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She has los quite a lot of weight too which I know is a sign of Mareks.

Thanks Deise, I'm just hoping that's what it is
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I"m so sorry I know it is very hard to go through, she is in great hands, and you are doing everything you can for her. I hope she pulls through.Thanks for the update.

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Originally Posted by Eggcessive View Post

Could you tell us more about the dead chicken? Was there any sign of injuries from a predator or was the chicken just dead? What did she look like? Were your chickens vaccinated for Mareks disease? Has it been very hot where you live? Can your hen stand and walk at all? It would be good to find out if this is an injury, paralysis from Mareks disease, or perhaps a tendon problem from a leg bone deformity.

Today I noticed a lump on her neck. The skin is a red purple colour and the lump is the size of a hard boiled sweet.
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While I'm happy to have the update, I'm sorry things have not yet turned around for her. Is she still having the leg problem, and has she been eating and drinking? I wish I could be a help to you but I'm at a loss.  Please continue to keep us posted.

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The leg is still the same and she's getting less active. She still comes out of the run and into the garden but she isn't as energetic as she was. She's still eating and drinking at least but I've had to move the food bowl lower as she can't reach up anymore.
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I did the same with my girl (lower the food),  we also put out another water and feeder in the yard, to help her. I really hope your girl gets better for you, you have put a lot of energy into her. Thank you for the update. 

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