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Mon Poulailler

Hi,    Two weeks ago I had 30 years old... My friends offer to me 3 chickens ! So i had to make a small coop...   There are some pictures of my first coop :   The plan...   The frame and the back   The doors   The nest   The nest and a little window The nest open With the roof And with the chicken door and the stair With the run !   Do you like it ? read more

Alaskan's no cost Bantam Coop

Bantam Coop     First, my other coop pages: My big Chicken Coop Complex My Muscovy Coop and my Poultry Overflow Coop/Pond Coop     Cost was ZERO! I did use power technically I spent some money on the electricity to run the tools. I did use lots of never before used nails and screws already sitting in my screw bucket. However, I also used old nails and screws, some of them slightly bent. And yes, you CAN screw in a slightly bent screw...just do... read more

Backyard Chicken Taj

  • by raely

      This is our little backyard project. Good for a flock of 8-10.  Found and modified a design online.  This one is predator proof and easy to keep. Notice that the bottom is enclosed with heavy bird wire that is buried about 18 inches deep.  Our flock is locked in when we are away from home but they still have a small safe place to get outside. Also easy access for egg gathering  from the back of the coop to the nest.  The roof is a rubberized mat product sold at Lowes. It is easy to install and overlaps for less cutting.   read more

Ashley & Philippe & Jade's Coop & Run

                      so this done, we got the chickens and put them in with a little divider wall: below     Baco met the chicks.   they got bigger, and we kept putting off making our chicken run due to: life   so we made a little outdoor enclosure for them and put them outside every day.   they got bigger and bigger....    watering system, totally failed. the nipples were cheap from china and this was taken down even after four attempts. so we dug the run area up.  quite a dig. started building.. and here... read more

Johnson Run

              read more

mama aflack coop inspierd me to build this with some lumber that was stored for about 10 years

            read more

le palais de poulet (the Chicken Palace)

This has been quite a journey! About 10 years ago, my wife and I decided we wanted to have some chickens (that was two moves and two states ago). Before I go any further, let me say thanks to navychick (the Egg Plant), stcroixusvi (the Coop de Grass), and todtrak (the Mid-life Crisis Coop). I borrowed heavily from their designs and ideas. Having virtually no knowledge of chickens or coops before I started, their insights and ideas have been invaluable! My wife only had one guideline for the coop - "I don't want an ugly coop and I want it painted like the house." "No... read more

An Upstate Chicken Cottage

  This is our full coop, The Chicken Cottage that has finally replaced the mini chicken coop. The first coop was a little 4 x 4 (ish) shed with T11 siding that was meant to move around if needed, but in reality weighed far more than was reasonable. It's short coming were many and sadly it's lack of sturdiness meant we lost more than a few birds to predators.  It was cute, and bright and fun, but also kind of falling apart, cramped and hard to clean / maintain.  So when I was deciding to build a shed I figured the easiest way would be to be able to access... read more


We began this project with the "bones" of an old 8'x16' produce wagon we purchased off Craigslist.  What, under normal driving conditions, would be a 45-minute drive, took my husband 4-1/2 hours to bring the wagon home:     After much thought as to how we were going to turn this into a mobile coop, we decided to frame out 2 coops on either end with the middle section for people access, storage, etc.  And so, the framing began:       Next up, the siding and trim.  We decided to go with T1-11 as siding:   Chicken pop door side:   People access side... read more

Lair of the Layers

Basic design is a single 4x8 sheet of plywood as a floor. I believe 3-4 inch plywood. Tongue and grove walls. Windows were old storm windows found in an alley. Hardwire cloth for the vents. A triangle of the same tongue and groove wood fits over the vent. It is about the same size as the vent hole and can slide to the side or can be removed completely to adjust the size of the vent. The girls most often roost in the rafter rather than on the roosting bars. Slide out tray for easy cleaning. You can see at the back the tray sits on a couple of... read more

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