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Our Chicken Shack

And so it began with a brief, yet completely random conversation in the car ... "We should get a couple chickens" said my husband, who was blissfully unaware I had been conversing with a co-worker and contemplating chickens for a couple months now.  "Really?  Are you serious?" I asked and shared that I had been sort-of wanting chickens.  "Yea, my mom always had them when I was a kid, they are pretty interesting" he said.  I expressed my concerns about winter chicken care and was assured he would go out on the coldest of cold days to tend to the girls and would also make... read more

Our First Chicken Coop in Wisconsin

Hi All! Just excited to show our new coop and run! We are new to this chicken thing and are happy our coop is done! We currently have sand in the coop and it's working out great! I just sift through it daily with a pitch fork wrapped in hardware cloth and toss the poop out like you would a cat box. No smells, no wet spots, just fresh sand daily. We still want to add lights on the sides of the windows and solar lights in between the hastas. The coop is 6x8 and so is the run. We just put up a solar electric poultry netting fence for them to roam around inside our woods but... read more

Wichita Coop in AZ

Wooden rooster guarding the flock.  Hope he's the ONLY rooster. Expecting eggs in August.  Blocking off the nest boxes until then.     Nest boxes will be filled with straw. Access to remove tray under roosts for cleaning.         read more

Ft. Knoxville (city dwellers)

Well, after losing two chickens to ugly possums, we decided to build our Ft. Knoxville. Since we are permitted to have three chickens we decided to build for at least 4 or 5 chickens (snicker). It doesn't have a formal nesting box yet because in the previous coop Gretta Van Sustern (not Susteren) decided her little chicken a** should sleep in the nesting box not the roost. I like this design. It has two large doors. One door for cleaning the coop or gather the future eggs and one below to replenish the food and water. It also has a door big enough to be full size adult... read more

Cedar Chicken Tractor

It started out as a winter project in the garage. I have never built anything like this before but I do have a decent understanding of construction and how things are suppose to work thanks to my dad... I knew I wanted an A-Frame design that was portable. Thanks to internet research and skimming through hundreds if not thousands of other peoples photos -I was able to develop a brain child. My girlfriend and I picked about a dozen designs we liked most, and pulled the things we liked off of them. I chose to put the 2x4 flat on top here (rather than sandwiched sideways... read more

New Hampshires Cluckingham Palace

This is my coop on wheels. Has auto feeder and auto water and electric. read more

portable predator proof poultry pen

  • by tash

I decided on a tractor style coop for now because it would be a lot more time before I can put in something permanent here and I wanted chickens now.   Eventually I will get a shed and make it into a coop but that will require a lot of work leveling the ground.   I looked at a lot of designs. I wanted one that could hold 4-6 large hens, heavy enough to not blow away, light enough I could move by myself, Inexpensive, simple to assemble, predator proof, and easy to clean.   It still has some work to be done, the water buckets will be hung, and I need some garden... read more

"Deuce Coop"

In early Spring 2014, we began with 6 pullets and the need of someplace to keep them safe.    So this is what I built over the course of 6 weeks in the garage. It has served us well over the last year and a half, but we did lose 3 hens (from free ranging) to a stray dog. :-( Fast forward to early Spring 2015, a routine trip to our local Tractor Supply for feed, ended with the acquiring of 6 new pullets to add to our flock. With talk of getting about 12 more in the future, we now have a need for something a little bigger. But it's not really in the budget. So what's... read more

coleco's coop designs

            read more

"Last one in is a rotten egg!"

Our coop has been a work in progress since we got our girls (and a few boys that snuck in there somehow).  It is coming along nicely and starting to look finished.   Today we added the nesting boxes, hung feeders and water, installed a new roosting post for the girls and gave them a swing. They said to have 12" per hen, but these girls shove their butts all on the same roost.  The roosts are 24" long and they get 4 on the top and 3 on the next lowest.  Since we put this up, they don't want to sleep IN the coop, they want to stay outside and sleep on their new... read more

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