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cirque de poulet

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cirque de poulete

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From Baby Changing Table to Chick Brooder!!

My Hubby and I found a this Jenny Lind style baby changing table at the local charity thrift store for $15.00.  He knocked out the top shelf, put a backboard on it, enclosed three sides with 1/4" hardware cloth and then made removable side boards to control drafts so as the chicks grow the sides can be removed for more ventilation and viewing area, he also put cup hooks on the front so we can place a plexiglass cover over the front to prevent more drafts if desired.  He made a frame for the lid, added hinges and a hook to hold it open for access.   The bottom shelf will... read more

My little chicken coop

no chickens yet, but I have designed and built a coop base on various internet postings and believe this to be a unique coop.  the coop is two story, 4x4 (2 feet + 4 feet high) , run is 12x12 (5 1/2 feet high), the construction is mostly done, but still need to add the hardware cloth and some finishing touches. wont' have any chicken for probably five months. used wood as braces and notches to stabilize the structure.  this is my first time building anything of significance. I did it mostly by myself.   I learnt so much about construction.  Cost: 1k (at least), time... read more

PVC Pipe Feeder

I built this feeder out of a 90mm PVC drain pipe, a Y bend (I think it's called that) and a cap on the bottom. I make different feeders like this to suit different spots in the coop. It is cheap and easy to make. This one has a 45 degree angle with a diagonally cut pipe on the end of the Y. This helps keep it dry if it is out in the rain and helps stop too much food being scraped out. It also has a screw on thing at the top where a cap can screw on if it is left in the rain. This one has a bend on the top that sticks through the wire so I can fill it up through... read more

Whimsical Purple Coop

I've always wanted chickens, and my husband wanted to get rid of the not so new eyesore of a swing set in our brand new back yard. While his job is more managerial now (he runs a construction company), he's truly a carpenter - and a good one. He built this coop for me using left over materials from old jobs.   Here's the finished product - scroll down for the process.         ----   This is kind of what we started with - after we had taken some bits down.   Framing the doors and windows.   Beginning the curved roof and the nesting... read more

San Tan Valley Coops Newest Designs

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My spin on the Purina coop

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The Chicken Hotel (4'x8'x4') and run

I inherited 5 hens from a friend and along with it came a very well built coop and a standard 4'x8' run made of scrap wood. After a few days of owning the chickens and seeing the amazing coops I decided it was time to make an attempt at a better looking run for my birds. I don't consider myself either a carpenter or very handy but I felt inspired and I figured, "how hard could making a box be?"   The Run- 4' tall 8' long 4' wide   I started with standard 2x4s and build two 4' tall and 8' long walls and two 4' tall and 4' wide walls that I joined together with 2.5"... read more

Cape Cod Coop

 The Cape Cod Coop This is our Cape Cod coop which we built this summer when my father finally gave into getting me chickens, I had been dreaming of getting some since I was in 2nd grade. We received our chicks in March and kept them in a basement brooder until we finished the coop when they were about 10 weeks old. When we first got the chicks they were a lot smaller than I thought they would be and they were so cute and sweet. My whole family was so excited. Here is a picture  of the chicks when they were less then a week old:  We started with 2 buff orpingtons,... read more

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