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Kelsie's Koop but children's chicks! (LOTS of photos)

I can't wait any longer to post so it's not finished but I'll keep it updated until we are done!! I did a lot of research about chickens, coops and everything in between for months now! I wanted to make sure that I did things right the first time (I'm kind of learning from byc that that's not possible), but I also wanted what was best for our family and chickens! The last problem I came to was money, these chickens are not being named as we don't want to associate them as truly "family members," because they are after all for eggs and meat, but we do love them and spend... read more

Our Chicken Run

So, we have a small coop for our 4 hens and wanted to make a movable "run" that they could spend time in during the day.  We used 2x4's and pvc for the frame.  We went ahead and used 45 degree angles to make more room for us.  The kids can stand up in there and the chickens love it.  The chickens run to it when we let them out.  It's not predator proof, but for our situation, it works great.  The wheels make it so easy to move around and we're really happy with the end product.  The door was a challenge but I finally came up with a good design that is holding up well.... read more

Playset Conversion

Converted this playset into a 2-level chicken coop. 1st floor is for food, water, and an "easy access" egg laying area (shown as the open door under the flag). Second floor is for the chicken roosting area. Created a small access door (that can be closed if needed) between the fenced in outdoor area and 1st floor. The 2-level area can be accessed by the "French doors" on the back side and the outside area is accessed through a 5' door. We buried wire about 1/2 foot below the ground and then added 1-2 pound stones on top of that. Planted rose bushes around the outdoor... read more

Chicken hallway

I decided to increase the size of my flock so I ordered 12 chicks from the local feed store. I got them on May 22.  They have been getting bigger by the minute and they really had outgrown their brooder before I was ready to let them free range with the big birds.  I decided that what I needed to do was build a pen for them so the hawks wouldn't get them.  The brooder is in the chicken house.  The problem was how to let them have some freedom without letting them run totally free.     I pondered on it for a long time and finally came up with this design.  I made... read more

My First Coop: Circ Du Poulet

  So here it is, finally complete, well...mostly. Having zero building skills I can't guarantee that anything is square or level in this structure. It is pretty sturdy though, so that has to count for something.There are so many things I would have done differently on this project, beginning with not buying so many baby chicks in the first place. Four was the magic number, but somehow I came home with 9! Chicken math at its finest. Now I have 8 hens (one was a cockerel), who should start laying any day now. I'm soo excited because a couple of them are starting to sing... read more

The Hilton Hen House in Howell, MI

The City of Howell recently approved chicken keeping in our historic city. We were approved in May and began building our Hilton Hen House immediately. My husband built it on site using an outside stair case for the coop support. We have the coop completed with secure fencing, removable upper panels, curtains for the the nesting box, flowers and original art work! The 4 Happy Hens receive fresh food each day in addition to their organic mash. They produce 4 eggs regularly and we often have a super producer that lays two. So we have had 5 eggs in one day... read more

Joe's BBQ and Egg Emporium! or as my friends call it Yolk Manor.

I am a urban farmer in Dayton Ohio. I can see downtown Dayton from my front porch. I always wanted a mini-farm. just never thought I would have it in the city. This is my chicken story !                      These are my chick's! I started with twenty mix breeds, girls and two boys. I lose both of my boys and two of my girls! Now to build them a safe and attractive home!        .          The location is chosen.   Not sure if this is a medium or large coop?                       The air vent and cleaning doors!  Old glass cabinet door.  Pull string door!  The... read more


Hello everyone. I had chickens when I was a teenager and for many years now have wanted to have chickens again. Knowing this my DH promised me a coop for my birthday ( which was back in May so you see it's already become a long term project), and he helps me every chance we get to work on it. I have been researching all these incredible ideas that BYC brings together (thank you all!) (BYC is a goldmine of information!!!) and trying to develop a suitable design for our needs. I am only able to get a little bit done at a time because of our work, so this will... read more

Chickie Pie PALACE

    So we are on year two of our chicken raising adventure, we have learned so much - and we love having backyard chickens!  Over the past two years our chicken coop has had to evolve to hold our ever expanding flock.  Our current coop is so different from what we started out with that it needed a whole new page!  Our first coop was titled Chickie Pie Place, but it has grown so much I think Chickie Pie PALACE is probably now more appropriate lol.   If you would like to read about how our chicken journey got started - and see the beginnings of our coop, with lots of... read more

Gypsy Caravan Coop

Love looking at this everyday...builder friend built it to look like it got stuck in the mud on our hill and was abandoned 9 ft high total - coop is 6ft high ( with 3 ft underneath for shelter ) 8 feet in length and 6 feet wide for 14 kids ( right now ) 6 bantys- 4 mid size girls and 3 red sex lonk big girls read more

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