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Wicked Lair, Swing-set Upcycle!!

  I have been wanting a farm for a long time, so my husband decided to help me with my dream and start me off with a simple addition....chickens! I love any kind of bird but chickens have always been my favorite! We wanted to start off small so I got 4 chicks, then I decided I liked them and got 6, then 8, 9, 11, and finally 14 (maybe more lol I have found they are extremely addicting!) As my number in chicks were growing so were the actual chicks themselves and I knew with warm weather moving in it would be time for them to move out into a coop, but we didn't have... read more

Playhouse style medium coop with 6 nesting boxes

This is our first chicken coop born out of a gift of two hens and a rooster that a friend gave us. We desired something that was raised off the ground for safety and could accommodate a nice size flock in the future. Sadly during my research we found that coops are very expensive and anything that could accommodate 10 + hens would cost over a thousand dollars especially if it was "pretty", a necessary pre requisite according to my wife. We found an unused 4x3x4 foot dog house and I decided to retrofit it, raising it off the ground and adding windows, doors, and nesting... read more

"B" Family chicken barn

  Well, I decided I wanted to try and raise a flock of chickens. I needed to get a coop. I spent a lot of time looking around at the prefabricated coops and decided I could build one better and for less money. Well I have bumbled a little along the way building this thing. I have learned quite a bit from looking at other peoples builds. I will point out things that I have changed along the way. I hope that someone will learn some things from my mistakes and maybe spark some ideas in others.       I decided that I was going to go big and house about 18 birds.... read more

Parisien Girls Chicken Condo!

After barely getting through the winter with a crappy Store Bought Chicken Coop, we decided to build a bigger, better home for the girls. The Wichita Cabin Coop ( on this website looked like the perfect coop for us so we went with it! It's still under construction but very excited to get the girls in their new home!!! We decided to build the coop on our driveway and move it to the final place in the backyard once it's dry enough. We've just had so much rain and I didn't want to wait. We have a ton of wood bees... read more

The Bella Coop

I thought I would upload my chicken coop and run construction photos.  I am a first time chicken owner with 5 pullets.  We quickly grew out of the pre-fab coop and run that we had purchased, so knew that we needed to come up with something larger and with a little room for growth.  We are in suburban San Diego, so were a little tight on space.  I've never done any construction, so I decided to buy plans from MyPetChicken.  We purchased plans for the "Bella Coop" ( read more

Under construction

Our coop. Is under construction. This is a first for our family. We are learning so much. I think the chickens will like this read more

Jitterbug Farm's Coop

Hello everyone!   Our coop is still under construction, but coming along nicely! I'll post updates as the project continues...   Thanks for looking! Tammy   We started with a prebuilt 8x12 shed from Old Hickory Buildings:   Next, we purchased a vinyl flooring remnant, and sealed the edges.  We also added some roosts made from shelving brackets and decking material.     I continued in the decking department and used some railing material to make a roost.  I attached it at the top with hinges so that I can lift it for easier cleanup...   The shed has a... read more

Modern coop design

Chicken coop Dimitri Vroonen Sint-Truiden 2013 A new chicken coop to see the chickens from the house, raised against predators and moisture. In the chicken coop, five nest boxes are provided. The entrance can be locked at night. For maintenance and collecting eggs, a door and a part of the roof can be opened. The front window can also be opened.   read more

Over Easy Chicken Coop

When I first decided to have backyard chickens, I wanted to start out small, and I did at first, but then I wanted more chickens. Which meant I needed a bigger coop. After checking out some coop ideas on here I decided on one. Then I had to sweet talk my dad into building it. some of the key features I wanted the new coop to have was nesting boxes that coud be accessed from outside the run, roosting bars on the inside, and sliding chicken door so I could close it and clean out the coop without the chickens inside, and the nest boxes to come out for easy clean. Some other... read more

Ozarks Coop

My winter project turned into a spring project, but finally completed my coop. It measures 9' X 6.5'. It stands 20" off the ground, has 5' walls and stands 9' at the roof peak. It technically is a tractor, but will only be moved seasonally for sun/shade as it weighs a ton. Our chicks free range and we have a flock of 13 pullets (12 weeks old as of this writing), and they love it. The platform with one wall on top of it. More walls framed out laying up against the cedars. Front view of coop with all wall up. Side view. Quarter view. Nesting box framed... read more

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