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Open air large size coop

My husband and I built a coop over the last couple months and it is finally done... almost.  We have never had chickens and have never constructed anything... ever.  So, without further adieu here is the process we went through and will post some images of the final product once I have them.  We actually have chickens in it now before I managed to get any.  Hah!                                     More to follow soon.. will head to get some updated ones now.            read more

The Barnstormer ( page in progress )

Four years ago I relocated with my wife Paula and our three children from the Dark Peaks in the north of England to Oxford Mississippi. A childhood image of rural America was already defined by those fabulous red barns with gambrel roofs, so choosing a theme for this design was easy ! This coop will house six to eight birds and has a layout similar to the Wichita coop. The gambrel roof took a little time to build, but we are finding the extra 'loft' space provides a great place where the chickens like to roost and for us to store some of those bits and pieces needed to... read more

The Cluck-O-Stoga Chicken Tractor

    My husband and I live on a small island in Washington State and enjoy a lifestyle that encourages us to re-purpose and recycle as much as possible. Thus our new chicken tractor was born of almost all recycled, scavenged and re-purposed materials. Despite the used materials, I think we have come up with a design that will serve us and our birds well.   We had a few goals we wanted to incorporate into the design. We wanted it to be easily moved by one person, be useable year round, large enough for six to eight birds, keep our birds safe from an abundance of... read more

1st time coop build.

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English Family Coop

We are just finishing up our first chicken coop build. This is our first time having chickens. We decided to get several different types of chickens. The types we have are Cornish, Barred Rock, Americauna, Welsummer, Longhorn, and a few mixed breed Easter Eggers. We plan on housing approx a dozen chickens year round. We looked over many designs before deciding what style and function of a coop we thought would work for our family. Our coop is approx 36 sq ft plus egg box and our run is about 130 sq ft. We took many things into consideration such as function, necessity,... read more

The Blanch Ranch Chicken Coop

Not sure how this works. HTML? Anyway. Here is a link to all the pictures during my build. Can't think of anything I would have done different. The lower doors hold the drawer when you go to clean it out. Very handy. Access to all parts of it is easy. Sun roof is nice in the winter as a gauge. for humidity. read more


We started with five banty chickens my daughter brought home from the local hardware store. Then chicken math took over and we needed a bigger coop for all the new fuzzy butts that would soon arrive. So my husband got busy and started building cooptopia aka fowlcatraz aka fort flox.       Concrete footing about a foot in depth for what will be a 10x40 coop.     1/2 inch osb inside and out for the walls and inside ceiling.     2x3 framing, we went with 2x3 over 2x4 because they are a dollar less each and plenty strong enough. Walls are all on 24" centers... read more

Massachusetts Duck Coop

This spring we decided to add ducks to our lives.  We bought four Swedish Blues from McMurray and raised them in a brooder for 4 weeks before moving them permanently to their new home this past weekend.  Our coop needs to provide protection from coyote, raccoon, fox, possum, skunk, fishers, and hawks.  We want the ability to keep the ducks in the coop for long periods during the winter months when hawk pressure is highest, so we made our enclosure pretty big:  6 ft by 16 ft = 96 ft², or 24 ft² per duck (assuming 4). We wanted to keep the structure... read more

Jurassic Bawk Coop on Barfield Urban Farm

So there I was, eating my Costco eggs one morning and thought I want my own eggs.  That's where it all started.  I live in Denver, CO where it is legal to have chickens within the city limits (no roosters).  I came across and have been hooked ever since.  I started with two hens and an amazon ordered chicken coop.  I quickly learned my mistake when I came home from work and the coop door was open, no hens to be found, and one very pleased dog in the yard.  I have since spent many hours looking at coop designs and coming up with my own spin on one.... read more

Girls Fun Day Out Chicken Coop

My husband and I constructed an elevated 8' x 8' walk-in chicken coop, with access below the coop including roosting perches.    The coop is constructed 2x4 framing, truss roof, metal roofing, and Smart Siding.  The inside is finished with OSB Board and solid foam insulation in the walls.  3/4" extra plywood for flooring.  There is a full walk-in door from the outside for easy access.  The coop chicken door is on a pulley system.  The windows are constructed with double pane plexi-glass.  The windows were first finished with hardware cloth to prevent an intruder from... read more

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