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They sure are quirky ! I hang cabbage for mine and one time the store was out of green cabbage so I bought red. They were so afraid of it that I had to take it down - they refused to go into their coop !!

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I had that problem with a treat block for chicks once....once being the operative word LoL It didn't take long for them to get used to it once I knocked a few tidbits off for them to inspect. Now they decent on treat blocks like a little swarm of feathered locusts LoL
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Well its good to know my little feather dusters aren't traumatized for life....Incidentally, I noticed the other day that I'll need to refill the bath soon because it's contents have apparently been flung to the 4 corners of the earth LoL
I buy bags of top soil and mix DE into it. They seem to enjoy it and get the benefit of DE without it disappearing into the wind. Seems to last longer that way. smile.png
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I'm using DE. It definitely needs weighed down. I made a mix of DE, sand, and peat moss. I just think that once they realized the dirt monster wasn't going to eat them and got in there, they got carried away and had a blast LoL They're still young
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Hubby and I put 50 pounds of sand in the run in the driest, most covered spot for a dust bath for the little dears.  They all came over, a couple tasted it and are now ignoring it.  I'm hoping that they figure out what to do with it.  We got the sand because I saw a couple scratching and laying down.  Of course it was in a spot that wasn't dry and loose.  


Bird brains. :rant 

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