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Southern Charm

I would like to say I had a well thought out plan in the creation of my coop. A design that began with careful reading, thoughtful discussions with others who had done it before, and consideration. But I'd be lying. Because I am the definition of all over the place. Really, with most of my life! This coop was no different.  Don't get me wrong - I didn't like randomly decide and say one day, "oh, I like chickens, and it'd be cool to have some".  The decision may have been sudden and totally caught family and friends off guard. But once I did make the decision, I... read more

Chicken coop tractor

I read a lot about coops before we built this coop.Actually my husband built this for me.We have a wood miser and he cut all the boards.Windows we got for free.I painted inside with organic paint as I am raising my chickens organic.I put a lot of thought into it to make it as easy as I could for me.Shingles were free from a friend,,, total cost was 250.00....... read more

Pollo Rancheria

I first got the idea to own chickens from a couple friends of mine, Matt and Bill, who had some.  I hadn't done too much research but found a place nearby that was selling baby chics and I went out and got some. I got one of each breed the store was selling, a barred rock, golden sex link, rhode island red and a brown leghorn.   The brooder had already been set up using an old fish tank I had in the attic.  Once the the little gals were settled in I started to work building the coop.   Basically everything i found out about building a coop I learned on the... read more

Chicken Orangerie in Virginia

Plans for a large tractor coop to be built on the base of an old hay wagon. Under construction now. Dimensions= 14 feet by 8 feet. Rooster and Hen sides of Chicken Tractor   Front Elevation         read more

Sunny Side Hen House

My birthday present this year from my amazing fiancé were three sweet chicks that I have been wanting for sometime. Quickly we realized we could not stop at just three and added two more chickens to the group. At five chickens, Penny, Piper, Peep, Pecan, and Pepper quickly outgrown the prefab coop I had also received so we began construction on the new hen house.    We knew we wanted the new coop to be something that when we were out of town, primarily for our upcoming wedding and honeymoon, if our friend watching our house did not feel comfortable letting the chicks... read more

Hotel California

We started with a playhouse by moving the side panel under a window up to provide the chicken door and ventelation (which I covered with the same 1/2" hardware cloth you see in the door wondows. This is our finished 4X5 coop in our 6.5X10.5 run. The window on the other side has been harware cloth enclosed as well. The shutters close for night time protection and I slide a piece of plexiglass into the front door window on sooden runners for wind and preditor protection as well since their roost bar is at window level above a PDZ covered poop board PDZ poop board... read more

Connecticut coop

4-14 chicken coop, led lights, large run, chicken swing, rain barrel system, hawk netting, and more. read more

Iowa Coop

We bought 2 chicks a local garden store on 4/12/14. By the time we got home we decided to add 2 more to the flock. My wife came home with 3. A week later we decided it didn't make sense for a family of 6 to have 5 hens, so we added 1 more. So with a flock of 6 growing chicks I set out to make a coop.  This was the first structure I've ever built.  No plans, just a rough sketch on a piece of notebook paper.  I'm happy to say that as of 7/2/15 the primary construction phase is complete.   Our coop is 6'x4' with an additional 96 sq ft of outdoor run and 3 attached nesting... read more

Inner City Coop & Rabbit Hutch

I decided to post some pictures of our [work in progress] coop! The need for a coop was obvious when we first bought our chickens; there had to be some place for them to live and lay eggs. But living in the city with chickens is hard, especially when your family is inexperienced with many animals and with zero experience building. Luckily we had the luxury of being able to hire contractors to build any plans we designed, a task which was very quickly delegated to me. After the spontaneous purchase of our first ever rabbit (bought on impulse to "comfort" the kids after... read more


The coop was just installed on June 30, 2015. Will post pics of the inside soon. Features nipple watering system, pvc feeders, roosts, 4 nesting boxes, windows and vents on all sides.   read more

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