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Barred Rock


Pros: Lots off eggs, beautiful, docile, just a great bird !

Cons: None !

I love my barred rock hen, she is probably one of my favorite chickens ever! She lays me an egg everyday, and just has the sweetest disposition. 5/5 star breed in my book !


Here is my pretty hen!



Pros: great layers, friendly to people, pretty, substantial, cold hardy

Cons: bossy bossy bossy to more docile chickens

In my flock of 10 I have 7 Buff Orpingtons and 3 Barred Rocks... my rocks are silly, sweet, outgoing chickens but they are beating up my very docile orpingtons.  How do I know this? well lets just say that my Orpingtons are all having issues with ratty looking feathers but my barred Rocks are in absolutely perfect feather.  While I love my rocks to bits, I am going to have to rehome them as it is just not fair to the other chickens in the flock.  I had done my research but did not realize how bossy the Barred Rocks could be.  If you have a flock with very docile girls in it, I would not recommend Rocks. 


Pros: Good layer; beautiful feathers; tough girls

Cons: kind of mean; bossy

My barred rocks had me so worried when I first had them. I was convinced they were both roosters  because they were mean, bossy, crowed, and had spurs! Turns out, they are fantastic layers. They just like to rule the roost.  Once they started molting (before my other breeds that first year) they were quite humbled and no longer dominate so aggressively. They still rule the roost, but now only the other chickens fear them (not my children).

They are tough girls, though, and since I have no roosters, I'm thankful for the role they play in the flock. They shout 'hawk' and move the other chickens to shelter when birds fly overhead (or planes!) and they peck at the cat to keep her in line. My oldest is currently five years old and still laying. smile.png


Pros: Great attitudes, Great eggs, Loves Attention.

Cons: None.

I have Barred Rock hens. 

The first is Oreo, very laid-back and Nonchalant. Loves to sit on my lap. Love attention. 

The second is Lulu, This hen is a primadonna. Dramatic. If I don't pay attention to her, she will peck me until I pick her up and pet her. 

They are both different. But they are both very great with kids.

I'd love to have more of this breed in the future!


Pros: Super Friendly, Good Layers

Cons: None really

We have 10 Barred Rocks and I LOVE them! We got them as chicks from the local feed store and they have been awesome from the start. They've always been the friendliest, in fact I have a hen that I can pat my lap like a dog and she will jump on my lap and tell me about her day. There is also another on who thinks she belongs on my shoulder all the time. They're really good foragers and are good at being free range. We have 20 other hens ( 10 buff orpingtons and 10 rhode island reds) and the Barred's hold their own with them. They just started laying and have nice big beautiful brown eggs. 


Pros: Friendly, good layers, gentle, docile, personality plus

Cons: stubborn

Our Barred Rocks are the most pleasant birds to have around. They talk to us; one even imitated the tonal patterns of human speech when she saw us.


Pros: Not loud, fun to watch

Cons: shy, skittish

We got three of them just before they started laying. They stick together, and we call them the three amigos.


Pros: Lots of eggs, beautiful, easy to tame, good pets, have enough feathers to stay warm in the winter, funny, enjoyable, sweet, caring, adorable, ect...

Cons: Doesn't lay too much in winter.

I LOVE my barred rocks! Very enjoyable and I easily attached to them, they were my first chicken breed! Easy to care for, sweet, and other wonderful things! I love them! I wouldn't be crazy for chickens without them!:love They are little saviors for my heart! They are easy to tame and once they're tame you'd think they were angles! I love them and the one con I put in isn't too big, I still got eggs this winter:yesss:. They are amazing! If you want the perfect chicken then get barred rocks!!!:yiipchick


Pros: Early maturity, friendly, cold hardy

My Barred Rocks were to first to start to lay out of my flock.
They are friendly and good layers. Definitely my favorite breed.


Pros: cute people lovers, get along well with other breeds

Cons: prone to illness

we had a barred rock named Pecky, we got her on accident at dells! we thought we were getting 3 black sex links but we ended up with 2 sex links and a barred rock, she was very nice and would almost beg you to pick her up, however she continuously  was getting a new illness every summer, she was still a good layer and very pretty to look at. i am sorry to say she died last year from mareks disease luckily it did not have time to spread to the rest of the flock. over all they are smile.png very goodhearted birds.

Barred Rock

Very tame nice breed that gives you big beautiful brown eggs. They aren't that loud and the roosters are mostly aren't mean.

Breed PurposeDual Purpose
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeLarge
Egg ColorBrown
Breed TemperamentKind, Skiddish
Breed Colors/VarietiesBlack and white stripes
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Dual purpose

Comb: Single

Broodiness: Moderate

Climate Tolerance: Heat


General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: High

Egg Size: Large

Egg Color: Brown


Breed Temperament: Kind, Calm, Skittish



Breed Colors / Varieties:





Breed Details: 






Chicken Breed Photos:


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