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Eggeby (My new henhouse)

The house is almost finished Just some detaljs here and there. And My little Office . The backyard is just for now, gona make a bigger one next year . Mr Perfect My beloved rooster. I really hope his gona like his new house. read more

How to: Build a Homemade Incubator (Griffin Nest)

  •Return to Homepage•     How to: Build a Homemade Incubator   I've seen some cool designs for homemade incubators all over the internet, but some of them seem so hard to make! My incubator is a cheap, easy to make, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE way to make an homemade incubator!    Supplies: Styrofoam Cooler 2 Plastic Picture Frames (same size each) Light Fixture Kit Aluminum Foil A shallow tray Plastic Mesh (Easy to find in crafting stores) Light Dimmer Switch (IMPORTANT) Tools:   Knife (Be CAREFUL) Screwdriver Electric Tape     It is... read more

The Country cabin

Once the kids out grew the playhouse I made plans for it.... I re-purposed it into the Country Cabin.. 3 egg boxes on the sides     added water drinker nipples   curtains for a touch of coziness ;)   man door with slide access door and ramp.   added country shutters and a metal rooster medallion at the peak.   then we added a 12 ft run so they can be safe from the hawks. added another water drinker that fills from the rain coming off the metal roof..   and I was very happy with the first creation, we built a second coop similar,   2ND... read more

The Girls New Digs

  We just got our first chickens this summer in a city that doesn't allow chickens.  We decided to be scofflaws so we bought this coop from Comfy Coops. I keep sand in the poop drawer and it works very well.  We only have 4 girls and I probably will not get more then 4 hens because of the noise level and we don't want to attract attention.  We did talk with our neighbors next to the coop and they were fine with it.That is Coco checking out the coop and Bella posing in front of the coop.   Next we moved the coop and set it on 1/2 inch hardware cloth and added... read more

The Insulated & Detachable Chicken Coop

Our family (2 parents and 2 teenagers) are the new chicken owners. After much research and debate, we built an insulated chicken coop, complete with a sky light, and a detachable galvanized steel run for our 4 new Leghorns. The whole construction took 3 weeks, taxing our skills as a family of robotics team and engineers. (Don't ask how much it cost, because we don't want to know the "damage").   A view of our 4' x 4' x 6' high insulated chicken coop with a 4' x 6' x 6' high detachable steel run. The two parts coupled together by fit and friction.   The chicken... read more

coop d'état- mod squad

My husband and I were very excited when we finally made the decision to keep backyard chickens this spring.  We live down the road from a poultry farm and get to hear the roosters crow every day so the thought of having our own small flock didn't make sense to us when we first moved in.  I don't think either one of us could have been more wrong.  Our three girls have brought us so much happiness and joy in the past 4 months.  It has been wonderful watching them in the yard and learning all about chickens and educating others.  We picked up our chicks in early May.  We... read more

My "I've never built anything like this before, I hope this works!!" Chicken Coop!

I'm a 25 year old woman and I built this chicken coop on my own. So if you're thinking about building a coop and are a little nervous/hesitant, don't be! You can do it! :)   What started as a sketch on a piece of paper, slowly but surely evolved into an actual chicken coop that actually functioned and actually was not going to fall down/break in half/crumble into a million pieces.    This thing is solid and it **** well better be after many, many hours of weekend work. I'm obviously not going to give a tutorial with the coop because I'll be honest and say there was... read more

How to turn a Playhouse into an Enchanted Chicken Coop

First we want to thank everyone who has posted their stories of building their own coops and how they upgraded existing ones, we couldn't have completed ours without your help.   To save money and the desire to have an attractive new chicken coop to replace our ratty old and smaller one lead us to purchasing a Playhouse from Habitat for Humanity's ReStore store. Even though the Playhouse was missing parts and sections were damaged, we paid 1/4th the cost of a new one.   Here is a picture of it once we got it home.   First we had to build a platform to support the... read more

The Strange Coop

Last Edit: Updated photos, descriptions, sketches, design changes (bottom of article) and corrected typos.   It all started 2 and a half months ago. My wife and I inherited three, 1 year old hens and a chicken tractor from friends who moved away. We had discussed getting chickens this past year, after our home owners association changed the by-laws allowing us to have hens because we lived outside of city limits.   Since then, chicken math has taken its toll on us : ) We now have the 3 hens, and an additional 5 pullets, 7 of them are different breeds because we want... read more

Pepparkakor Hönshus (Gingerbread Henhouse)

We aren't the kind of people who can just drop a couple thousand dollars on a new coop. But never fear! When we bought our new micro-farm, it came with THIS!     Even more exciting, this aesthetically noxious, junky shed was filled to the gills with more junk! But if you know me, you know that every negative is really just a well-hidden positive. Among the junk we found lots of nice, usable wood. We started by cleaning it out. Then the exterior really needed some help! The plan was to make the exterior perimeter of the building completely predator proof. We... read more

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