Pros: Deep, Rich, Chocolate-Colored Eggs, Sweet, Beautiful

Cons: Roosters Can Be Aggressive, Some Variants Don't Lay Very Chocolate-Colored Eggs

The Marans is a breed of chicken that originated in France. It is a medium sized breed, well known across the U.S.A, and other countries, for it's beautiful, dark brown eggs, and fine meat. The Marans is also a popular breed for showing, and fancied by poultry breeders all over the world. 


The Marans originated in France and were imported into the United Kingdom in the 1930's. 


The Marans are a fine breed, being useful for meat, eggs, and showing. They can make good pets for children, and are highly prized for their dark eggs. 


There are the 9 varieties of the Marans, recognized by the French Standard: Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, Black, Birchen, Black Copper, Wheaton, Black-tailed Buff, White and Columbian.


If you want Marans that lay genuine dark eggs, a hatchery is not a good place to get your Marans, because they do not breed their Marans the way a reputable breeder would. A good place to get true Marans would be a reputable breeder. There are plenty of good breeders right here on BYC. 


I hope this review has helped someone out there! yippiechickie.gif


Pros: My Roosters are sweethearts, never aggressive, my eggs are dark in color, my hens lay very well now that they are mature.

Cons: NO CONS...

I have 3 pens of Marans, they are excellent quality, lay a dark egg, and winning at the shows this year in Florida...celebrate.gif


Pros: pretty eggs

Cons: inconsistant layers, mean roosters!

I have 5 hens and 1 roo. These are pretty hens, personalities are not overly friendly, despite being hand reared. It took a LONG time to find a roo that wasn't aggressive as all get out. This one is generally OK but will still rush you every so often. I also don't like that they are consistent layers... they seem to lay every other or every third day... They go broody often, but aren't great moms. My eggs are also not as dark or a large as they say they should be, despite spending the money on good quality stock.


Pros: Dark Eggs

Cons: Broody, poor winter layer, eggs hard to hatch

I am not a huge Marans fan.  I tried them  because I was entranced by the egg color but am not impressed.  Yes, the eggs are super dark and gorgeous by my birds are often broody and I have not seen an egg since end of Oct and its now the middle of Jan.  I  will not be getting any more.   When I compare them to my Welsummers, 


Pros: beatiful eggs

Cons: my roo was mean

The hens lay beautiful eggs. Never owned a cuckoo hen, but I'm sure that they are a whole lot nicer than my roo.


Pros: Good layers, large birds, good feed conversion, friendly, sane

Cons: Can't think of any cons!

I have 1 Splash, 1 Blue, and 1 Wheaten Marans from 2 sources. All 3 are great layers, calm and a friendly birds. They do ok in heat and excellent in cold. My goal is to have one hen in every available color since they're just great all-around birds.


You don't have to be very hands on in taming them, they're just naturally calm birds.


Pros: Beautiful Dark Eggs, calm and sweet birds

Cons: Not heavy layers, but the eggs are worth the wait

Just started with some from a local breeder and hatched a few from a BYC seller. They are the sweetest I have raised. Even the two Roos I have are incredibly docile. I have tried several breeds, this is one I'll be sticking with!big_smile.png


Pros: very sweet, calm, and are great roosters!

Cons: mine started to crow at 3 months of age, other then that , i cant think of any.

i have a dark cuckoo maran rooster, he is almost 4  months old, at 3 months he started to crow which is not that bad but i live in town so if we get a complaint, he is out of here, he is so sweet and tame, he is so gentle and friendly to my hens, and very protective (but not mean protective, he does not attack people) and he is always on the look out for predators, my rooster's name is Thorin of of the Hobbit, and he was my free chick from murray mcmurray, at 1st i thought he was a barred rock, but comparing him from my other barred rock he looks different, I almost wish i had a female for their dark eggs. 


Pros: Great personality, Handle wet conditions well, good egg layers, good meat birds, fun to be around!

Cons: None

I just started hatching out marines last year.  I am addicted!  I am in the North East and find these birds cope well with summer rain storms and the change of seasons.  They handle the cold very well.  Good egg layers, good meat birds.  I find them to be somewhat entertaining with a good personality.  They are clever so make sure you have a good latch on their coop.  I have more trouble with them opening their coops and letting themselves out than I do with creditors getting in!  They will watch you work the latch/fasteners and figure out how to work it themselves!  baby chick.jpg


They are also stunning!  


Pros: Great personality's, fast matureing, lovely eggs.

Cons: Non really

I have raised quite a few of these birds, and am really impressed with them. They are very quick to mature, and are one of the friendliest birds I raise. They are known for their rich chocolate colored eggs, though not all strains lay super dark eggs. The roosters are mature by 4-5 months and are pretty good meat birds. I recommend this beautiful breed, coming in a wide range of colors, for your flock!


Marans have been recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA). Marans (there is always an "s" on the end - even if you are speaking of an individual bird) were developed in France and are known for their famous chocolate brown egg. The shanks are feathered in the French variety and clean in the English variety. Marans are known for their beautiful egg color, and are not considered a true Marans unless they can lay a #4 or better at some point of the laying cycle according to the Marans Egg Colour scale ( Egg color typically will be the darkest at the beginning of the laying cycle, and will then lighten up through the cycle. It is thought that dark egg color is passed down by the rooster; thus, having hens that will typically lay a #4 on the Marans Egg Colour Scale with a rooster that was hatched from a much darker egg will result in the offspring laying somewhere between the color of egg produced by the hens and the egg the rooster hatched from. Don’t buy Marans without verification that the flock can produce #4 eggs. This does not mean that every egg produced will be #4, but that the flock has demonstrated that they can produce #4 eggs. Reputable breeders will have many pictures of their eggs, and most will send an egg shell sample upon request.

Breed PurposeDual Purpose
Climate ToleranceCold
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeLarge
Egg ColorDark Brown
Breed TemperamentFriendly,Easily handled,Docile
Breed Colors/VarietiesSilver Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, White, Copper Black, Black, Wheaten, Black-tailed Buff, and Ermine. MANY colors in development!
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Dual Purpose
Comb: Single
Broodiness: Average
Climate Tolerance: Cold

General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: Medium
Egg Size: Large
Egg Color: Dark Brown

Breed Temperament:

Friendly,Easily handled,Docile

Breed Colors / Varieties:

Silver Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, White, Copper Black, Black, Wheaten, Black-tailed Buff, and Ermine. MANY colors in development!

Breed Details:

I have found Marans to truly be a pleasure to raise. They are quite regal in appearance, and are "easy keepers." And, you just can't beat those gorgeous, dark, reddish-brown eggs!