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Camper coop

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Alice in Wonderland :)

        This is actually a doll house we had built into a coop. Allan the chicken coop man did an awesome job on the new home for our girls, This was a 10 year anniversary presant from my amazing man! Our 17 girls are very content in their new digs.   read more

Swing set coop

  • by epax

My husband designed and built a coop to fit below a swing set fort. The area was a sandbox and our chickens love hanging out in the run! Out coop is sized to fit 5 chickens, we have 4. They free range for 2-3 hours a day so we weren't too concerned with the size of the run. read more

What should I do with that old trampoline?

This one is easy!  We had an old trampoline frame in the back yard.  We just reconfigured the pieces into the frame and added a few cheap items to make the coolest chicken coop ever.  Our 10 chickens and 13 ducks have lots of room, especially with the attached chicken yard.   Before: (ok this was the new trampoline :-) )         After:  (what we did with the old one) Ultimately you are just using two halves of the circle (that used to stretch the trampoline) as parallel arches, and  connecting them with horizontal supports that used to be the safety-net poles.... read more

Hildy's Chicken Deluxe

It all started with these two ladies.... Dumb-dumb the Polish and Hershey the Sizzle. They were rescued but needed a better home than what they came with.    They ended up with this little number and the ability to free range. We wanted something that was functional and good looking. Our property is fenced but there is no privacy.  We did not want any complaints from the neighbors.     This is was the start of a lot of hard work. We choose the Wichita Cabin design. The run is 10 ft x 5 ft and the coop is 4ft x 5 ft.  Basic framing. Starting to put in the... read more

Almost finished small coop, pen

Self designed coop for 4 Iowa Blue breeders complete with pen constructed of a re-purposed trampoline frame. The chickens love their new digs.     Our resident snoop, "Chickaletta", the Cornish hen trying to sneak into the picture.   The Iowa Blues are starting their housekeeping of their new run.   read more

Rocking W Chicken Coop

Got the foundation in.  More pics to follow.    Got the walls and roof on                     read more

Redesigned Thrift Store Brooder

While out thrifting for treasures, I found a table base for $6. It didn't have a table top, but that was even better because I envisioned it as a chick brooder with a top hatch door. Those boards you see in the mid section were already there too. First, I applied a red stain - such an upgrade from it's original brown! Then I used 1/4 inch hardware mesh and a staple gun to enclose the sides. Here is a photo taken at that point.... Next, I used scrap 2x4 lumber and hinges/handle I found from around our farm to craft the aforementioned top hatch door. I also used plywood... read more

The Chickadee Club

Everything seemed to be perfect for me back in March!!  Jennifer (dd),  Maycee (gd) and I all decided to get some EE's at the TSC..  I had a friend who had said he had just taken down a shed and would be glad to build me a coop.!  I made sure that he was serious and he assured me he was.....I reminded him that if I get little chicks, that he really needed to do it.. LOL.. I had been warned that he was not the best about following through with things. But right away, he brought over all of the wood he had. I was excited. "Wouldn't take too long. I really wanted a coop for... read more

Would this be considered an open air coop?

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