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Old McDoedoe's coop

This is the front of my coop. It's a modified version of the Wichita, modified to use less materials and require less work to construct. Box is 4' x 4' x 4' and the run is 4' x 10'. With those modifications, it only required 3 sheets of plywood for the box. I also used regular chicken wire instead of hardware cloth. By nailing 1/4" 2 x 4 strips on top of the chicken wire where it's stapled, it becomes much stronger. Door is handmade from cedar. Nesting box is simple. 3 boxes for anticipated 6 chickens. I have 4 now. I figured using a back door instead of... read more

Penny's Hens

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Griffin Nest - Builds

•Return to Homepage•   ☆ Builds ☆   These are pictures of things I built for my birds such as incubator, brooders, and coops.   Photo Album - Builds   Incubator #0 (Hatched in August 2010)   I call my birds Incubator #0 because they aren't artificial! Sometimes my button quail incubates her own eggs, but since she doesn't raise them, I brood them myself. She used to be very good at incubating, and it helped during a time I didn't have a working incubator.   Incubator #0.5 (Built in August... read more

Simple, cost-effective coop/run combination

  This site has been a massive help this year in learning how to care for our new flock, so I'm super happy to be able to maybe give a little something back by contributing my design.  Most of it is pretty common, but it's got a few differences that have been working really well and I think could be useful to others.   My main requirements for the coop were:   Cost effective: We will probably only be at our house another 4 years or so, so I wasn't going to spend a fortune for something we were going to leave behind. So it either had to be super cheap or an asset... read more

Southern Cali Coop

So My wife & daughter had a weekend project for me to do. No problem...what is it? A chicken coop...we are getting chickens. Really? How the hell do I build a chicken coop, what size, what materials, where are we going to put it? This is your weekend project!   Okay, research chicken coops, lots of info and pictures, looks easy enough. I found the best information here at BYC. I found a coop that I thought will work and submitted it to the bosses. Looks great! Okay, how much will it cost to build??? Looks like about $300.00-400.00...Too much. Okay, what will it cost if... read more

Recycled Lift into a Chicken Coop and Run

  • by dscf

This is the chicken coop I built out of a hydraulic water lift that no longer worked and did not meet the current safety standards for it to be maintained.  I have never had chickens before so I got the information for things needed buy looking at the commercially available Chicken coops and runs and google and looking at the designs on this site also helped . For those who will not make it to the bottom:The Runs dimensions are 1270mm W x 1400 mm H x 2500mm D. The coop is 965mm W x 1900mm H and 1329mm D.   Here is a picture of the Lift before I dismantled it.  As... read more

Our coop April 2015

We got our first chickens 3.5 weeks ago. They've been in our finished basement in a borrowed oversized dog crate. We put a tub of dirt and sand mixture in their crate and they love it. 3 gold sex links named Hermione, Layla and lady Gaga. Lady Gaga might be a rooster which would be quite funny since my son named her and. He really wanted a rooster from the get go. Then we have 3 black sex links named Mrs. Wesley, Amy Farrah Fowler, Bellatrix. Big Harry Potter fans here. We live in MA and our weather is finally getting nice enough that we started the chicken coop... read more

"Chick Inn"

I made this brooder with materials I had, only had to buy the wire. The original design had only the top area but then I added the lower to separate some of my smaller chicks that weren't growing as well. My bigger chicks didn't need the heat lamp and they picked on the smaller ones. I separated the areas using a small board to keep the shavings from getting in the food and water. My girls helped me paint it and we had a nice new home for our 11 chicks. The light on the bottom looks a lot more intense than it really is, but still puts out enough heat that the girls wont... read more

My Grow Out pen

I built this little pen for my chicks that have out grew my brooder but still aren't big enough to go in the bigger coop. Kale is my 6 year old and these are his jersey giants he plans on showing in the county fair this year. He picked the colors and helped me paint the coop. read more

a Gated Community on Wheels

  My lil yard sharks are spoiled.  They have a primo coop with a large run and an all you can eat buffet open 24/7.  They get an assortment of greens throughout the day as well as various kitchen delights that our dogs are loathe to share.  And yet they want more.  And I felt badly that they couldn’t have access to the culinary delights creeping and crawling in the backyard.  A mobile 'run' solved the problem of letting the girls dine without getting dined upon.  (It also keeps the lil darlings from devouring my garden!)           The mobile run (aka a chicken... read more

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