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New Simple but Secure Chicken Coop

Just started 2 weeks or so ago, and I only have a series of photos to annotate at this point. I will continue to edit as I can!   I didn't start with exact plans - I had a general plan in mind, similar to one my dad made in the 1980s when we got a few chickens from a friend.   In the barn I found a bunch of 1x3x12s, two 4x4x8s, and four 4'x8' 5/8" or 3/4" OSB - more than 1/2" though, and about 30 8"x8"x16" concrete blocks: a  good start!   First we had to clear the area. This is almost the exact spot my grandfather had his chicken coop more than 50 years... read more


The BYC forum has been the best source for info on designing my run and coop! I decided to use pier blocks for the posts (12" pier blocks with straps). I also wanted the run wide enough to use long handled tools and tall enough to walk comfortably. The exterior foot print is roughly 10' x 12'. The roof is about 7.5' tall in the back sloping down to 6.75' in the front. I used corrugated metal sheets for the roof, and it overhangs on all sides by about 16". There is about 3" of sand in the run. I used solid stain for the frame and started the build. I used 1/4... read more

Shaggy's Texas Jail Coop

I had built a 4x4 coop during the Christmas holidays for my bantam Cochins and soon thereafter I was making plans for a new, bigger coop. At first I drew up plans for a 8'x4' coop but modified that design to a 8'x6' with an attached 12'x10' run. All of the exterior is hardwood pallet wood as well is the frame of the legs and floor. I added a 6 stall external nesting box that's accessible from the outside.     I framed it up in my shop then put it on my trailer . Nesting box and front added.   Started adding the siding (pallet wood).   The external... read more

Brooder for 20 chicks

Here is how I made my brooder:   #1: I built the frame for it. The outside dimensions for the wooden frame are: 4 feet wide, 5 feet long, 4 feet tall. On the front, (One of the 4 foot wide sides) I put a board lengthwise about a foot off the floor. I put plywood on it, except for the top half of the front. (Picture 1)     #2: Next, I cut a piece of plywood for the front. I screwed hinges onto it and put a latch on the top.     #3: I then put the wheels on the bottom, and they are lockable, so your brooder doesn't run away. The 2x4 across the top is to hang a... read more

My 2017 coop!

We've been planning this coop for a while now, and it finally happened! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! We started it about two weeks ago, but haven't been able to work on it because of all the rain we have been getting! It was crazy! We got the four main posts up with concert in the ground, and the basic layout of the coop Waiting a couple more days until it got dry enough and stopped raining, we got the floor put in! Apparently I deleted the flooring picture! Grrrr.... you'll see it soon enough. Aaaaand waiting a week 1/2 for the rain to stop pouring... read more

The Little Cottage Coop

  This coop was a 4-week build.  I did most of the construction on the weekends, and worked on the smaller stuff during the week.  I have approximately $640 in the building materials, with an additional $160 in the lighting, lawn/paver patio, and antique replica door hardware.  Bringing the total up to $800 (give or take a few bucks)   I would like to note that I live deep in the suburbs.  The nearest "country area" to my home would be random almond orchards, and the closest one is 4.2 miles from my backyard.  With that said, I am not worried about predators in my... read more

Coop-A-Cabana and Coop de Ville....Soo EggCited the ladies will be here next month!!

          read more

The Muñoz Coop

After a lot of research and reading through hundreds of pages on the BYC forums, I began the construction of our first coop. With a great deal of help from my dad with construction and design, and some additional help from family members, I am quite please with the end result.   The total cost for all materials was about $1,200. The coop is 4' x 7' x 4', while the entire structure is 7' x 18'. The front is 82" (not including the the roof and support beams) and the back is 70".   The hardware cloth (2 rolls of 3'x100'), the metal roofing and the smart siding, were... read more

our Aussie Coop

Approximate sizes only. This was a rough sketch and used as a guide only.   Posts were 100x100. I then used framing timber. The sheets of ply for the walls were 9mm thick and came in sheets of 2400x1200. The dimensions were 1200x1200 as it made it easy to cut a sheet in half then fit.     3mm Aluminum door placed inside tarp runners and then put onto a simple pulley system.   I ended up modifying the lid to nesting box and put metal roofing on. The original material was thin ply and began to buckle after a few days in the yard, so luckily I had an... read more

Converted Lawnmower Shed And New Chicken Yard Area

We took an old lawnmower shed, tore out everything except the studs and inside walls, and made it into a coop.  It measures 10 x 12 ft., is fully insulated and has two small solar fans at either end for continuous ventilation.  Exterior siding is fake barn finish that we color washed with several layers of watered down paint to get an aged barn wood look. Tin roof was made with new and used roofing. Doors were custom built using recycled wood.  Husband built this on the weekends and it took a long time--he's a master carpenter as well as a perfectionist.  Every square... read more

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