Pros: TOP layers, they begin laying eirlier than other breeds, Big White eggs, Flighty, Friendly, econimical, different, pretty feathering and fun to watch!

Cons: none.

Just a great bird in my eyes.

My 3 Ancona's ( spot, dot and splash ) are very friendly with me, each have laid a big white egg every day since the age of 17 weeks ( which is early for most breeds ). They are very economical eaters.

I just love watching them fly, hop and bounce up our terraces and all through the garden. They are great at escaping from predators......and the run, but at least they jump back over when they want to lay an egg.

I would suggest these are great birds for people with space, hot climates and want a breed that can evade predators and lay them lost of eggs.


Pros: Excellent layer and forager. Docile and interacts well with people.

Cons: Flighty and sometimes noisy

The most attractive aspect of this breed, apart from the pretty feathers, is the large white eggs they lay practically everyday. They rarely, if ever go broody, and providing managed well, can fully moult in a month at the end of the year's laying season. My girl is the boss of my little flock and has been the most prolific layer. She even managed to squeeze out an egg well over 100 grams !!! ep.gif



This is her a few weeks ago.

This is her as a young 'un

She started laying at just over 20 weeks old (22 possibly) and didn't waver until she started her moult.


The problem with the Ancona, as with most of its Mediterranean relatives, is the fact they are flighty. Unless you are keeping them confined, you will need to clip wing feathers or else they'll be over fences, up in trees and in all the wrong places. They can also be a little vocal sometimes, but I like to think of it as them singing me a song big_smile.png


Pros: Lay lots of white eggs,don't eat a lot,.great bug killers,curious and friendly as long as you are calm around them.

Cons: A bit flighty if you move to quickly around them.


A friendly chatty little chicken.

Love the color/markings on mine.

I did have to earn their trust by staying quiet in my movements around them.

I like them more every day.

Economical eaters and great tick pickers.

They love to follow me around like little ducklings-occasionally undo my shoestrings for fun.


Pros: pretty

Cons: very aggressive,flyghty

i only have the rooster, and he is very mean.i would not get the rooster if i were u. but he is one of the most handsome roosters i have ever seen.:love he was in his molting season


Pros: entertaining, gentle, beautiful, personality, cute

Cons: none

All of my birds love their treats.  My Ancona knows where the treats are and goes to them and calls for me to get them out for her.  She is friendly, allows anyone to pick her up and hug her.  She does not fight handling.  She is very docile and permissive.  I know that many people say this breed is flighty and she surely does fly quite a bit higher than the other birds like to.  I have heard them described as the "Acrobat of chickens"  she is nimble and agile.  Much more so than my other flying footballs.  She doesn't try to escape or fly at anyone.  I only notice that she likes to roost high and she likes to be up so she can see.  I think it's cute.  She does have a very specific call that she makes.  This is very particular to her and I can tell she is making the noise.  It sounds kind of scratchy and demanding, but I think it is cute.  I'll put up with anything from her.  I guess that makes me a crazy chicken lady, but my fiance really really adores her too.  She is a pretty small bodied bird and not very tall.  She is the 2nd smallest next to the Silkie/ Cochen mutt.  We really like her. This breed deserves more stars!!


Pros: Prolific egg-layers

Cons: Constant noise makers


My two Ancona hens, Heckle & Jeckle. Named so because they are always right next to each other just like in the cartoon.


I love my Anconas. They have got the most funny personalities and very lively. Mine are the most frequent layers in my flock and very rarely skip a day egg-laying. They do however make constant noise. Not too loud, just what seems like a constant wining. These birds are a little on the flighty side and have great jumping ability. Even with flight feathers trimmed mine can jump much higher than the rest of the hens in my flock.


Cons: Flighty

This summer I was given two Ancona hens which was a breed I had been wanting for sometime. Their feathers shine beautifully and their patterns are so unique between each bird. The combs are large even with the hens. I was shocked to see how well this breed can fly! My hens easily jump in one swift motion onto the roof of their coop - about 7ft high. They also perch on the 6ft chain link fence of their enclosure each morning before escaping to the other side!




