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Great thread on Albie. Good story. Nice colors on her and other birds.
Scratchin' in white sand
Scratchin' in white sand
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Originally Posted by DK newbie View Post

Someone posted this link in another thread:

It is in German, but if you scroll down to where it says "Wild Zimt Henne" - meaning "Wild cinnamon hen" - you get something that looks a lot like Albie. And even more interestingly, the text says that all cinnamons have red eyes as chicks, which they loose as they get older. So now I'm curious - does Albie still have red eyes?

Seems a slightly different colour.

She's got the ruby still.

Her adult colour is strange, hard to describe. Warm grey? A hint of light brown in areas.
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She's pretty ^^ But still red eyes.. She does look like the cinnamons though, so perhaps the eye color takes longer to change.

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Albie is now 3 months old, been keeping an eye on her eyes and still no change.

Going to put her in with a male in a month or so, be interesting to see what pops up.

if I get any males from her I'll try backcross and see what I get.

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I just hatched a chick from shipped eggs and it looks exactly like your albie! I couldn't believe it when I saw it. How did she end up? Did any of her offspring show her color again? I'm very curious as to what happened the last few months! 

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She has had a couple of chicks.
All red eyed to a degree.

I have her with a silver boy with pinkish eyes (pink at hatch then darkening, where as she stayed red) and she is producing mixed babies like her and the boy.

^in the above you can see the bird same colour as the rooster with the darkened eyes by a few weeks old
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wow! that is crazy, did you ever figure out an official name for this coloration? Also, did yours have bad vision at all? Just need to know if I need to help minel.
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No official name.
Is yours darker pink eyed or bright pink eyed?

The brighter pinks do have vision issues but its not so bad. Just dont put them on high surfaces.
The darker ones are fine.

Does yours have light patchy down too? They grow smaller than the other colours. Either due to the vision or the colour genes inhibiting nutrient absorption.
There can be a huge difference in hatchmate sizes.
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In the UK the colour of the bird is Platinum, so you have a Red eyed Platinum in my opinion.

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My chick ended up dying. It was eating and drinking on its own, but didn't have good vision. It ate enough to maintain weight, but not grow. It died at 6 days old. Its brooder mates were 4 times the size of it by day 6. 

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