ A Stray Dog RP: Character Page

*Evergreen Pack* Alpha Male- Diago (Nickeyo) Alpha Female-Tessa (Chicken Tamer) Beta- Flow (Little Peep) Packmates- Skyuka (Wildriverswolf90) Daisy (Chickenfan4life) Sedna (OwlLover)  Pups-Unlimited   *Cerulean Pack* Alpha Male- Rinty (Chicken Tamer) Alpha Female- Jasmine (Chicken Tamer) Beta- Eva (Little Peep)  Packmates- Shadow (Wildriverswolf90) Pups-Unlimited   *Negro Pack* Alpha Male- Jargo (Chickenfan4life Alpha Female- Rose (iluvorpingtons) Beta- Tasha (Little Peep) Packmates- Scar (Mipuppy1) Dixie (Chickenfan4life) Diemen... read more

Rocky Hill Farm

Describe 'Rocky Hill Farm' here read more

50 Pictures of my Flock-Winter-Spring Edition-Checklist!

  1. (The first picture of the season!)(X) 2. what hens do in the run(X) 3. wattle-close-up 4. a broody glare(X) 5. fuzzy butts 6. chicken bed-time(X) 7. a lucky hen 8. new additions 9. a yummy meal  10. a really fresh egg(X) 11. a naughty hen 12. the first free-range of the year 13. an unlucky hen 14. top hen 15. a hen-squat 16. the wettest crest(X) 17. reading with chickens 18. sunbathing hens 19. a hen where she ought not be(X)  20. a lap chicken 21. a refreshing drink 22. a interview with a chicken 23. a chicken gift 24. a crow of... read more

Brookhavens Swap Page

Brookhaven’s Swap Page   Swaps I’ve Claimed: 11/7:  #2674 - 8+ Barred Rock eggs from JohnFarmer  Rec’d 11/13 11/8:  #2743 – 6+ Serama eggs from CPL   Rec’d 11/21 11/12: #2947 – 12+ Serama, 6+ Silkie & 3 Golden Sebright  from RedBrushFarms  Rec’d 11/16 11/23: #3779 – 6+ Polish eggs (Blue,Blk.,Tolbunt)  from CPL     SPRING 11/29: #4101 – 6+ Tolbunt eggs from Kraftyladies     Rec'd 5/11 12/5: #4537 – 6+ Blk. Orpington/split to Lavender from WVchick71  Rec’d 12/12 12/23: #5629 – 6+ Cream Legbars eggs from madamwlf     Rec'd 2/21 12/23: #5733 – 6+ Bresse... read more


                                                                                                        Owed to me  at this point and after communicating till communication stopped these will likely never be filled- wouldn't recommend swapping with this person again.   AYEUPCHUCK(HEATHER) 6 WHITE BRESSE LATE SPRING EARLY SUMMER 2013 #1230 6 WHITE BRESSE LATE SPRING EARLY SUMMER 2013         Breeds available:  Swedish Flower Hens                  Lavender Orpingtons                   Coronation Sussex                      Lemon Cuckoo Orps            ... read more

KPenley's Swap Page

Swaps I owe: 1/29 #2668 $20 to reesepoultry PAID 1/29 2/10 #3534 $20 to TNBEARCHICK PAID 2/10 2/22  #4721 $18 to AyeUpChuck PAID 2/22 3/3 #5650 $20 To TNBEARCHICK PAID 3/3 3/3 #5672 $20 to Sahwithchicks PAID 3/3 3/3 #6727 $20 to AyeUpChuck PAID 3/3 3/16 #6977 $20 to kraftyladies PAID 3/16   Swaps to claim: 1/29 #2665 6 Late Spring Hen's Choice Sussex (plus 6 paid for) from crfarm ARRIVED 4/25 all intact 2/10 #3532 6 CLBs March 18 from Thespoiledchicken ARRIVED 3/20 all intact 2/22 #4717 6 Turkey eggs March 11 from ProfTi ARRIVED 3/21 all... read more

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