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Repurposed shed into a coop

We moved into my wife's grandparents place. He had many sheds on the property. We converted the old pool shed into a coop. We built an outside run and have been making the inside better each week! The best thing is the shed comes with electricity! The building of the run is basically easy although I still had help from family! Inside we just used a devider to separate their food and supplies from the pen. Recently we added a roost. Next up are some nesting boxes! read more

Cheri's Chicken Coop

The Design This is the perfect design for a small to medium size coop.  It has two double nesting boxes for a total of four. There is plenty of room to add two more double nesting boxes if desired.  This Coop is built to be light weight, (Approximately 250 lbs.) sturdy and easy to assemble and disassemble.   Features There are two Chicken doors, one on each side wall which allows you to build a chicken run on either end or both.  An additional Chicken door could be added on the back side if you decide it suits your needs better. There are four Roosts.  The dimensions... read more

Roos' Roost

Recently my husband and I moved to a new home on 4 acres at 7,800 ft. in the mountains above Boulder Colorado. On the northeast side of the house there was an existing dog yard was over 6 foot high and chain link fenced. It was a fairly big yard and I immediately new this would be my chicken yard and we set out to build the coop within the fenced yard. I had looked at a lot of coop designs and zeroed in on the "Garden Coop" and "Wichita Coop" designs. This coop is a little of both but not built  to any plans. It was designed as we went. My husband is a carpenter and so... read more

Thanks for the help!

  OK, its time to fess up and come clean... I have recently completed my new backyard coop, and I've been stealing ideas from you guys for months now! I apologize for not putting names with the pictures to give proper credit to the folks that posted and explained the ideas, but you know who you are. Thanks again everyone!   Here are some pictures of your ideas that I've used in my new coop.  I won't label anything since most of you know what they are, but if you have any questions, just ask.       read more

Pallet for Pullets

I wanted to build a chicken coop and run but not spend a lot of money.  As a matter of fact, the less money spent, the happier that I'd be on this project.  I was able to gather a considerable amount of pallets, at my favorite price, FREE.  No real plan just an idea from coops that I saw on the web.     I started by taking the decking off the pallets.  I used a pry bar and hammer.  After a few, I learned how to take them apart without splitting the boards.  Pry up on the center of the board first.  Just enough to expose the nails.  Then remove the nails with a... read more

The Hennery

Building The Hennery 10x10 shed on left will become the coop.     Temporary transitional brooder inside coop (under poop board) The potting shed gets a roof! To be continued...                                                                               read more

First time carpenter and chicken keeper 4X6 Coop Best of BYC design

Coop is actually 4×8.   I built this coop with very little experience and with zero chicken Knowledge prior to my research here at BYC.  I think i read almost every blog on here and sorted through tons of info but I believe I have collected some of the best ideas as well as adding a few of my ownfile:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2014/07/27/20140727-210400/iTy6OPMoTGqSOJxktsfPYQ/IMG_5712.jpgfile:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2014/07/27/20140727-210400/nSnobixVQ7GBnWjSXoN90w/IMG_5713.jpg​First the run was made out of 8 5x5 welded... read more

El Gallinero

This was my summer project this year.  I am a teacher and had the summer to spend with my family and build this coop(el gallinero, can you guess what i teach?)!     Anyways, here it is...   I was building this coop on a tight budget.  Most of the wood for the frame…I mean ALL of the wood for the frame was either unwanted wood my father and I salvaged from friends and neighbors or picked up from home construction sites (they throw away A LOT of good material.  If you have the patience and if you talk to the people building the house, you can get collect much)  I even... read more

Garden Coop Costa Mesa

I downloaded the Garden Coop design and followed the instructions pretty much verbatim. Best $20 I ever spent. Working only on the weekends and with a 3 and 5 year old as helpers it took about two months to build. The stop sign was added at the request of my boys and the hand sanitizer was a gift to my wife. Currently I have two Black Sex Linked chickens and one Ameraucana. We have had them for three weeks and have learned a lot from the various forums on BYC. Thanks everyone! read more

Noob's coop

   This project was built with about 80% recycled materials we had laying around the shop and the farm. We only spent a couple hundred dollars on plywood, screws and a few other odds and ends. Some of the lumber was a gift, but it was also reclaimed. Pressure treated frame   Nesting bays.   Egg collection doors.   Nontoxic paint and fence posts.   Vent windows.   Door/Ramp.   Trim to make it look cute.   Metal roof.   Animal barrier trench. The Wire goes into the ground.   Wire is set in just enough concrete to bind it all together... read more

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