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Our Mother Clucking Hen House

    After years of yearning for chickens, our local city ordinances were updated to allow for chickens.     We designed this medium sized coop inspired by the Wichita Cabin Coop and the Garden Coop with the design modified to fit the building materials we already had.   My dad salvaged a bunch of old billboards that were 4' x 8' and salvaged 2"x"4s.   Footprint: 10' wide x 6' deep, secured with an apron of buried hardware cloth. Coop: 4' wide x 6' deep.  Walls are 4' tall with 17" of ventilation at the top, sloping to 10" in the back.  This was nice because it... read more

The Breakfast Club in Western NC

After much stalking of this website and its voluminous coop pictures, "The Breakfast Club" came to be over about a month or so of weekend work.  We did not use plans on paper - just those in our heads.   We picked a fairly level corner of the backyard, far enough away from neighbors so that they wouldn't find my new hobby a nuisance. We built the run and coop as a single unit and did not sink the corner 4" x 4" posts because we figured that the weight upon completion of the structure would keep it in place.  The total footprint is 12' wide x 8' deep x 8'(ish) tall... read more

Coop, interrupted

I looked through many of the designs on here before designing my own. I had gone to (The Habitat for Humanity's) Re-Store and picked up two windows. A long one and a short one. This set the dimensions for the coop as bigger than 2' deep, bigger than 5'6" long. I then swung through a home depot to check out how much plywood (way too much) might run me. I also had a feeling they would cut things to size for me. We have a little cordless drill/ saw combo that shares a battery... but i couldn't imagine getting through the posts with that. I stopped at the contractor desk... read more

Carolina Coop

We began this project back in May.  My husband had to excavate (dig) out part of the side of the mountain to level out an area to put the coop.  We planned to use an existing storage building (6 x 8) as the hen house.  He dug out and poured footers and built a block wall around it.  He added wood and screen on top of the walls and topped it with a metal roof. He painted the floor of the henhouse and the insides of the nest boxes with an epoxy paint.  Built a poop board and put stainless steel on top of it.  We are using sand and plan to add PDZ to it.  He found some... read more

Barnyard Peeps House

At the beginning of this year I started kicking around the idea of having chickens.  I had some experience when I was a kid with chickens, (mostly bad because of a mean rooster) but other than gathering eggs I really had no experience.  I found BYC and was hooked.  As I searched the site for coops, I realized I wanted a larger coop (based on chicken math and sound advice about the addictive quality of this new endeavor).  My design centered mostly on Saf101's and CoopDelisle's designs.  Without step by step instructions I was a bit intimidated to begin such a robust... read more

Controlable Heat Cheep Brooder

    I wanted to be able to control the heat without movimg the heat source, I found a nifty dimmer switch at lowes for $15.00                 The heat lamp just plugs into the dimmer plug, the dimmer also has a slide control to adjust the lamp which controls the heat. I use a 250W red heat lamp which when just plugged in would be above 117 degrees way to hot for indoors.       A thermometer inside the brooder shows when I have the desired temp.   I also put half flat glass beads "like for an aquarium" in the waterer to protect the fuzzy butts from drowning read more

Crickhollow Brooder

I wanted to have a more permanent chick brooder so I created this mainly using a fee shipping crate and materials left over from my main coop build. Since our property is a small 0.4 acre suburban plot I wanted something that looked reasonably cute. Built on casters but will need to switch them out for more robust wheels. I imagine it will stay on blocks for the winter. Need to cap off the roof opening which allows for ventilation and is secured with hardware cloth. Named for Frodo's house in Crickhollow which lay on the edge of the Old Forest. The dark... read more

Colossal and Related Structures

This is my present slightly over-sized coop and it's related structures.   To start off I would like to note that this coop is simply a functional draft for bigger and better ones to come as all of my coops are; this is just the forth of my setups; the First of my coops was a uninsulated 4' by 4'wood box, framed with tin, and had nest box access from the outside,it was the only portable coop I had  but, as the metal was damaged, it was destroyed as it was no longer safe for the birds. The second coop was 6' by 11' and had was later turned into a dim, overcrowded... read more

My Birthday Present Coop

      My first coop...I wanted a backyard chicken coop for my birthday and found this design on BYC by Todd. Thanks for the inspiration and I love my new girls! I built all the windows myself to a custom size. I refused to pay $300 or $400 for a cupola so I built that too. However with all the custom vents, angles, and details it took almost longer than the actual coop. The large doors and the backside open for easy cleaning and there are several doors for nesting box access and food storage. I used recycled ship lap for all the siding and interior finishes.... read more

Ultimate poop catcher coop

Had to add space vertically to my coop  for some new additions and minimize the mess for winter months when the chickens would be going out less. (It gets pretty cold in Michigan some times). l saw a post where there were bins below the roosts and decided to try pull out bins with sand in them. They work EXCELLENT! The sand absorbs the smell and dries out the poop really well.  I got the bins at the local home improvement store in the cement section for about $6 each. They are 24" x 28". They make bigger ones as well. I had to reinforce the lips on the ones that had the... read more

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