Plastic Nesting Box


Pros: Easy to clean, and The Girls love it!

We were originally going to build our own boxes, but as we neared the end of our coop build, we decided we'd had enough hammering for one lifetime.  Went to Del's and bought 2 of these, and I'm really glad I did.  They're easy to clean, the sloped roof keeps the birds from roosting/pooping on it, and all the chickens have been happy to use it.  I was afraid my Girls would be too big to use it, but even my brahma fits in nicely.  I'm cheap by nature, and I built my coop with lots of reclaimed/repurposed items, but I'm really glad I dropped money on these nest boxes.


Pros: Easy to set up, Easy to clean, Hens Adore it, Privacy plus, Side slots for the hens to see around them

Cons: Sometimes the girls want to sleep in it --LOL

I paid $18 for this Nest Box to put inside my coop.  I have 5 on-the-floor built in nest boxes that are perfectly dark and spacious and lovely...but the girls like this one and that is fine...LOL.  Sometimes there are two in there wanting to lay with a 3rd on the foot rail waiting her turn.  If I had enough wall space I would buy another one.  But it would just get pooped on.  Not that it matters I guess because these clean up like a charm.  I can tell the girls feel very private and comfortable in them.  And when one is not feeling well I've found them in this nest box resting.


It's just a nice product.  They've done their homework with the dimensions, the visibility slots, the perch, the cleanability, ease of setting it up, Likability by the hens....Two Thumbs up for this product.


Pros: easy to pull from the wall to clean

Cons: wish it had an egg tray

I like the box, its easy to clean,.  I installed with hex head screws with a flared washer attached.  Just pull up and out to remove and clean.  The top is sloped so no birds will roost on top of it. 


Pros: Easy to clean, move, and no hidey holes for bugs!

Cons: None in my book

We initially built nest boxes and didn't do a very good job, I'm afraid,although the did use them.  So we bought one of these on a whim and hung it up in the coop.  The girls started using it immediately. We now have 6 of them stacked in two rows of 3 and they are in constant use.  Even my Buff and Light Brahmas fit into them, although I do admit it's a tight fit.  We have long since ripped out the old ones.

The biggest advantage I've found is that they are so easy to take off the wall that when one of our girls went broody we were able to take her chosen nest down, move it into the pen that had previously been used for a couple of batches of shipped chicks, and she was barely disturbed.  


Pros: Easy to Clean

Cons: Expensive

We bought these because our local Agway was having a major sale and we decided that they would probably easy to clean for beginners like us. We also bought our first 6 chicks (about 2 weeks old) at the same time. We put them in the coop the same day and within a week our chicks have been in and out of them a million times. We shall see if they actually use them to lay their eggs. Also this is a semi biased review as we have no experience with any other nesting boxes!  **UPDATE: These boxes are so easy to keep clean, we are loving them and out of all the nesting boxes we have, 2 of them are these boxes and they are the only ones our chickens use!  Super thumbs up! :yiipchick


Pros: well made, durable, easy to mount and clean

Cons: Opening too small for larger birds- mine barely fit and wouldn't use it.

I think this would be great for small or medium birds. I never considered my Wyandottes as very large birds but they barely fit in the entrance, and refused to go in and use the nest box. 


Pros: Easy to keep clean and the "girls" like them.

Cons: Not high enough front edge. All my shavings keep getting kicked out onto the coop floor.

Basically a nice design.  Since they are easily removed from the wall, they appear to be easily cleaned with a garden hose if need be.  Our wooden nest box fell apart and the hens didn't blink an eye with these new boxes.


My only concern is that the front edge of the actual box is a little too shallow.  The hens are constantly kicking the shavings out onto the floor of the coop.


Pros: easy to clean, hygienic, easy mount/dismount, long lasting, chickens like them

Cons: initial cost, entry is a bit awkward


I have 9 chickens and 2 of these boxes. Sure, everyone starts out with lofty plans of homemade eggboxes with trays and doors and whatnots.. We did too. And then we were weeks into building the coop and frankly we were feeling DONE. I found these on sale at Tractor Supply for $17.99 each and just went with it.


I'm glad I did, the girls like them a lot and it's easy to pull them off the wall, even with a chicken in it (you gotta get those broodies out there somehow..) I have only one stubborn bird who keeps laying her egg under the roosts, the others will wait patiently for their turn in the box. It's cute, when one of my birds went broody she kept occupying a box and the other girls would hop around impatiently, like a child waiting to use the bathroom.


They're a little awkward to get into, they may be better suited for slightly smaller chickens, but it's never a real issue for the girls. They make it work.

Plastic Nesting Box

High density polyethylene that is easy to clean and will not rust, rot, or corrode. Ventilation holes for fresh air. Sloped roof prevents roosting. Easy to mount and remove for cleaning. Space saving modular layout - can mount vertically or side by side. Perch gives hens a place to land before entering the nest. Raised panel in front keeps bedding and eggs from being pushed out.

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