Pros: Feisty, talkative, decent layers

Cons: Flighty, somewhat aggressive to flock members

I have this love-hate relationship with my Ancona mix Duchess.


On one hand, she's a decent layer, giving large white eggs every other day. She's brave and quick to charge animals that come near the fence (not people though). She's got beautiful plumage and loves to cluck your ears off.


On the other hand, she likes to fight the other hens and was VERY flighty. We had to not only cover the entire 400 sq ft run but also had to clip her wings just to get her to stop flying over the fence to roost on the neighbor's hedge.


So my recommendation? As soon as you get one, clip the wings. Keep her quarantined for longer than usual to get her used to the other flock members and prevent her from attacking them. I don't regret ol' Duchess, but if I had done these things first then I think I would have enjoyed her being around more.


Pros: Get along well with other chickens, good foragers

Cons: Good ability to fly

Acquired these two girls from someone who wasn't supposed to have them in the city. They were still pullets. They lay one egg every other day between the two of them. Have not noted them to be particularly flighty, however, when they do decide to take wing, they have more height and distance than any other breed in our flock. Was surprised by the height of comb and the spurs on the hens, we actually thought they were roosters at first! Overall, energetic, lively birds that allow us to handle them.


Pros: Beautiful, roosters are the most docile and sweetest things in the world, hens lay good white eggs, very gentle, No bad bone in their body

Cons: Can be flighty, trust me they run miles if frightened, after a certain time i find egg production becomes less as well.

Anconas have to be the sweetest birds i know. In fact they were one of the first chickens i got.


They were a breeding pair; Cowboy and Sweetheart.


Let me tell you, if you want a rooster get a Ancona. Cowboy is the sweetest, gentlest rooster i have come across. Never once attacked, protects his girls too, however if another roosters comes along he cant exactly protect himself- hes too gentle, Being that he was bottom of the rooster pecking order.


He can get frightened easily, will run for miles actually. He gets along well with every other bird, and when theres a intruder he really does sound the alarm! He can be weary of humans however, so you have to be gentle and dont spook around them.


As for Sweetheart, bless her soul, she was the most sweetest and the most gentle hen out of all our flock. For a certain time she was top of the pecking order, dont exactly know how but she was. She was a good leader too. She was very gentle, sweet and curious. However she got spooked easily too.


She layed good small-ish white eggs, but soon stopped laying everyday, due to older age, but she tried to lay an egg everyday! Soon she stopped laying altogether for a while. Why? She was getting picked on by ALL the roosters in flock, too gentle to fight back, was now the bottom of the pecking order, refused to mate with anyone but Cowboy.


She was on the run from everyone for a period of time, and i would see Cowboy just dying to get to her.


Rest in Peace Sweetheart, she gave up her final battle when heatstroke got the better of her. 


If put into Pairs Anconas seem to bond forever, Cowboy still sometimes trys to find where his mate went.


Ancona's originate from Ancona, Italy from the 1800s. They come in both rose comb and single comb. They are also good egg layers and show birds. They lay about 5 eggs a week.

Breed PurposeEgg Layer
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityHigh
Egg SizeLarge
Egg ColorWhite
Breed TemperamentWild / restless,Flighty,Bears confinement well,Noisy,Shy
Breed Colors/VarietiesTipped
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
APA/ABA ClassMediterranean
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Egg Layer
Comb: Single
Broodiness: Seldom
Climate Tolerance: All Climates

General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: High
Egg Size: Large
Egg Color: White

Breed Temperament:

Wild / restless,Flighty,Bears confinement well,Noisy,Shy

Breed Colors / Varieties:


Breed Details:

Males can reach 6 1/2 lbs. Females are excellent layers and they are a good forager and flyer. They lay white to cream coloured eggs and you can still get white eggs to those with red earlobes. They like foraging away from humans and are very active alert and bold. They will be happy in confinement, but at first they may seem a bit restless. Many of the birds will become whiter an whiter as they become older. ***AWAITING PICS*** Thanks to Wilkamdai and