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Hoop Tractor

I've tried a number of tractor designs to allow for growing out chicks in a safe way, while taking advantage of all the benefits that a chicken tractor offers. This is my latest design, hopefully easy to understand because I took a lot of pictures as I built it. I have made these in 8x8 and 8x12 versions. This one is 8x12 and the size I recommend unless you are really cramped for space.   Cut angles 8 inches back on both ends of 2 - 16' PT 2x4's. These allow you to more easily drag the finished coop. If you are making the coop 8' instead of 12', you can use 12' 2x4's... read more

Crazy C Farms Coop

Our coop has been a while in the making. A lot of talking, dreaming, and planning. My wife thought I was crazy (still does) but she is starting to like the girls. Little C, she LOVES them!    Our coop is 4x8 with a 16x8 fully enclosed run.   In the process, I have learned a lot. My carpentry skills are limited at best. Next time, I am going to run the 4x4s for the coop legs all the way up.  Framing out the coop, and run. I wanted to make a pallet floor, which i did, but I think it would have been easier and faster to run the 4x4s all the way up, and frame from... read more

Our Chicken Coop Gors Through Changes

Our Chicken Coop Goes Through Changes Our 1st coop .4 foot x 4 foot Next we added a permanent run with a partial roof on top over the raised coop Snow came in the part that wasnt covered with roof did have a tarp over it ..which had to be cleaned off .. so it didnt wasnt totally inclosed so it didnt keep heat in and melt the snow off like a hoop coop does    Nesting boxes were in the run     the next year we decided to put a roof on the whole run we added boards on the sides and the run became our coop   the old coop became our... read more

N&M Coop

I started by getting 6 chicks before the coop last year , was easier to get Hubby accustomed to the idea that way. Then I built a hoop coop when they outgrew the plastic tub & I had gotten more chicks due to visits to farmers stores too often. We ended up buying an already made coop (4'X6'X6') as neither of us had ever done construction and hubby wasn't quite ready to undertake the job.   This year, I got caught up hatching and have ended up with too many chickens for the previous coop. Hubby is finally into chickens and has been building this coop with the help of... read more

Our first coop and newest coop

Here's a picture of our first coop.  In this picture we hadn't put the doors on the left side that opened to the nest boxes. We didn't want to put the nest boxes in too soon so that they wouldn't roost in them.  The roost ladder is on the right with a poop board under it.  I couldn't find that picture. Here's what the nest boxes looked like with curtains that I made.   This is our new 10 x 16 coop.  Right now it's in the driveway until we can build the roost, poop boards and nest boxes. We installed a window in the door and will also cut out holes for windows on... read more

Chicken Arc

Here's my chicken coop I made for my 9 free range 'black rock' hens and cockerel. In fairness I spent quite a while planning the design and its worked out really well and there is nothing I would change.      Design; Removable side panel; Allows easy and full access inside of coop.   Really easy to clean; Being an ideal height with no bending.  Removable internal perch rack; Lifts out to clean and remove bedding. Removable floor; Simply lifts out for cleaning.  Top and side ventilation; Providing ample ventilation throughout the coop  Moveable around the garden;... read more

Aussie backyard coop.

The wife and I have been contemplating a coop for a while. The build started when I was given a choice. Build one, or buy one! I wanted to build as I believe the quality would be better and last a lot longer. Only problem was... I had not made anything since first year of high school, and I only made a wooden pencil case. So my woodworking skills were lacking along with confidence to build one.   I began to plan by checking out many Coops on this site and Youtube. I then downloaded a design program and drew up a rough design with rough measurements. This was not the... read more

1 Day Chicken Coop

I built this coop in about 8 hours with some old and new landscape timbers, 3 1/2 sheets of plywood a friend from work gave me, thanks Brian, screws and a chicken transport box my neighbor gave me, Thanks Ty. This shows the platform for the box. Notice the chainsaw, this was a precision build, Placed the box on the platform. Precisely cut the posts for walls and Roof. Roost made from old landscape timbers. Also notice the ventilation holes in the door of the nesting boxes. Girls already checking out the new pad. I put a decent pitch on the roof to keep the... read more

The Poultry Mansion

Sometime this April, my wife informed that our family in a household of mostly girls will grow once again....Once I got over my original panic, I realized  that then new girls would be staying outside so I would not be any further outnumbered in the house (6 to 1 currently :))   The rationale went something like this, we eat lots of eggs have lots of veggie leftovers, lots of empty land and the kids love animals - what can possibly go wrong?   Additionally, I would also 'get' to build a coop for our new additions that . And thus begins the story of the poultry... read more

coop jardín

@lynneb and I decided that we would like to have a flock and some wonderful fresh eggs. So the journey started. Days and days looking at coop designs on the web. We finally settled on the Garden Coop design Plans looked pretty good and it turned out that we could easily add modifications. The journey begins:   We started with a stack of wood and 3 7/16" sheets of OSB. Turns out some assembly is required.     The walls were built in the back yard. As the walls were finished I staged them under the Fig Trees where the coop would... read more

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