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Wabbit1964 Harmony Hen House

Our Chicken Adventure started Spring of 2012 with Reggie the Rooster (Bantam Blue-laced Red Wyandotte)and Regina  (Bantam cochin x duccle mix) hen who are now off playing in the barnyard in heaven 2 chicks were bought from Grace Jr her son named them Water and Melon (White Rocks) Grace Jr's Light Brama was a guest in our coop for several months and she was the first hen I received an egg from Grace Jr and I put in an order for 2 Buff Orps and 5 Easter Egger chicks... when recieved most of them were sickly. Stuart (an easter egger hen named by my then 9 yr old)... read more

GracefulBantam's New Swap Page

For this thread: NEW What Ya Got Swap!     Karen Kingsbury "Divine". Like new condition! Hardcover. AND Karen Kingsbury "Between Sundays". Brand new!       Karen Kingsbury "One Tuesday Morning", "Beyond Tuesday Morning", and "Every Now and Then". Complete SEPTEMBER 11TH series. Former library books.     Karen Kingsbury "A Time to Dance". Women of Faith special edition. AND Karen Kingsbury "Shades of Blue". Brand new!         Beverly... read more

Current RPs

Just for personal reference.   Rainea: The Shadow's Omen Story   Name: Sunny Species: Fennec Fox Gender: Female Power: TBA Picture:   Name: Rocky Species: Arctic Fox Gender: Male Power: Telekinesis Picture:   Name: Kate Species: Arctic Fox Gender: Female Power: Grow or shrink to any size from half her normal size to 25 feet. Picture:   Name: Senkah Species: Winged Wolf Gender: Female Power: Influence other powers, or use them for herself Picture:   Name: Thistles Species: Gryphon Gender: Female Power: Can summon up to 5 clones of... read more

~*~STC RP Character Page~*~

The character page for all my RPers' characters! If you are a member of this RP and I have not added your character, feel free to add your on!  If you are not a member of Survive The City: A Stray Dog RP, please do NOT edit this page!                 ~*~Kageon Pack~*~ Alpha Male: Jay (OwlLover) Alpha Female: Akira (OwlLover) Will soon be--Artemis (ClucksAndPeeps) Beta Male: Shadow (OwlLover) Beta Female: Sentries: Cody (OwlLover) Luna (OwlLover) Hunters: Packmates:   ~*~Golden Pack~*~ Alpha Male: Rowan (Chickenfan4life) Alpha Female: Ruby... read more

Michigan Chickenstock Potluck Food Update.

  • by RaZGolden Feathers

This will the the place where I can update the food list for the Michigan Chickenstock event.   Chickenstock will be held on June 22, 2013.  The location is Delta Township Park.      Below is the list of who is bringing what:   RaZ Randy Calico baked... read more

redneck farmers chicken advanture

    Along time ago my dad told me how cool it would be to raise chickens in the back yard... i was instanly hooked!! three days later we got 5 Amerucana X Rode Island Red chicks from r local feed store.         thats them playing in the front yard eating outa my hand     so fast forward a couple weeks an look now   this is peep-   she is a hen. peep got her name because when my mother frist got her in her hands she said "peep peep" an my mom said thats her name Peep. peep is white black an brown an she is at the bottom of the pecking... read more

~~Dragon tail RP~~ Member page

~~~~~Dragon tail~~~~~ It has been said that dragons have been extinct for thousands of years. And a great warrior killed the last one named Shicon. until a nice, sunny morning a dragoness named Shala was crossing the seas until she was caught of course from a hurricane. That's when she discovered a flying creature in the sky as she gazed closer she discovered it was a dragon roaming in the sky. She then hit a uncharted island and found a island full of dragons. As she left the island a few dragons traced her back. Humans went to that island hoping to catch a glimpse... read more

Dragon Tail RP Character Page

Leader: Usually there are two within a Clan, although sometimes there is only one. However there can only be one of each gender holding this position. They are normally the active mating pair. They are dominant over all the rest of the clan and what they say should be considered law within their clan.    Deputy: There may be one or two in a clan, one of each gender. They may or may not be mates and are second in command. When neither Leader is around they take charge as it is the responsibility that falls to them.   Warrior: They are led by the Deputy during... read more

Bhen Swap Page

  • by bHen

      Describe 'Bhen Swap Page' here   Blue Laced Red Wyandottes LF       Geese- the girls are pomeranian x chineese boys are 1 pomeranian and (1 pom. x pilgrim?)         Blue Royal Palm tom over black royal palm hen               read more

An Open Letter to Egg Shippers

  An open letter to egg shippers   Dear Sir/Madam   I am excited about our business arrangement and look forward to your eggs arriving here in the best possible condition. While I am sure you have had plenty of experience shipping eggs, I have had vast experience receiving eggs. Many of those I have received have failed miserably. I would like to share what I feel is the ideal way to receive eggs.   1.    Eggs must be fresh. By that I mean that they should be less than 3 days. It takes 3 days for USPS to get the eggs from you to me and then they need to... read more

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