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Small Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops

Small Coops Page: 1   Renee's Coop trictle's Coop AtholCoop's Coop LittleFeat's Coop   City Coop Hennsington Palace Country Acres Cozy Cottage Coop   Funky Chicken... read more

Medium Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops

Medium Coops Page: 1   American Canyon Coop brounii's Coop Steadfast's Coop Coop and Run     NW Garden Coop Bluegrass Coop Taj Mahal / Wichita Knockoff Log Cabin... read more

Large Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops

Large Coops Page: 1   Coop building kassy68's Coop Pullet Pimp's Coop debby10's Coop   The Schoop Rick's Chick Condo Phunny Pharm Fort Rox Coop   Little Red Hen... read more

Chicken Tractors & Mobile Chicken Coop Designs

Jarhead's Coop GwenDellAnno's Coop kycklingar's 4x10 Tractor BirdsinBethel's Coop   BG's Little Egg Factory Work of Art Hen... read more

Wichita Cabin Coop

WICHITA "CABIN COOP"                     Update, spring 2016:   Check out this great video clip of the time-lapse construction of a "Wichita Cabin Coop", as built by Andrew Kennedy of Mount Pleasant, SC.  Note that his build sequence (especially for the initial roof framing) is very similar to how we built ours.  Thank you Andrew for this fun and educational video!  :-) "Wichita Cabin Coop -- time-lapse build":       We have received a lot of requests for formal blueprints and/or... read more

Small Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops - Page 2

Small Coops Page: 2   Gunslinger's Coop   sarjaysars' Coop   Quillgirl's Coop   Mini Coop Single Coop   Perrydice... read more

Littlefeat's The Feather Factory Chicken Coop

  ~THE FEATHER FACTORY~  The summer of 2009 I decided to start on a new hobby and have some hens as "pets with perks"! To prevent overwhelming my neighbors and my ability, I ordered 5 day-old chicks from My Pet Chicken. I selected one each: Rhode Island Red (Amber), Black Australorp (Lilith), Silver Laced Wyandotte (Wynnie), Buff Orpington (Maisie), and an Easter Egger (Frisbee). The chicks were hatched on August 17 and my adventure began at the local post office two days later. I set them up in a crate in my garage and my husband and I started on the construction of... read more

Trictle's Chicken Coop With Plans

  Attached is the design and construction of my small chicken coop.  It is based off of the recommendations given in Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens.  It is intended to house four, heavy egg layers.  I am attempting to provide year round comfort without the need of, or the worry of needing, supplemental heat during winter in the foothills of the Cascade Moutain range of the Pacific Northwest. You will find that some, small license has been taken in the actual construction as compared to the plans but on the whole it remains true to the framing plan.  I want to... read more

Happyhen Chicken House Oandrea's Chicken Coop

Click on our images for a larger view Approx. Cost of Construction- $300 Featured in the "Raising Chickens for Dummies" Book by Rob Ludlow   Hen House  Our Hens   Read our tutorial on how to make this bag...   We are so excited to have this gorgeous coop for our little girls!  When we finally decided to take the plunge and get some pullets for our family we search high and low and researched coops for several months. The one type that stood out to... read more

My Mid-Life Crisis Coop

My Mid-Life Crisis Coop   My wife says that most men going through a mid-life crisis get themselves either a new car or a mistress -- but lucky for her I got into chickens instead! Here is my story . . .   It was Easter 2010 and my wife insisted on getting our 10 year old daughter an incubator. I was originally against the whole idea, but she felt it would be a great family project. The idea was to get eggs, hatch them out and raise them just long enough until they were ready for auction. Done!       What happened next, however, is --- I got involved! And, after... read more

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