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Someday Farms Polish Pallet Coop

Here are a few pictures from the coop build.  I hope you enjoy please feel free to ask any questions and comment.   I had a good level spot of ground we had at one time had an above ground pool so it already had a base level of sand as well.    Our son He has this coop building down!   I stood the pallets a little different than most. Using a scissor car jack I popped off enough boards to cover all the gaps give it a real barn siding look.    You can see here the gaps in the pallets. I used new lumber for the roof build and sourced used barn tin from... read more

Little chicken coop in big city of Albuquerque

Here are some photos of the little chicken coop our family built as our first time coop.  It is 3'x6' and will be placed in an area to the side of our house that will allow an additional 150 sq ft of run for our chickens. We have the first 2 chicks a Gold Comet and a Silver Laced Wyandotte. Looking to get 1 or 2 more.  I got the photos a little out of order but together they give you the idea what we did.         read more

Mountain Scrambler's Coop

          I have three girls here in Northeastern PA who live at the base of a very steep mountain where temperatures in winter can reach -10F and we can receive many feet of snow. Though they are three winter hardy breeds - an Australorp, a Silver Laced Wynadotte and an Easter Egger -  the insulation and design of their new coop would have to do the rest to keep them warm. Plus, an A-Frame design is perfect for heavy snowfall amounts - no fear of roofs caving in.   We started with the a design we found in a book called "Reinventing the Chicken Coop" but made... read more

Florida Coop

The coop started out as a stand-alone piece, but evolved to have a VERY spacious run.     read more

Virginia Coop and Run

"We should get some chickens," I said, not expecting we'd actually succumb.   Suddenly, we were single-minded. Chickens. We had questions, and plenty of them. How long do chicks need a heat lamp? Chickens don't have lungs? Is cattle fencing overkill? We read tons. We learned lots. The bulk of our understanding came from the generous and knowledgeable community at No surprise there. Additional info was gathered from "Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry." Within three months, the Virginia Coop and Run was completed by one determined artist, one... read more

Little Tikes® Playhouse Coop "Radbird's Roost" **MAX 1 LF/2 BT**

Hey guys! I figured considering how well miss Radbird's little playhouse coop turned out I figured we should give you a look-see so you might be able to replicate it yourselves! I really would only reccomend this for 1 bantam without turnout time, 2 bantams/1 large fowl with turnout. When I moved back down here to Visalia, CA from Redding, Poor little Radbird was stuck cooped up in a rabbit cage until further housing could be procured.   *MORE INFO AND PICS COMING SOON** read more

Four-hen house with standing room

A brief timeline I began building my small coop the weekend of April 13, 2014, I picked up four day-old chicks on the 16th, and the coop was ready for them to move in 10 weeks later, on June 21.  It took me about another month to get all the trim installed, and I made minor alterations in the fall in preparation for Winter.     I had been kicking around the idea of keeping chickens for about a year, since my inner-ring suburb passed an ordinance allowing residents to keep up to four chickens.  I made up my mind and placed an order for the chicks from Meyer Hatchery... read more

Revell Coop

The coop is 10x12 and well insulated. The pen is 8x12, we wish we would have made it larger.  When my husband asked if I wanted a red metal roof, there was only one answer. Hell yes.    Then he asked if I wanted a porch. Yes, yes, yes! The pen wire is hardware cloth with galvanized metal lath wire dug down two feet. Nothing is digging under that.   We're (we means hubby) swapping the screen in the door with hardware cloth.   The coop has 4 screened windows to let fresh air in. Our mutt Pete on guard for opportunities to sneak into the pen to eat chicken... read more

Portable chicken coop with egg catcher

let me know if you want additional pictures. This has been quite a project for me but I am trying to utilize this system to rotate through the horse pastures. This allowed us to add a horse stall and have the chickens fertilize the pasture and break up the "Horse Apples" read more

Fence paling and corrugated iron chicken coop

Hopefully this will provide some inspiration for someone. We built this in our back yard in West Auckland. We have 6 chickens. Total cost of this coop was about $150 for the timber and screws. The corrugated iron was given to me from a friend replacing his roof. All other parts were collected for free also.   We get six eggs a day. We eat about half and give half away to our friends. Total upkeep time is:   - 1 minute a day to deliver kitchen scraps (worms in my worm farm are not happy to be missing out on the scraps!) - 2 minutes a week to clean the poop tray. - 3... read more

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