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Hatching Eggs 101

ps.... dont hesitate topop on the thread and ask for help.... CLICK HERE FOR THREAD!   Educational Incubation & Hatching, w/ Sally Sunshine, learn everything from hatching to processing and so much more through questions and chatting!    ALSO there is a 9 1 1 - HELP!  stuff went wrong links from the thread HERE..  UPDATE:  I have pulled extremely helpful NOTES, LINKS & Informational Post Links from the incubation thread for EVERYONE'S convenience and will continue... read more

Chicken Bumper Stickers

"Chillin' With My Peeps" adhesive or magnetic chicken bumper stickers   "My Pet Makes Me Breakfast" adhesive or magnetic chicken bumper stickers   "My Chicken is an Honor Student" adhesive or magnetic chicken bumper stickers   "It's Cheep Therapy" magnetic chicken bumper sticker read more

BYC Index of Abbreviations

A list of abbreviations commonly seen at BYC:   A AGB American Game Bantam   AGF ACV American Game Fowl Apple Cider Vinegar B BA Blue Andalusian   BA or Lorp Black Australorp   BB Buff Brahma   BBR Black/Blue Breasted Red   BBS Black, Blue or Splash   BCM Black/Blue Copper Marans   BCW Buff Columbian Wyandotte   BF Bantam Fowl   BF Boy... read more

BYC Member Awards And Badges

BYC is made up of thousands of wonderful members, each one offering their knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion, and other gifts in unique, individual ways. We love to recognize them, and for this reason we developed an awards nomination system. Members can nominate another member for an award through this process, found on the BYC Recognition Awards  thread.     Description Image Name Platinum Poultry Members have met requirements & shown support of BYC Platinum Poultry Member Active... read more

Share Byc Buttons Banners Links Etc

Share the joy of raising chickens with your friends! Invite people to browse BYC and participate in our wonderful chicken forum with thousands of active helpful members. Below are a few tools to help you spread the word and help achieve our goal of A Chicken In Every Yard!   BYC Business Cards You will be able to order these in our store or print them yourself. FRONT Card Front - jpg image  (Avery Template... read more

Deciding to free range your flock

Deciding to Free Range Your Flock     Often one of the first things a new chicken owner wants to do is let the flock out to free-range.  One of the joys of owning chickens is watching "chicken TV" as they interact with each other, you, and their environment.  Free-ranging provides a larger and more varied environment for your chickens. Before free-ranging your chickens, however, there are some steps you should take to make sure your flock gains the most benefits from free-ranging, that they remain safe, and that they return to the safety of the coop at night. ... read more

How To Raise a Chicken As a Family Pet

Most people think of Chickens as backyard roamers, or maybe the next item on the dinner plate. But there is another way to own Chickens, and that way is raising them to be your companion. Many people find this hard to believe, but Chickens can be just as loyal as Dogs. They will sit in your lap, come when they hear their name, and even cuddle with you for hours straight. The story of my first Chickens began in September 2011. I never expected to have loved them as much as I do to this day, but things turned out to be what I never knew possible. Okay, so you're... read more


  For many of us backyard chicken enthusiasts, biosecurity is a big word that hints of government intrusion, regulatory oversight, and a host of issues we’d rather not have to deal with. However, biosecurity is something we should all be aware of if we want to protect our flock. First of all, a little background on why we can safely ignore the USDA’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). The USDA’s primary concern is to keep the food supply safe for consumers. The only concern they have with respect to the health, welfare, and happiness of your flock is whether or... read more


  Raising Chickens on a Shoestring By Sandra Higgins Hanna      Whether you’ve received a couple chickens as a ‘gift’ or just couldn’t resist baby chicks, you now need housing for the little sweeties. What can you do if you hadn’t budgeted for new pets? Join many of us and ‘shoestring’ it! My white Silkie pullets were a Christmas gift. Best Christmas ever! These bantam chickens lay small eggs sometimes. For consistent egg-layers, research hen breeds before buying or taking home free hens. Here's what I saw that Christmas morning.   Hens, Chicks.... read more


  Yikes, one of my chicks is a cockerel! What do I do? by Becky Flanagan     Remember when you bought your chicks from the feed store? They came with a 99% chance of being a hen. And, like most backyard chicken keepers, having hens was all that was in the plan. You imagined a small flock that provided your family with fresh, wholesome eggs each morning. What you probably did not imagine was that of the hundred chicks in the cage, you would go home with the one rooster.  If you do indeed win (or, rather, lose) the chicken lottery and end up with a cockerel (a... read more

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