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AtiHENza's Place

Our first chicken coop ended up being too small. What we did next was a little EGGstreme!.. You can view the whole story and album here: httpsa// and check out the photo captions. These are just updates. CLUCK Like if you see something that CRACKS you up! It's 95% done! Ok, so maybe I put a little too much Eggnergy & Eggfort into this. Best part is the roll out egg box. Just pick up eggs inside the box under the window. We get 9-11 eggs per day from 11 chickens.. No hen shoving, no chickens... read more

Cottage Playhouse Plastic Chicken Coop.

  It rains a lot here in east TN, so I decided on a waterproof poly construction structure to avoid water damage and red mites infestation typical with wooden coops. Situated on the east facing side of the house for sun/draft protection. Painted and decorated for maximum charm, with real thatch on top.     The below is the original playhouse. It's called Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage.  The structure is strong enough for kids to climb on top, and sized at at 5.35' x 4.58' x 4.2' My wooden coop with asphalt roofing started rotting within a year here at... read more

Free Range Run and Water Tank Coop

I live on a 40 acre property in QLD, Australia. My chicken 'run' is about 1 acre, and they just free range around, returning to be locked in the coop at night. They are guarded by a maremma sheepdog the whole time. I have never had any attacks on my adult chickens from birds, and foxes have been the only problem I have had, but was rectified by the maremma. The fence is 6 foot dog wire.   Moose the Maremma.   I have a small area in the chicken pen that is my vegetable garden. It is fenced in dog wire, with a chicken wire roof, and lined along the bottom... read more


    I am editing this as I go and adding steps...and Why do my pics keep disappearing?? Here it is! The fabulous “Chicken Coop From a Twin Bed!” created from found materials, two drills, a bucket of screws, a hand-held circular saw—and a tape measure (used periodically). I have no experience building anything, but I read a lot of DIY—I needed space upstairs in a bedroom, so I chose to get rid of an old wooden twin bed, rather than a futon.  First: take apart bed frame and drag outside. While it was apart, I stapled in some hail screen donated by a neighbor to... read more

Saloon Coop with Pallet Porch Roof

look how ugly it was     my fav part was skid/pallet roof "porch" because..... hubs said it was a bad idea and I could AGAIN say I TOLD YOU SO!! Our daughter had fun designing and painting all the fun signs and since it has been finished it has turned into HER serama saloon for breeding frizzled serama and I still use it for grow out as well.                   you can always find my kids in there somewhere... now where is that lock????   HarmonyAnn did the peein off the porch, cause lil Luke has a BAD habit of... read more

Rustic rescue coop

My wife had a opportunity to rescue 7 hens and a guinea, the only problem was we didn't have a place to house them and there was a dead line when they had to be moved. Well I had some time off and I hadn't built anything in a long time so I decided to build the girls a place to live. The design is very simple, a 8x8x8 box with a 8x16 fenced run. I used 4x4 treated post for the corners and fence post. Most of the framing was done with 8' 2x4 lumber. All lumber that was inside and would be out of the weather was standard white pine and anything outside or close to ground... read more

Barn Corn Crib Chicken Coop

Beyond the divider is the old section of the chicken coop. I added 3 lights above. Only one of the 3 lights have this protected light fixture. I plan to replace the other two down the road. I filled in some of the gaps with boards. Added insulation on the lower sections in preparation for winter.      Added Plywood over the insulated area. Also made the wood at an angle so the chickens wouldn't roost on areas I didn't want them to. I made a roll out nesting box. This time the nesting boxes are lower than the roosting bars which show up later.    ... read more

Playhouse & Chicken Coop Combo

    We live in a neighborhood with very small yards. I always wanted chickens but thought our yard space was too limited. My husband built this elevated playhouse for our daughter 6 years ago. The underneath was a sandbox that really didn't get played with at all. This past spring when the chicks were in the feed store I begged, and my husband said we could save yard space by building the hen house under the playhouse.  The hen house is the green part. The height of the run is a bit low- I have to duck to get into it, we were stuck with the height of the playhouse. ... read more

Alcatraz/Fort Knox Front Porch Enclosed Covered Run Coop

Location   Location   Location   Location   Location   Location   Location   Location   Coop   Coop   Coop   Coop   Coop   Coop Coop Coop Coop Height   Coop Height   Coop Width   Coop Width   Coop Length   Coop Length   Coop Floor Mat   Coop Floor Mat Length Coop Floor Mat Length Coop Floor Mat Width   Coop Floor Mat Width   Floor Mat Inside Coop Floor Mat Inside Coop   Run Base Boards Run Base Boards   Run Floor Mat   Run Floor Mat Length Run... read more

The Girls New Chicken Coop

We decided to build a new chicken coop!  -Our other one was falling apart , and it only served us 1-2 years. We took the whole coop down, and shortly after, we had built a better  design.  8x8x6 is the measurements, Note: All wood was pressure-treated.    Starting with the nest, we assembled the large box using.  -Pressure treated plywood. -Nails. We then cut the back of the box, so we could gather eggs on the outside. Put a large wooden divider (resulting in two nests). And then created a backwards T with other wood so they could get inside the nest Simply... read more

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