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coop contest

Please enter my coop design in the coop contest Thank you, 72Elizabeth read more

From old porch to coop.

Tore down an old porch and made the chicks a home.   read more

Gary's Chicken Coop

The coop we chose is a take on silkiechicken's Coop. It's a 9'x6' chicken coop that is designed, for any future or alternative use, to be a garden tool shed near our vegetables raised beds garden. The coop is fully insulated with Roxul scraps from our house. The shingles, the pine wood siding, the nails, screws, veneer, the vinyl siding (interior walls) were all scraps from our house we built three years earlier (still not finished.. ;-P). We placed two small 4x10 ducts at the roof connection for minimum ventilation. The window is made of polycarbonate, as glass was not... read more

Klover's Coop

  Interior:   This is my first coop, ever. It has been quite a process over the last several months, but oh so worth it all. I started with a basic 8x8 shed structure with an angled roof. I live up in the mountains of Colorado so I took the extra step of insulating the whole building. The short side of the building is 8ft while the tall side is just under 10ft or so. I used a steel door for the human door, also with living in the mountains I wanted to build the coop to be extremely predator proof.  I used metal roofing as I really liked the look and... read more

Lean-2 Coop

This Coop project started as a passing discussion with my wife and in hopes of swaying her to allow us to raise chickens.  Of course I had to promise the chickens were egglayers and not for the table.  I always had this idea in the back of my mind to resurrect something that we had done many years ago on a much smaller scale.  We had owned few chickens in the past when our sons were preteens and our daughter a toddler.   As parents, we wanted our children exposed to the responsibilities of learning to care and raise animals in order to connect with nature and give them a... read more

This is my open air coop design

Please go to my link for coop design. Simple open air coop. PM me if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help you. read more

La Casita Del Pollo - An Adventure

I convinced my wife to start raising chickens on our 11.33 acre wooded lot and made some rookie mistakes and didn't take in the Avian Flue pandemic, so what looked to be a simple investment of $300 for a prefab coop from Sam's Club turned into a major, multi-month project. First, it seems that most of the prefab coop manufacturer's lie about capacity and use the cheapest materials possible. I could have clearly built a more practical coop from scratch for the money, though it wouldn't have been as cute as the Chicken Chalet from Urban Chicken. It was serviceable and had... read more

8x12 Chicken Coop for under $1000

This is an easy chicken coop to make for anyone with basic carpentry skills. It is 8' x 12' with the front wall being 10' high and the back wall being eight feet high. This gives you a 3/12 roof pitch. In order to determine your roof pitch all you have to do is take the difference between your front wall and back wall in inches. In this case it's 24". Then you take the width of your building in feet and devide it into the difference between your front and rear wall. On the inside... read more

Chicken 'Hut' with Run

        When we moved to a new house where I could finally have chickens I jumped at the chance. What that meant in a practical sense was that there wasn't time to build a regular coop first. Nor did I want to pay $400+ for a premade one. So my husband and I came up with the chicken hut.             We started with an 8' 'handy panel' from Tractor Supply       We then bent it over our swing set, making sure to center it.      After that we covered it with a heavy-duty tarp and zip-tied the grommets of the tarp to the panel.      After that we built the... read more

Ooodalolly at DunRovin Station

        The original idea and rough plans for this coop come from the book ( Open Air Poultry Houses.  The idea and theory are sound and well tested.  The plans are used by a few members of BYC with great success.  Yes, even in COLD COLD climates.   So I settled on what I wanted, and I was off and running.     While I was waiting for my neighbors to get back from their Winter holidays in the warm sunshine, I figured no one could tell me I couldn't dig hole in my own yard.  I... read more

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