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CabinCreations Garden Coop

We started this spring with the space looking like this: I had a 6x8 coop that I built last summer but found it not big enough, and my gardens needed a lot of work.  There was a lot of water around, poor drainage, and over all really needed a revamp.  I also had dreams of a covered run, and scoured the internet for pictures and ideas. We moved the old coop out of the way, and started filling the area that was to be our new coop.  I put a huge beam across the back of my garden so there would be a step up to the coop and it would be high and dry.  Then the build... read more

New run! 11x25 with room to fly

Thanks for all the inspiration! We were tired of manually hauling out the girls into a dog pen. Now they can help themselves. Next is an auto closing/opening door to the coup. It's 13' on the high side and 6' on the short side. 25' long. The door opening is 6'6" for my tallest helpers. Lowes had the gate closing spring for 9 bucks. The easy gate hardware saved a bunch of time. Totally worth the cost. I buried a 4x4 for the bottom to prevent digging under even though the top isn't secure. It just has the no fly netting. From seeing other runs on here, I've... read more

Our West Texas Coop!

  In the beginning, we thought this small coop would be enough room.  The box said 2-4 chickens.  We actually got 6 chicks in case 1 or 2 died. This is only about 42" tall. It was perfect for little chicks but as they grew bigger, we had to have something bigger!   Another pic of the smaller coop with the run built.   View from my bedroom window of the first coop and run finally finished.   Our dog, Mo, watching chicken TV.   Beginning to build the 2nd larger coop.  We're building it to the right of the existing coop and will join the runs... read more

Gypsy Wagon Chicken Coop

My 10 year old grand daughter fell in love with her Uncle's chickens and began begging her Dad for a coop. Her dad, my son, works long hours and didn't see a way to be able to do it. I volunteered to build the coop.   I tried to make it as kid friendly as I could. I incorporated several features to make caring for chickens an easy chore. The coop is small but it has a little storage cupboard to keep feed and supplies nearby and accessible. There is a separate door for egg collection and nest access. The feeder will hold a few days worth of food and the same with the... read more

The "Broken Egg Omelet House" B&B

  My daughter found a old shed and told me this would work for your chicken house.  She knew I had been talking about chickens for a few years. December 23, 2014   After we got it home and off the trailer we put in piers to set it on (the area was ready a year ago). Then we set it with a lift on to the piers. The house is set in it final resting the work begins. My hubby did it all...set it,  built the stairs, then door, roosting boxes, and their poop deck, then he built the run  its 6' x 16' with metal roofing. The side windows on the house... read more

Building a Modern Squawk Box!

It took a month worth of weekends. It turned out so much bigger and nicer than I thought . Day 1 Day 2 one window in ! Day3 roof design change to my husbands dismay! He drew up genuine blue prints for this coop so any change drove him crazy! But it is my coop and I wanted a loft for storage lol Day 4 and 5 Hardy panels went up and painted !! Day6 built door using plexi because our glass broke the minute we put it in the door . Day 7 Last day !! Finished outside ! Inside is lovely but still working on the details! read more

Some Coop

I am happy to share this recycled shutter door design. It allows ventilation and light when needed and is backed in hardware cloth. read more

The Continually Expanding Coop

*** My wonderful fiancé got me my first coop and three baby chicks (Penny, Piper, and Peep - While Leghorns) for my birthday in March this year. I had been wanting to raise chickens for quite sometime and he finally agreed it could be a fun adventure. Well, we have since got two more chicks (Pepper - Silver Laced Wyandotte and Pecan - Ameraucana) and are adding on to this coop / run for a third time. More pictures of the latest addition soon. ***   March 2015 : We first got a pre-fab coop from the local Tractor Supply. We really wanted something small, less invasive in... read more

Lil Go Peep Chicken Barn

My mother decided that she wanted to go all out on her barn, so designed a barn that covers all aspects to what she wants. It's 36x46 building with a small bathroom and shower, just in case of those really dirty days. Office for all her paper work. Clean room for hosing goats or what have you. Store room. Fully enclosed brood room. 4 10x10 stalls and 2 12x12 stalls. The 4 10x10 stalls each have their own outdoor runs. The 12x12 stall is home to the edible egg layers where they have a fully fenced area to free range in. Think horse barn and that will give you an idea of... read more

Medium size self built

                      read more

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