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Bumblefoot or something else?

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I have a hen whose foot pad is swollen along with the webbing between her toes.  We soaked her foot, drained pus from between her middle and right toe, and applied antibiotic cream.  I can't feel anything other that the swelling and there are no scabs other than from the small incision we made.  This is day 3.  I can't get a picture as I my husband and I are working opposite shifts, I can only say that it looks like many of the bumble foot pics on-line minus the scab.  I hesitate to cut her foot open as I don't know where to be looking.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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I'm sorry to hear that.


I'm not an expert, but I hope these links help.

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Thank you so much for the links!  I was unable to find the product locally so I placed an order on-line and it should be here early next week.  Luckily she is not limping despite the swelling and doesn't seem to be in pain.  I sure hope it works.  Thanks again.

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