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The Breakfast Barn

  Hi there and thanks for checking out my coop page!   I am a newbie in the chicken world; I’ve only had chickens for about 16 months. For many years I have wanted chickens but I lived in a community with CC&R’s that did not allow them. Last year I moved to just over an acre of land in an area where everyone has chickens. Needless to say I couldn’t wait to start my brood! My house even came with a chicken coop which I thought was just awesome… Until I realized how lousy it was when I tried to actually use it. It is barely big enough for 3-4 chickens, has one small... read more

Buy the Coop, Build the Run!

After doing intensive research and drooling over all the beautiful coops here I set my sights on having a pretty coop.  It may house chickens and poop but I didn't see any reason not to have something I loved.  However, after realizing that "we"aren't handy enough to build our own, or that a coop online advertised for 8-10 chickens would realistically hold half that many I was lucky enough to come across a local guy on Craigslist who was selling my dream coop (for $2500).  Needless to say my husband put the kaboosh on that, but I was able to work with this guy to build... read more

My "I Had No Plans" Chicken Coop Build!

I am new to chicken keeping but I knew what I needed and then tried to incorporate what I "wanted" !  I decided to attach it to our two stall horse barn so they can free range in the pasture when I'm home.   Protection from predators was very important so I have tried to make sure every inch has double coverage of some sort .  I extended the hardware cloth approx. 1 ft beyond the run and then covered it with large rocks, dirt and then logs from some felled trees. The vents leading to the outside have hardware cloth on the inside wall as well as the outside wall.  I have... read more

Time-traveling couple with 'historical coop' in New Hampshire!

Hi! We live in NEW HAMPSHIRE~ We are historical reenactors living in a little 240 yr. old house that has been a DIY labor of love to restore for over 17 years. We JUST got chickens for the first time---4 English buff orpingtons, and put up a coop. Always on a tight budget, we do pretty much everything ourselves and have a lot of fun working on our various projects! We had just finished building our own fence of trees we cut down, and had 'tricked out' our purchased coop with period style hardware, 'leaded' windows we did ourselves, and a few other things such as... read more

Little Lolly

      The best place for a chick, at least at my house, in under the butt of a broody hen.  It just makes life SO much easier.  She hatches the eggs, raises the chicks - teaching them to eat, dust bathe, navigate the hen house, roost, all the while protecting them from overly interested flock mates.  She cold hardens them on their long walks, occasionally stopping to warm them or help them find food.  The chicks grow up with the flock, finding their own place in the pecking order and just become one with the universe.   But as we have seen, sometimes we have... read more

The Egg-stravaganza

Almost finished! Just need to complete the egg box. DH used "The Olde Shack" plans. It says it will house 10-20 chickens. The interior floor space minus the egg box is 8'×8'. This should give the 8 we have now plenty of room. I'm hoping to add 3 more to the flock next year. (FYI: DH found some of the measurements were wrong but he was able to make it work.) I'll add more pics of the building process and what we did to the inside. It was built next to an existing fenced area so we could use the chain link and add predator proofing. The run area is about... read more

"$210 in lumber and a weekend" coop

I added plumbing for an additional $15 and an "auto feeder" for $7. Hardware costs were probably about $30 and all of the rest is pure grit and determination to get the chicks into their new home. read more

The Last One Inn

    The Coop We started this coop by building a small retaining wall behind our recently completed tractor shed.            After backfilling the wall with all the newly acquired rock, we topped it off with a nice layer of dirt and leveled the area where the coop/run would be.       We then used the top of the 6x6 wall as the ledge to frame our wall on.   We then sheeted the wall with exterior siding, painted by Christy.        Next was the framing for the floor.  We built the outside and squared it, then rested it on temporary braces.... read more

Open Gate Garden Coop

  April 6th 2016 and we have just gotten 3 inches of snow here in Wisconsin.  Meanwhile, our chicken adventure has begun with the set up of a brooder box in anticipation of getting our first batch of chickens.  I had Rhode Islands when I was growing up on our farm in South Dakota, but since then life has been pretty much chicken free.  My daughter who is an animal lover, spent weeks researching and reading books on chicken care in order to convince us that she could care for a flock of hens.  No need to convince mama, but dad was a whole nother story... The weekend he... read more

All Cedar Coop

My husband and I looked at hundreds of coops and picked out certain details we liked. We ended up with a quick sketch and constructed our coop in less than 2 weeks. We decided to make the entire coop out of cedar. Originally, it was going to house 4 hens, but after construction, we wanted a total of 6 girls. Ultimately, we allow our girls to free range during the day and they only enter the coop during the day to lay.  Framing out the sides We used the kreg jig for attaching the frame together Tongue and groove for the siding and the roof Framing the nesting... read more

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