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Southern New Jersey Cluckingham Palace

Living on less than 1/4 acre in a housing development I was unsure of my immediate neighbors' reactions to chickens in the back yard.  Most neighbors have what we call "party yards" complete with in-ground pools, barbeque pits, cabanas, bars, umbrellas and potted palms.  Our yard is the only "farm yard" in the entire development.     Our first coop was a small (VERY small) coop that I found on Craigslist.  DH added a nice run for our 2 then 4 pullets.  The entire coop/run was so small that we would go outdoors as often as possible to garden while the chickens free... read more

Sandbox Brooder

After using a rubbermaid tote that my four girls quickly outgrew (at 3 weeks old), I lucked out and got a free used sandbox on the internets, so this cost about $5 (for the hardware cloth). The rest of the stuff was in our house and backyard.      So basically, I put a loop of cloth around the inside of the sandbox and used duct tape to hold it together and cover the sharp edges. I put bricks around the inside to hold it in place, then filled it with aspen shavings (horse bedding) and put the top on. There's a brooder heat plate and four very content peeps.   Our... read more

Little Barnyard Coop

This is the luxury coop I built for our 5 chickens about 6 months ago. Now that the weather has finally thawed, I thought I'd post some pictures. (Bonnie checking out her new pad)   The coop itself is 4x4 and it sits over a 4x8 run. My dad helped me build it, and the whole process took the two of us the better part of two weekends, plus some late week nights after work. The design was roughly inspired by a coop I saw in Reinventing the Chicken Coop while browsing at Barnes & Noble one day (in particular, the barn door), but for the most part it came from my... read more

The Habitat Hut (Re-used Furniture Coop)

In The Beginning: For years I've wanted chickens, but it wasn't until this past winter I found out I could actually own chickens in town.  So this is my little thread about what I'm doing and what its costing.  To begin with, I wanted to keep the costs of this venture as low as possible.  I like the idea of getting better quality eggs, but I hope to get my return on investment sooner rather than later.  With that in mind, my first stop was the local habitat reuse store where I found two desks that look just like a small house.  Like there were meant to be.  There are... read more

Bucket/PVC feeder

I have seen bucket feeders and PVC feeders But Haven't seen one like this. I wanted to be able to feed from outside the coop And keep plenty off feed available for them. So here is the process Get you some 4" PVC pipe( however long you think you will need I used a piece about 5' long ) and 2 45 degree elbows. One of them a street elbow. like the one pictured below and the other one a connector( i think I have the terminology right) And some coder pins. Mark and cut a 4" diameter hole  using the street elbow in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket.    Drill 8 holed in... read more

Our TN coop!

We finally got finished with the girls house....I think...I may add a swing.  They've got a sand bath, several branches to roost on, indoor outdoor water, hay to scratch in.  I love my 13 girls and can't wait for eggs!                                                 read more

just double the size of my coop

 had to expand the original design to accomodate 3 generations of chicks I've hatched.120 square feet of ground space.6ft of height. Doorway in between so I can feed and clean the coop. Also the older chicken can be kepted in another area while dealing with the pullets and cockeroos escaping out of the brooder box. nesting box on top can hold 7 hens at one time. Brooder underneath at age 4 weeks. Figure this way I can mix the new flock easier at age 8 weeks.   Original design. I use tarps on all sides to insulate them and as well keep them dry.     read more

South Carolina Hen House with Run

New to the whole chicken thing....we LOVE to watch them, and am looking forward to fresh eggs! My daughters wanted a good home for the 5 ladies (chicks right now) so I began this undertaking.    Final price was about 600.00 and a very sore body over the course of 4 weekends...sometimes wish Id have just put some pallets together like I've seen on here, but we  get a sense of accomplishment and are very proud to say we built it. :)                     read more

A Few Coops Built In Texas

Here are a few coops I have built for some folks who needed them. I do this as a side-job, and really enjoy doing it. I have been a cabinetmaker for 35 years, and have incorporated some of the techniques used in cabinetmaking. The first coop pictured is the first one I ever built. I kinda had to throw it together in a weekend, because we had no housing for our new birds. I made improvements in design and structure as I went along with the other coops. Believe it or not, the second coop walls are framed with 1 x 4s. The floor is framed with pressure treated, full... read more

It's a South Carolina Thing

Started with no real design in mind, but had some scrap lumber laying around from last year when I replaced my deck and a crate that a very large electrical panel came in from work.  Added the nesting boxes. Inside view. screwed some tree branches I cleared out to an old deck board for the ramp. Had to make a Lowes run for the fencing, no scrap laying around this time.    Decided to put down some cheep vinyl self stick tiles to make cleaning easier... Not sure how this will work out just yet. My cousin gave me some metal decking used in steel... read more

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