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Converted Lawnmower Shed And New Chicken Yard Area

We took an old lawnmower shed, tore out everything except the studs and inside walls, and made it into a coop.  It measures 10 x 12 ft., is fully insulated and has two small solar fans at either end for continuous ventilation.  Exterior siding is fake barn finish that we color washed with several layers of watered down paint to get an aged barn wood look. Tin roof was made with new and used roofing. Doors were custom built using recycled wood.  Husband built this on the weekends and it took a long time--he's a master carpenter as well as a perfectionist.  Every square... read more

Le Chez Poulet

      It would be an injustice not to give credit to the numerous pages on here that informed my attempt at designing and building a coop for our chickens.  I had essentially no building experience prior to starting this project.  It was through studying various plans on this website that I was able to develop my own (even learned how to use SketchUp).  And more importantly it was through closely looking at the pictures and descriptions that I learned to actually put the coop together.  Below is a video of the entire production process along with some how-I-did-it... read more

our 1st coop 2016

  This is our first time with chickens, and this is the first coop I have built, I didn't have any paper plans for the build, I knew what I wanted to build in my head, so I and got the materials and started to build. the link below shows start to almost finished. I plan on installing a permanent metal roof over the run this spring. there is always something to add, that's why I stated almost finished.... if you open each picture there will be a brief description of the picture. read more

my new chicken coop

4 by 8 design with a 4 by 8 run I didn't have a plan on paper just started building it came out great I thought .look at my pictures to see my coop read more

RH Ranch Poultry Page

Coop Ideas and Design coming soon read more

D&D's Chicken Coop

Hi, We started out with a small chicken coop from Home Depot, after a 6 months the house seemed too small for our two chickens. We did some research and figured it would be best to just have our coop built, instead of purchasing another larger house for the girls. The guy we had built our coop didn't really have any initially plans on what it would look like, but we had a vision of what would look good and make a statement in our yard through our lengthy conversations and discussions. It took him about 5 weekends to finish the coop and run and well worth the wait! We... read more

Atlanta, Georgia Urban Chicken Coop!

  Hi everyone! My wife and I purchased a home approximately 2 miles away from the downtown Atlanta Capitol in the Grant Park area. A couple friend of ours live in the same neighborhood and their house came with a chicken coop. We were completely shocked at the fact that backyard chickens is a thing! Once we visited and saw how awesome their coop is, we were immediately hooked. My wife loved the idea of having fresh local eggs, her background is public health and nutrition. With a background in mechanical engineering, my thought was how fun it would be to build a... read more

My backyard Coop

read more

First very small coop

So it says i don't have permission to put a picture.  So i'm supposed to just talk about it?? I used scraps and put what I needed together until I could get a larger coop ready.  I would like to enter that coop and plans in the coop contest.  Just don't think it will ever happen.  I wish I could make myself give up.  I have worked on this for days. read more

My little coop for my 4 girl

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