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Tree House Chicken Coop

Hi All, We looked for coop designs and couldn't find anything that wouldn't take up a lot of space, so we used our existing tree house. My husband , bless him, is good at honey do projects and this was no exception. We screened in the bottom of the tree house with hardware cloth, he made the door, and built the coop under the ramp to get to the tree house. We have a door to get into the coop to clean and also 5 eggs boxes, which I keep two blocked off as it is a bit too many. We have installed perches inside and a window to allow ventilation, especially in the summer.... read more

The Alabama Winchester Chicken House

    The Winchester Chicken House   This is a story that has to start with a preceding story. It needs sort of a “prequel” so to say.   There's a big fancy house in the San Jose that was built in the late 1800s by a lady named Sarah Winchester. She was the daughter of Oliver Winchester of the Winchester rifle fame. She was quite wealthy.   She believed in the after life and of things in between. Once she went to a fortune teller who told her that she could see that Sarah was doing a lot of construction on her house and that was good. However there was a lot of bad... read more


This is my first coop and I started the build this summer/fall so I can be ready to get chickens in the spring.  The footprint is 6x8 and the front wall is 8' tall and the back wall is 7'.  The walls are fairly tall for ease of getting inside and cleaning and also maximize the use of 8' material.  Not sure I needed to make it that tall but it is much easier to get around in there.   I used green treated material for the posts, edge boards, and deck and otherwise construction lumber for everything else.  I tried to save money when I could with the construction the... read more

The "No Chickens!" Coop

"No chickens!" was my mantra to my wife when we moved out to the country.  For the life of me, I could not understand why we would ever want to have chickens.  It made absolutely no sense to me and I put my foot down.  "No chickens."  Yeah, as if.   For Christmas I purchased a prefab coop in preparation for the chicks that we would get in the spring from our local farmer friend.  I love my family a lot.     So here I am thinking "we are set, this chicken thing isn't so bad......."  They then started growing and I knew that I was in real trouble at that point.  A... read more

Hannah's Hen House

Our coop was built Spring of 2014 based on plans we purchased for The Garden Coop (, a great coop design.   We modified the plans to make "the run" into the whole actual open-air coop, that we cover with a heavy duty tarp and plastic in winter.  I wanted a coop with a soil floor that I could use deep litter in, a coop that has good ventilation and would always smell fresh, and a coop that could be built securely on a hill.  If it wasn't for the hill stipulation, I would have gone for a hoop coop with cattle panel, as it seems cheaper to make, but... read more

Heated nesting boxes help stop frozen eggs!

  • by RonP

Last winter was unusually cold for my area, with days turning to weeks of temperatures way below freezing.   My schedule allowed me to gather my eggs twice a day, 8am and 8pm.   For weeks I had cracked frozen eggs. Literally dozens of eggs were deemed unfit for human consumption, and fed back the the birds.   I Quote: US FDA says: "Shell eggs should not be frozen. If an egg accidentally freezes and the shell cracked during freezing, discard the egg. Keep any uncracked eggs frozen until needed; then thaw in the refrigerator. These can be hard cooked successfully... read more

Sandbox roost !

We JUST installed this today ! Well mark and my father did haha so we shall see how it works out ! Anyone else have this in their coop?? read more

Love my Hen House!

I designed this hen house with my friend Alonzo who built it for me. The exterior "Nest Condo" makes it very easy to collect the eggs and clean out the nests. Alonzo came up with the 7' tall portable "ladder" like roosts.  We have 2 of them in the hen house.  These fold toward one side when we go in to clean out the hen house. The fake windows are just black paint and I used fake flowers to keep the bird from eating them!  They still occasionally pull them down. We have a switch for lights inside so we can  check on the hens & to make it easier to clean.  My chicken yard... read more

Motel Chix

We got our first chicks on February 26, 2014.  We didn't start our coop until late March, and the chickens moved out there on April 1.  I couldn't handle the dust in the house anymore!  The coop wasn't even finished when they moved out!   We had an issue with a tree that Ken didn't want to take out.  It's his apricot tree.  So these hastily scrawled plans were what we came up with - the run offset instead of coming straight off the coop.  The coop was 6'x8'.  Due to a mis-communication when we finalized the plans, it also ended up being 8' tall at the front and 6'... read more

7 Heavenly Hens GARDEN coop - a home for urban chickens

Our coop design is based on the Wichita Cabin Coop - with slight variations to overall dimensions. Dimensions of the enclosed, covered run are 13'-4" x 5'-4" and the hen-house measures 5'-4" square. We're located in Albuquerque, New Mexico (zone 7b) . The coop will be sufficient for 10 hens but for now we have 8 pullets (each a different breed). The metal roof is used to harvest rainwater and store it in a 55 gal. barrel. Both the feeder and waterer are made from recycled 5 gal. buckets. Right now for the 8 laying pullets, we have 2 nesting boxes that are both used... read more

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